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  1. JBS

    OT All About Gymnastics Grips

    This is the discussion thread for our guide to gymnastics grips seen at the following link. Please post any questions or comments in this thread. Also post anything that you would like to see covered in the guide. If you agree or disagree with things...
  2. HopeShantz

    WAG Grips

    So I am an excel gymnast and at my gym, you get grips when you get to Gold. I am practicing giants and flyaways and a lot of swinging movement. For, my team we have a brand that all my teammates have which is Bailie Dowel grips. Which is better velcro or buckles, if buckles single or double buckle?
  3. A

    For Parents Ugh! New grips!

    So my daughter just replaced her first pair of grips. She had the older pair for about three years. They are still in pretty good shape but she feels like they might be a bit too small- but not terrible . Her first pair were single buckle. The new pair are double buckle. She hates them right...
  4. Sk8ermaiden

    WAG Grips Sizing Question

    I think I know the answer to this but just don't like it. My daughter got her first pair of grips a few months ago and she likes the brand/style. I need to order her a backup pair, because having only one with meet season approaching makes me nervous. The thing is though, that the measurements...
  5. adult?gymnast

    WAG Adult Gymnastics? Grips? Rips?

    Hi all! First time poster, long time lurker here. I just recently got into adult (still not sure if I’m an adult though haha) gymnastics after doing years of rec gym as a kid. I know there are a million and one threads on healing rips so they’re good to go on bars again, but how do you care for...
  6. Esther205

    WAG Questions about grips (photos included).

    Hi everyone! I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was a child (I’m now 21) but only ever learned the basics on bars as WAG isn’t my discipline. I decided I wanted to start learning a bit more on bars which I have mainly been teaching myself when the gym is free. Because of this I don’t have a...
  7. S

    WAG getting the kip while already using grips?

    DD has had grips for many years -but still doesn't have her kip despite working on this skill for 4 years. I know it's uncommon to get grips before having the skill but unfortunately one of DD's previous coaches did not agree with this. DD has not given up the grips because she says her hands...
  8. A

    MAG Grips holes too big.

    I bought the Reisport Horizontal Bar Grips in size 1. The grips look and feel fine on my wrists, and they are the perfect length. Just one problem... the finger holes are a bit too big. What do you suggest doing so my fingers fit snugly and comfortably in the finger holes without slipping out...
  9. L

    For Parents Grips

    What brand grips does your daughter use? My DD11 is training Level 7 and she uses the grips we buy from the gym which don't have any brand name on them. I want to get her a new pair. Suggestions? Thanks!
  10. L

    Do I need new grips?

    About two years ago, I purchased Ginnasta velcro grips with dowels (narrow width I think) and have been using them ever since. From the beginning they weren't great, I couldn't get a great grip on the bar and I would slip off the bar doing simple things. I thought I was just breaking them in...
  11. S

    For Coaches High Bar Grip Lock

    On Men's high bar, every so often someone's grip locks up, and often they break their wrist or worse. It seems to happen on eagle giants most. Why does this happen? What can be done to avoid it?
  12. J

    Ginnasta Usa Grips

    I recently ordered a pair of ginnasta Usa high bar grips most of the reason being because I was on a budget. I was wondering did I get my moneys worth for these grips or are they going to become trash within the next couple of months. If I didn't what brand is the best for Men high bar for...
  13. G

    WAG Grip finger holes too big

    My fingers always slide out of my grips. I've tried everything, rubber bands hurt and the pit foam always gets lost or falls out. Any suggestions?
  14. S

    WAG Grip help please

    I seem to recall that there was a pic posted of how grips are supposed to fit. I searched, but cannot find it. Can anyone help me find it? Other dumb questions from a clueless mom on behalf of a shy gymmie who doesn't want to ask the coach: 1. Do the buckles go near the thumb and the...
  15. C

    For Coaches Solutions for grips that are too big?

    Hello everyone :) One of my gymnasts is very stubborn and independent and has recently bought grips without consulting me or the other coaches first. We are a very small club and out of everyone there, I am the only one who uses grips. She came to me today to ask for help on breaking them in but...
  16. D

    WAG Ginnasta Foam Finger Fits

    Has anybody tried these? My Ginnasta finger holes are much to big, as are my teammates. I have been thinking about buying a few of these for my whole team since they are so cheap. Anybody like these? Dislike?
  17. putri

    WAG Best dowel grips for under 5" hands

    Hi! I have a 5yrs old who just started in Oct. It's probably equal to pre team in the US. Initially coach and I decided that dd can do without grips (they wanted the dowel grips, not the beginner ones) since her hands are tiny and she hasn't really done gym. First day she could do three chin...
  18. 3gymgirlsmom

    For Parents Double buckle grips

    What is the cheapest place to get some, my dd needs new grips since her old ones are too small
  19. GymMom&Coach

    For Coaches Easiest way to fit finger holes in grips

    Has anyone used a dremel to make the finger holes in grips slightly larger? I have a few girls who are struggling with the finger hole size. I would think this would be a easy fix. no?!

    WAG Woo hoo got grips! Wait, these things hurt.

    DD was so super excited to finally get grips! What a rite of passage for a little gymnast. I thought she was going to sleep in them last night. Took a special trip to the store for wristbands and everything. She hangs on the bar one time and gets instantly frustrated. "OUCH, they hurt. They get...