gymnastics grips

  1. livelifetumble8dx

    WAG Grips recommendation?

    What grips do you guys recommend? I think I am going to have to buy new ones this week. I currently use English Bulldog but I want to try something new because my current pair of grips got slick really fast. I was thinking Bailie, U.S glove or Ten-0 but I have no experience with any of those...
  2. GymBeeMom

    For Parents Grips bags are the nastiest things on earth

    I open my childrens' grip bags to find chalky, sweaty grips, wrist bands, tiger paws, and cheetas. Oh, and holey chalky nasty strap bar mittens. Could there be any thing more gross on earth?
  3. momofthreegirls

    WAG Tiny hands - grips or no grips?

    At our gym's parent meeting last week, it was announced that having two pairs of dowel grips is required for all L4s and up. I have 2 DDs in L4. I have no problem buying them for my 9 year old, who measures at a size zero grip. I'm not sure about buying them yet for my younger DD (6.5 years...
  4. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Tips on getting used to grips?

    It's been a couple of months of dd being in her grips and she still absolutely hates them. She says it never feels like she can get as good a grip on the bar as when she is in bare hands. She is terrified she will "ping off" in her giants which I guess means like fly off? Her coaches say they...
  5. L

    For Parents Discolored or bruised hands from grips?

    My level 4 has been using grips for over 6 months now. Lately she is strapping them tighter. She has indentations on her hands and wrists even several hours after class, and has dark marks on the lower part of her palm/hand under her thumb and a little bit down her wrist. She says they are not...
  6. O

    For Parents Trouble adjusting to grips?

    My DD got grips about 5-6 weeks ago. She just finished her second year at old 4 and will be competing new 4 this season. Bars is her strongest event, she's had the bar routine down, complete with straight arm kips, for over a year now. Is close to cast handstand, sort of has a clear hip and is...
  7. TigerPawLove

    Grip choices?

    In one of my other posts, I said I had a problem with rips and whatnot, and also I have very small hands, so it's hard for me to swing properly. Tonight at Practice, coach said I can get Grips if I want, it's up to me, but my problem might just be with the set of bars we work on, (they are...
  8. twisting007bigflip

    For Coaches What's up with these grips?

    I coached two kids tonight that this is happening to. They say their grips feel good and that they have a good grip on the bar and everything is normal. I haven't told them that it concerns me, does.... The kids are telling me that this doesn't bother them, but if you look at the...
  9. TigerPawLove

    Palm guards/ Pre-Dowel grips?

    I'm a level 3/4 gymnast and I'm 14. I'm 123 pounds/56 kilos and Being on bars for even the slightest amount of time makes my hands practically bleed. I've only been a gymnast for just over a term, so I'm obviously only skilled up to the level 4 routine (In Australia), but the amount of rips I've...
  10. amblan01

    Grips at YMCA/Joining team

    At my Y, I don't know what they think about grips. All the girls wear tiger paws, braces, or athletic tape. So I don't think the coaches mind products. I'm going to be on team next month and had to start out in a beginners rec class that was super simple. But even on pullovers I get rips and...
  11. amblan01

    When can I get grips?

    I'm going to be on team and just started gymnastics again. The only reason I want them is because every practice I get rips, bloody blisters, and skin always gets torn off. I always wrap my hands after practice. I don't want to look stupid being with the seven year olds using grips because I'm...
  12. P

    MAG New grips don't slip

    I bought my first pair of grips for high bar and they have caused nothing but grief. I followed instructions for working the leather soft, and made sure not to buy a size too large. I chalk up generously before I start any exercises. But I get a lot of screetching when it does slide, but most of...
  13. 20gymnast13

    WAG finger holes to big on grips

    About a couple weeks ago I bought new grips and I love them. The only problem is the grips finger holes are WAY to big. Now I have to be taping my fingers every time I go on bars or the grips wont stay on. I was looking online and I saw a bunch of things (on here too) about tying a rubber band...
  14. gymbo

    For Coaches difference between boys and girls grips

    Iv'e always wanted to konw what was different between boys and girls grips bisides the fact that boys grips have 3 finger holes and girls have 2 please answer.
  15. J

    WAG Skills with Grips?

    Is it true that you have to relearn skills once you get grips?
  16. N

    WAG Best Grips for beginners?

    Hi everyone, I am a rec kid who has been having a hard time with bars-- because I keep getting rips. I've tried tapping them up, leaving them alone to see if my hands will toughen up, and plain just training through them! My mom (who was a gymnast) said that it might be time for me to get...
  17. J

    WAG Which Grips to Get?

    I was told to get grips, preferably Bailie. I don't know which ones to get I asked if I should get the Bailie Double Buckle Bailie Dowel Double Buckle Grips - Uneven Bar OR the Bailie X treme Buckle/ Hook and Loop. Bailie X treme Buckle/Hook & Loop Grips - Uneven Bar And I was told that it was...
  18. twisting007bigflip

    WAG Your favorite grips

    Gymnasts and coaches: what is your favorite brand or type of grips for uneven bars? My daughter has been wearing reisport velcro dowel grips and uses ten-o neoprene wrist bands underneath her terry wrist bands. Anyway, she's needing a new pair of grips. Some of her teammates wear ten-o buckle...
  19. cbifoja

    WAG Emergency Grips Help

    Problem! Coach informed me that Bella needs new grips as her finger holes got stretched and now every time she gets to the part of her routine where she jumps to high bar, her grips have slipped off her fingers and begin flapping around while she's trying to finish her routine. Coach has been...
  20. skschlag

    For Parents Sewing HB grips

    D has a pair of perfectly sized, perfectly broken in grips. Comfortable. Perfect, except...the stitching where the leather is held onto the straps is coming unstitched. Has anyone ever had luck sewing these themselves? Or do I need to go to a leather shop? Or should we just buy new grips...