gymnastics movies

  1. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Full Out

    If anyone is looking for some gymnastics entertainment.. My girls and I just watched two gymnastics movies, Full Out and Raising the Bar. While we didn't enjoy Raising the Bar ("It's a gymnastics movie, so we'll take what we can get"- Caitie), we all liked Full Out. The girls both liked the...
  2. 3LittleGymmies

    For Parents Movie Recommendation

    My daughter had a sleep over last night and they watched Makenna (for the millionth time!) and I wasn't sure if Stick It was too mature for their age.. so I was searching for something else. I found another gymnastics movie called A 2nd Chance on Amazon to rent. I thought that it was a really...
  3. L

    Bad gymnastics movies!!!!

    Litllekateskate had a post recently on searching out good DVDs for DD. It brought me full circle back to the worst movies about gymnastics. I know there are not many to choose from but (Sorry Kurt Thomas:cool:) Gymkata gets my top billing! :eek:Any others out there???:confused: