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  1. hsgymnast333

    Full Turn Direction

    Hi, I’m fairly new to gymnastics and am self taught until I can join a gym (next winter). I thought my full turns were good, until I realized I was turning the wrong way! I always put my right foot in front and turn to the left. Is it okay if I do this, or do I have to have my left foot in front...
  2. H

    Comp Nerves

    Whenever I am at a competition, I get extremely nervous, to the point that I actually shake. It affects me most on beam, where I tend to wobble on every skill and dance, just because I am so nervous. At training I stick around 5 routines in a row, minimal wobbles, but it all falls apart at comp...
  3. J

    Should I Quit?

    A bit of background info: I'm 15 and I've been doing trampoline for about 6 years now, 5 of them competitively. I'm at (Canadian) provincial level 4 which is the level at which you can qualify for level 5 (national). I remember that probably for the first two years I competed, I was so eager...
  4. G

    For Parents Gymnast not eating well

    I need some help with suggestions on food or drink options for my 10yo. She has never been a big eater, but being at gym she needs to eat! She is definitely not getting enough protein and she is going to gym in the morning without eating anything. She says she isn't hungry. She is usually fine...
  5. K

    WAG How do I get over the fear of doing backwalkovers on high beam?

    Ok so I've been doing backwalkers on beam for about 2 weeks. I have it down on the low beam. But once I get to the high beam I completely freak out. My friends and I stack up 3 8 inchers on the lowest high beam. I can do it with all three of them on but once we start taking them off I get all...
  6. G

    For Parents 10 yo gymnast possible surgery

    Hi! New here and this is my first post. My 10yo dd was recently prescribed orthotics by a podiatrist. At this last appt we were discussing her being in the gym 16hrs a week and how the orthotics would do her no good unless she was wearing them. Our next step would be subtalar arthroeisis(sp?)...