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  1. gymbaby12

    Grip finger holes too small

    Ok so I just got new grips and the finger holes are too small. It said to use sandpaper and I did. It took me 2 hours to do 1 hole. Does anyone know any other ways of doing this without hurting the grips? Thanks!
  2. AlexsGymmyMom

    Another Grip Question (grips may be too big)

    Since Alex has gotten her grips I have had the feeling that they were too big for her so today I measured her hand and looked up the size chart for the Hot Shot Double Buckle grips and it looks like she should be in a size 0 instead of a 1. Her hand measured 5 6/8" inches and this is the size...
  3. T

    Grip Question

    How do you know when your grips have stretched too much? I can open my fingers all the way straight and then some. Are my grips too big? Is it more of a personal preference thing with girls grips since grip lock is far less likely?
  4. ugagymnast

    Grip cleats?

    What are grip finger cleats? I've heard people talk about them and about how the little kids fight over the colors?
  5. G

    grip wristbands

    whenever i'm on bars, my wristbands under my grips always slide up and move into a bunch at the top of my wrist. it gets really annoying cause i have to pull them down and fix my grips like after every two skills. i have tried making the straps tighter, and looser. nothing works. and i cant not...
  6. T

    Quick Grip Question

    Seems like there should be a whole forum devoted to grips. ;) I just got my first pair and I know to use sandpaper to make the finger holes slightly larger but how far down my fingers should they go?
  7. gymnast695

    Another Grip Thread!

    I know there are lots of grip threads out there, but I can't seem to find one that answers my questions well. I got my giants and my grips turned paper thin after maybe 2 practices of doing them. I'm looking into new grips now, but I'm thinking I should try another brand cause I only had my now...
  8. nicci1999

    Yet another grip question....

    Does anyone use the ten sports? I am trying to decide between sticking with the US gloves I have, going Reisport, or going to the ten sports. I like the wider grips, and the ten sport seems comparable to the US gloves,(and pricing) but I don't know about the Reisports? How are they in...
  9. C

    Grip choices

    Hi there everyone. I know there have been several threads on this. But here is one more. My DD was given the OK to get the buckle grips from the coach back in March but I figured that her old grips still fit and would be fine for now. Ok now one growth spurt later and she had gone from a...
  10. E

    3 Fingered Grip for Girls?

    Hello! Today I was watching the meet Utah vs. Brigham cougars. I was watching a girl [possibly could have been from Canada?] competeting for the cougars and she was wearing a 3 fingered grips. I didn't know they made those for girls, and I thought you weren't supposed to use those on the...
  11. canadiangymnast_eh

    Help!! Grip troubles!

    So yesterday the part of my grips right between the fingers broke and I have one of the biggest competitions Saturday. I have other grips but I need to break them in. I have resport double buckle grips and I feel like their to soft if that makes sense. Is there a way to break them in fast?
  12. G

    random can you make a grip bag??

    OK so i've actually have had grips for a long time just i never got a grip back and i decided why not make one. The only problem is i have no idea how to sew.....any help??
  13. gymjourneymom

    grip sizing?

    Looking at ordering a set of Hot Shot grips for DD. She measures 6.5 in. Size charts say (Size 1) 6-6.5 & (size 2) 6.5-7.25 Which should I order when she's right in the middle?:confused: I've heard it's dangerous for grips to be too big, but don't want them to be too small either.
  14. G

    For Parents Grip Holes (from the Coaches Forum)

    I can't post on the Coaches forum, but would love to buy those foam pieces to put in grip holes that are too large. There is a photo shown on the coaches forum. Does anyone know where I can get them?
  15. bogwoppit

    For Coaches Grip holes

    Bigger Baby Bog has finally decided that she will wear grips. She had a pair of just right grips that she liked, but the finger holes were too big, never sanded them. So I ordered her a pair of reisport grips and she has the same problem, I guess her fingers are very narrow, I have looked at...
  16. maddiekate

    More grip questions...

    I have several grip questions: 1. What is this string going to her buckle? 2. Does the dowel go closer to the tips of your fingers than the finger holes, or closer to your palm than the finger holes? 3. Whats with the rubber bands on the dowels? 4. What is swiss-style? How are they...
  17. Geoffrey Taucer

    Revese grip cast

    I need some drills for training a reverse grip cast to handstand (or at least close enough to handstand for giants) I have two boys who are ready to learn giants (they're working back giants and I want them to learn front ones as well), but both of them, on a reverse grip cast, drop their...