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  1. JBS

    For Parents Gymnastics Gold - Family Dice & Card Game!

    Gymnastics Gold is a great dice & card game that I highly recommend. You can see my review of it at the following link...
  2. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Xcel gold or JO Level 6?

    I am currently an Xcel gold gymnast, but looking to switch to level 6. I have most of the requirements, however I don't know if I should or not. Is this a good idea? Will it help me in my future of gymnastics?
  3. A

    WAG Xcel Gold Bars

    Hey! Coach here. I have two girls who have been competing Xcel Silver. One has been in this level for 3 years now, and we're all ready for her to move up. Problem is, she is terrified of jumping to the high bar. She will do a squat on and stand on the low bar, but won't jump. I know Golds can...
  4. G

    excel gold dismount?

    hello, I am excel gold, and I don't know if I should compete a back handspring dismount or a roundoff back tuck dismount? please answer.
  5. XcelGymnast_0

    WAG Xcel gold BWO BWO on beam

    I am currently a xcel gold I sort of my back walkover back walkover on the beam. I was wondering if you can compete a back walkover back walkover on beam in xcel gold. I probably won’t but I was just wondering if you can. thank you
  6. GymMomLupe

    For Parents Xcel Bronze to Gold

    My daughter was an Xcel Bronze last year and she was winning all her competitions. This year her coach told us that she could skip Sliver and go straight to Gold since she meets all the requirements, but Gold has more training hours (the normal training hours plus one extra day with the other...
  7. K

    WAG IGC Gold Beam

    Hi, some of my girls are working their main connection into their dismount. Is that allowed in IgC?
  8. G

    WAG No BHS in gold?

    My DD is in silver and doesn't have a BHS or ROBHS and really wants to compete gold next year with her friends and has a little mental block on her BHS so any tips would be great and if anyone knows if she can do gold with out a ROBHS would be great
  9. K

    USAIGC Gold Beam

    Hi! We just finished our second meet of our season and we were told the handstand backhandspring doesn’t count as a series, although at the first meet it did but now they are saying it doesn’t. What can she do i place of that? Anyone know any good connections? Thank you
  10. K

    Xcel Gold Floor

    Hello. I'm a gymnast who struggles with tumbling. I have a front handspring and a front tuck, but no back handspring yet. What are all the different combinations of passes I could compete for Xcel Gold? Thanks
  11. J

    WAG Xcel gold beam mounts

    Any ideas for an Xcel gold simple beam mount
  12. lctwist.amelia

    Hi! Xcel Gold gymnast here! I'm Amelia

    Hi! Xcel Gold gymnast here! I'm Amelia
  13. G

    MAG The Story of Athens 2004 - Team Japan Gold!

    Enjoy! :)
  14. P

    For Parents Typically hours for Xcel gold?

    What have people seen as far as number of hours per week for Xcel gold? Trying to get a sense of what’s typical.
  15. gymgal

    WAG HBO "At the Heart of Gold"

    I was finally able to watch this documentary, regarding the USAG abuse scandal and highly recommend it for teens and parents.
  16. G

    WAG Xcel gold

    Can you do a cartwheel and a tic tock on beam for the arco skills?
  17. K

    WAG IGC Gold Bars

    Hey everyone! This is our first year doing Gold and we were going over skills needed. So far we have our girls training giants and handstand pirouettes but we are trying to find out what different gyms do! Thanks in advance!
  18. Tumblr08

    new to gymnastics forum. Need help understanding transition from Xcel Gold to JO program?

    My daughter has been competing for 2 yrs. one as Silver and the other as Gold. What are the expectations with moving to JO? requires skills? Average time practicing in gym? Etc
  19. S

    WAG Xcel gold flight skills for floor

    Hi All, My daughter competed level 5 last year but AA only twice due to fear and mental blocks with tumbling. She is now xcel gold and enjoying it but still had to scratch floor at first meet because she wouldn’t even do a front handspring! She scored well on the other 3 events but really wants...
  20. K

    Xcel gold dance series help

    New to this. I see that gold needs 2 dance series moves plus a leap jump. What is a dance series. Can you give me some examples. Thanks