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  1. E

    For Parents Awesome Weekend!!!! LSU Purple and Gold Meet

    We spent the weekend in Baton Rouge! We had a blast. Unfortunately, my hubby had to work and missed all the fun. Friday night-we attended the LSU vs Univ. of New Hampshire college meet. It was amazing. The girls were in heaven. :) They got all the LSU college girls autographs and pics plus a pic...
  2. GikiGirl

    USAICC beam gold question

    I am not sure what they mean for the dismount. Gold Balance Beam Start Value 9.9 Special Requirements 1. An Acro series of two (2) elements on beam, one (1) with flight 2. Minimum 360 degree turn on one foot 3. Dance Series of Two or more elements, one of which is a leap/jump...
  3. crazytumbler91

    Gold and black long sleeve

    We are looking for an under $70 in stock black and gold long sleeve... any suggestions?
  4. T

    2009 Pitt Blue Gold Intrasquad

    Videos here: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Photos to come later today sometime.
  5. C

    usag bronze/silver/gold

    Hi everyone, I am new to chalk bucket and was so happy to find a place to interact with other gym parents. I have a question about the usag levels. My daughter just finished level 4 AAU last season as state AA champ. We recently changed gyms and now she is in a USA prep silver level, which is an...
  6. G

    US GOLD and Silver!

    Way to go! TOTAL Vault Bars Beam Floor LIUKIN Nastia 63.325 15.025 16.65 16.125 15.525 JOHNSON Shawn 62.725 15.875 15.275 16.05 15.525
  7. G

    China goes for the gold

    China's Sports School: Crazy for Gold - TIME I read this article in Time today(I read every issue the minute they arrive!) and thought I'd post the online version. It's all about how China has been taking drastic measures to insure their dominance on their home turf.
  8. Ingymmom

    Shawn Johnson - Going for The Gold

    Part 6 - In Pursuit of Gold - Video of a few new skills Shawn Johnson is working on.... Part 4 is an interview with SJ. Click on the right (on you tube page) to see Part 1 - Part 6. They feature Paul & Moran Hamm, Blaine Wilson, Sean Golden and they also discuss Cheng Fei (China) (part 5) ...