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  1. S

    HELP!!! Research on Gymnastics and affects on growth!!!

    Hi everyone! I am doing a study on female in gymnastics and its affects on growth. If you know of anyone that has taken any type of gymnastics class at any point in their life. Please forward them this survey. We need enough responses by December 4, 2011. Please help! Thank you very much...
  2. Tim_Dad

    For Coaches Gymnastics will STUNT your growth. Fact or Myth?

    A conversation today with a co-worker about gymnastics brought up a topic that I often dismissed as unfounded. But... being open minded, I thought I'd ask the experts and those more 'in-the-know' then I. Does Gymnastics have any adverse effect in a child athletes growth, or physical maturity...
  3. J

    Gymanstics - Does it stunt your growth?

    Fortunately or unfortunately I am finding gymnastics at the older age of 21. From articles I've read, males usually stop growing anywhere at 21 or possibly 22 years of age. If I am still growing in height, I don't want to compromise that by doing too much gymnastics. Does anyone know if...