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  1. Jenn's Jam

    WAG Xcel Gold's Bar Setting?

    Couldn't find anything on google so I went here haha. Does anyone know if Xcel Gold has to have a specific bar setting? Or is it like L4 where you can have it at any distance and any height?
  2. G

    WAG Xcel Gold Beam Routine Input

    I already asked this in the Xcel social group and have one awesome reply already but would like feedback on a Gold Beam routine. Would this routine work for a 10.0 SV: Leap-Sissone, BWO, full turn, split jump-straight jump, front tuck dismount. I think it's missing a second acro skill, but the...
  3. M

    WAG Xcel Gold Help Please

    Hello, My daughter recently made the decision to quit JO and move to Xcel. We also decided to move gyms -- she wants to join an Xcel only gym that is much less intense. This most recent season, she competed her 2nd year of level 4. Then she did a score out meet a few weeks after level 4...
  4. P

    WAG xcel gold vault deduction question

    is there a deduction in xcel gold if the gymnast performs a fhs vault and the coach sits or stands on the backside of the vault, but does not touch the gymnast? just curious...i saw this at a meet.
  5. E

    Do you need a ROBHS Back tuck for XCEL Gold?

    So.. As of right now I am a rec gymnast ( 6 hours a week 3 days a week on Pre-Team and I started gymnastics in September 2016 and I have my ROBHS now! :D) And I am going to start competeting soon! Sooo, my coach said I defiantly can compete Xcel Silver. ( My mom was talking to her this is just...
  6. G

    Xcel Gold Meet #2

    Had meet number 2 today! Happy about scores, but I fell on floor, and if I hadn't, I would of won all around! Dang it! It was a far away meet, my coaches said these judges were different and scored a lot tighter. Top 6 places. Vault: 8.65, no placement Bars: 9.35, 2nd place Beam: 9.2, 3rd place...
  7. P

    WAG Gold vs Level 6

    I am only mildly familiar with the XCEL program. This is not for anything specific other that the curiosity aspect. What are the differences in the Handspring Vault deductions in Level 6 vs the Handspring in Gold XCEL? Thanks!
  8. G

    WAG Xcel Gold Routines

    My coaches are relatively new to xcel. Do these meet all requirements? Bars- Kip, cast to horizontal, back hip-circle out of cast, cast squat on, 2 taps to level 4 dismount. Beam- Cartwheel, handstand, split jump straight jump, punch front dismount. Floor- Leap to hitch kick, ROBHSBHS, Punch...
  9. J

    WAG Xcel gold question.

    Okay so this will most likely be my last year of competing, and I am going to compete for xcel silver. Last year, there were several girls in silver who had beautiful routines, and won most meets- the only thing holding them back from gold was their kip. This year there are a handful of girls...
  10. X

    For Parents Excel Gold

    I'm so overwhelmed trying to pick floor music!!! Any suggestions??? It's for an 8 year old girl, Excel gold. She wants upbeat, energetic music. She likes Top 20 music....pop, hip hop, etc....
  11. HoldThePhone

    WAG Gold Medal Families

    I know it'sounds not just focusing on gymnastics, but Aly Raisman is one of the storylines. Anyone else watching? I think it's really good! Seems like a much more realistic portrayal of what elite athletes go through than say Gabby's reality show. It's on lifetime (streaming too) if you...
  12. gymmomtotwo

    For Parents Moceanu Books-Go For the Gold

    Just wanted to highly recommend this series of books. They are written from the perspective of 4 elite gymnasts from the same team. My 9 year loves them. If your child does AR in school, they are 6th grade reading level worth 7-8 points. She read all 4 in less than two weeks. The last time the...
  13. cassafrass

    WAG Should gold medals be awarded first or last?

    I have seen it both ways. Which do you prefer? Do you agree with the idea that the first place winner should be on the podium longer? Or do you like the idea of saving the best for last?
  14. Gym Panda

    WAG Xcel Gold bar routine start value help

    My daughter completes xcel gold...the last 2 meets she has received a 9.5 start value. Her cast seems above horizontal (slightly pikey- but still above horizontal) . Her tap swings could be a little higher. She does a tap swing half turn (L4) dismount. Is there any way that they are not...
  15. Goldmedalgirl

    WAG Dismount for Xcel gold? Need help fast!!!

    I have been falling when doing the punch front dismount off beam. I noticed a few other people doing round-off"s and since I have a meet in just two short days, was wondering if there is a deduction for competing a round-off as a dismount for Xcel gold. Thanks!
  16. K

    WAG XCEL Gold Judges, Help

    Hi. I have been wondering this for a long time..... My daughter competes Xcel Gold this year, and as I watch gymnasts throw big skilled routines and earn 9.2s, I see them get beat by gymnasts doing the minimum, easiest skills allowed, earning 9.3 and winning. How is it that kids who compete...
  17. Goldmedalgirl

    OT Required AA score for xcel gold state?

    I recently had a meet in xcel gold and I scored my lowest AA score In my life! I think it was close to a 35.00. Anyway I was wondering what AA score you needed to go to state. and if the AA Score that gets you into state can only be reached at the first meet or throughout the season? Thanks!
  18. Avasmom

    For Parents Xcel program- how long does one stay on bronze, silver, gold typically?

    My 7 year old daughter is competing bronze this year. She is doing very well so far but it's very early in the season. Competitions do not start until November. My daughter is hoping that after this year she will move to silver. She has some higher skills than bronze already but they are still...
  19. Ali'sMom

    WAG Xcel gold requirements question

    I know there are some threads that have this info, but when I do a search I can't find the one I'm looking for. Can someone tell me what skills are: a) required for Xcel gold b) usually used in Xcel gold c) preferred in Xcel gold? Thank you so much to anyone who can spell it out for me!
  20. cassafrass

    WAG Dance/jump series for 6/7 &/Gold

    My question pertains to both beam and floor for levels 6, 7 and Xcel Gold. I am having some trouble interpreting the cheat sheet charts. I would like to know if there is a deduction for not connecting jumps on beam. Also for floor level 6/7 it says indirect connection is OK for leap/jump series...