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  1. All Chalked Up

    WAG Help- incorrect grip sizing

    Just got a new pair of grips since my old ones were stretched out, but I'm afraid I ordered the wrong size! I haven't yet worn them on the bar since I may need to take them back. Picture:
  2. beachgirl

    For Parents Grip finger holes too big

    My DD just got her first (and second) pair of grips. I don't know all of the terminology but her coach wants her to have something called a pixie grip that is more narrow with buckles instead of velcro. We measured her hand and ordered from the company her coach wanted us to order from, Frank...
  3. G

    WAG Grip Problems???

    I have been using the same pair of grips for about 8 months now and about a month and a half ago whenever I would try to do a kip cast handstand on the highbar I would end up doing a front hip circle instead. I have tried new grips of the same brand (Ginnasta USA) and they continued to do the...
  4. Hannahmariee00

    WAG Kip/grip issues..?

    I recently had a back injury, which obviously led me to not train/condition. I started training again about a month ago, and my kips have been terrible! I am hardly making any kips (long hang/glide) and it's stressing me out. I believe that there are several factors that are contributing to my...
  5. j5flip

    WAG Which grip brand to use?

    Alright, its time to order grips again. I have no idea which grip brand to use though. Right now, I have reisport grips and I'm not really liking them (for me they don't last very long- I've had two pairs in the last year) I wanted to try something different. Any recommendations?
  6. K

    MAG Need grip recommendations!

    My current high bar grips are getting too small and I don't feel very safe with them so I'm getting some new grips. I'm looking for something with double buckles, break in quick, and don't stretch very much. I also have HUGE hands (8-8 1/2 inches from wrist to tip of middle finger)! Any...
  7. TigerPawLove

    Grip choices?

    In one of my other posts, I said I had a problem with rips and whatnot, and also I have very small hands, so it's hard for me to swing properly. Tonight at Practice, coach said I can get Grips if I want, it's up to me, but my problem might just be with the set of bars we work on, (they are...
  8. gymgal

    WAG Bump/warts at nail beds on bar grip fingers?

    Anyone else have this problem? Dd has developed bumps on her fingers between her last knuckles the nail on her two fingers that go into the grip holes. They don't look like traditional warts but I can't imagine what else they could be. They don't really look like callouses either. They don't...
  9. Flipomaniak

    WAG What is el/eagle grip worth?

    On uneven bars, what is el/eagle grip worth? Someone told me it was worth the same as a normal front giant and someone else said it was a D so it would have .1 bonus for level 10. Anyone know?
  10. sleeplessinnewyork

    WAG Uneven Bar Grip Question

    ​Hi! I have a question about using grips on uneven bars. So, I am an optional gymnast who, at the moment, doesn't wear grips on bars. At my old gym, grips became a requirement when moving level 5 to level 6. I tried to use them at that point. I had a good quality grips, but I COULD NOT get used...
  11. L

    WAG Reverse Grip

    What are some drills to help gymnasts on bars using reverse grip?
  12. ivyagogo

    Grip Lock

    One of the high school girls that works in our gym broke her arm doing giants due to grip lock. I have never used grips, so I don't know much about this. I can envision it, but why does it happen? How often does it happen? I feel really bad for her. It happened at the club she has been...
  13. T

    MAG Endo Full and Piked Endo Full both to el grip

    I was wondering if you do normal endo full spin to el grip and then piked endo full spin to el grip do you only get ONE D? or 2 D's? because in the code it only shows the one endo. so I was wondering if there is a point to put both in the routines?
  14. E

    Grip Opinion

    I'm not experienced with Bailie grips. Any opinions out there? I am considering the Bailie Extreme combo buckle/velcro grip for my 10 yr old new kipper. This is not her first pair, she's been using dowels for a year now, size 0 Hot Shots. I like the combo of buckle and velcro, as well as the...
  15. P

    Grip Suggestions...please!

    Can any of you fellow adult gymnasts on here give me your suggestion for uneven bar grips? I definitely need some but haven't used any since I competed as a clue what brand/type is best now. All suggestions welcome & greatly appreciated! Thanks
  16. All Chalked Up

    Grip Finger Cleats

    Hi Chalkbucketers, I was wondering what are grip finger cleats & what are they used for? Here's a picture: Thanks everyone!
  17. 1

    Grip sizing

    I may be starting to do bars again and may want some grips. My coach doesn't care what we get and she only stocks them or orders them for the little girls. I'm kinda on my own figuring it out. My base of palm to top of middle finger measures right about 6.5 inches. All the grips I have been...
  18. munchkin3

    What is your favorite Grip Brand??

    Who makes the best grips??? Does it really matter for a 10 year old who will be changing grips every year or two? Is there is difference in grip brands between women's and mens? Why do so many prefer using Reisport? What about Bailie, US Glove, English Bulldog??? I had a bad experience...
  19. mariposa

    Grip finger holes too big, what to do?

    My 7 year old level 5 got grips last week. I think that they are the right size by measurement on the length. Her hand measurement is just under 5 1/2" and that is a size 00 in the brand she got. She got the Bailie Narrow Dowel grips, with velcro (gym ordered them). The finger holes are...
  20. V

    Grip Size

    Morning all, I am ordering a grip shipment for a group of girls who will be wearing dowels for the first time. I took their measurements and wanted to get everyones opinion about size. If they are on the border of two sizes, would you go larger or smaller? I want to say smaller because I know...