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  1. Q

    For Parents help - how to fix a leotard inner

    Hi, I'm new to the whole leotard thing and have found a ladder and a hole on the inside layer of this one. Any tips on fixing it? Do I just sew up the hole at the end or should I try to put something over it and/or the ladder rip? See pictures for details. Thanks in advance!!
  2. L

    For Parents Leo styles

    Does anybody else find a certain “elite” gym with a high social media presence to have inappropriate leos? Leos are skimpy enough, why are they constantly wearing leos that could show way too much if a strap slipped, etc? All this lingerie styling on little girls is disturbing to me. If the 18...
  3. A

    For Parents Leotard Sizing Help

    Hi, I decided to post this in the parent forum because parents usually have the most knowledge with leotard sizing. My 13 year old daughter has grown quite a lot these past two years and I don't know if I should start getting her a bigger size (in GK). Here are her measurments: Chest- 31 in...
  4. Gymnastisism

    WAG Leotard Preferences.

    I was wondering if any gyms had any specific preferences to the styles of leotards and gym gear worn, eg. higher cut legs, no shorts etc. It seems to be the norm at my gym to wear GK (which tend to be higher cut) on the littler kids and preteens, with or without shorts and the older girls wear...