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  1. MarquetteGymnastics

    HELP trying to start a gymnastics club
  2. N

    For Parents Advice on Funding?

    Hello, I just came across this website and joined today. This is my first time posting on a forum like this. I came here for help/advice on funding/fundraising? I have two level 4 competitive gymnasts and we are stationed in California. They have been competing since we moved here three years...
  3. M

    I Want to Quit Gymnastics

    I am a 13 year old level 7 gymnast. (Training 8) Starting in February I have wanted to quit gymnastics. I didn’t tell my parents until April and they kept making exucses of why I shouldn’t quit. My parents aren’t ready, but I am. I have talked with my coach and she said she would have never...
  4. E

    Handspring Help!

    I have been attempting to learn a front handspring. Whenever I do it I have to put a pile of cushions or mats under me because of I don’t my back flips and doesn’t arch and then I fall to the ground. Any tips on how to prevent this? Or why it happens.
  5. F

    For Parents Rumors about USAG....coming to and end?

    So, I have a friend that goes to another gym. Supposedly that gym owner is out telling parents that USAG is going to be dissolving soon. He is saying that this new USAG... not sure who/what it will be called will first be absorbing all the mens gymnast first and that by next year the girls...
  6. S

    Should I quit?

    I’ve been going to cheer tumble classes for an hour a week for about 3.5 months. Additionally, I’ve been going to privates for 30 minutes on sundays about 2 weeks ago. I’m still working on kickovers, and I keep losing them. Is this normal?
  7. E

    Help With Cast to Handstand

    Hi, I am hoping to compete level 7 next season, but I have some problems with my cast to handstand. I have made it to handstand about 3 times before, each a few months apart. Each time I make one, I can't do another one for a long time. Another thing I have trouble with is coming back to the...
  8. A

    Front Walkovers

    I'm a baton twirler for my high school (I perform as the feature twirler of my school's marching band during halftime shows at football games). Next year I hope to do basic tumbling/gymnastics on the turf during the performances. I can do really easy, basic tricks like cartwheels, front...
  9. D

    For Parents Advice on doing what's best for 4 year old, please help.

    Hello I am completely new to gymnastics myself but my daughter started recreational gymnastics just over 6 months ago and I have a bit of a dilemma. She joined a large competitive club (they have lots of squads and attend all the main competitions) that teach gymnastics, tumbling and...
  10. Marley Schardan

    Recommendations for Items in a Gym Bag?

    Hello everyone! I just recently got a bookbag (aka my gym bag) for gymnastics. Since I'm on the competitive team, we have to bring our gym bags to practice with us. It's just a basic bookbag with the gym logo and our name. We also keep them in the upstairs room on wall hooks. But I was wanting...
  11. G

    Conditioning help plz

    So I was wondering if u guys have a list of conditioning that u guys could give me. I would like some arm and ab conditioning because that is what I am lacking in strength. Bars is my worst event so I think I could better it by getting stronger abs and stronger arms. My legs are fairly...
  12. A

    Front/Back Walkovers, Splits Flexibility

    Hi! For a front walkover, I keep putting my phone down in the middle/towards the end of when I am standing up. How do you keep your foot from touching the ground when you are coming up? I can do a front limber also. For a back walkover, I can do a backbend kickover on the floor. However, how...
  13. G

    First Time At An Overnight Gymnastics Camp!!

    Hey guys so in 23 days I will be attending Mizzou Gymnastics Camp for the first time. It is a 4 day 3 night camp and I have never been to an overnight gymnastics camp. I don't know what to expect. I have no idea what to pack and what it will be like being away from home. I am a little older...
  14. G

    Might not move up this year?! Should I quit?

    Hey guys so I'm kind of worried I might not move up levels for the 2017-2018 meet season... I'm training level 5 and have all the skills I need to move up for level 5 except on bars but none of the level 4's training 5 have the skills either One of my close level 7 friends told me that the...
  15. K

    WAG How do I get over the fear of doing backwalkovers on high beam?

    Ok so I've been doing backwalkers on beam for about 2 weeks. I have it down on the low beam. But once I get to the high beam I completely freak out. My friends and I stack up 3 8 inchers on the lowest high beam. I can do it with all three of them on but once we start taking them off I get all...
  16. D

    HELP!!! Wanting to attempt a comeback after injury! Pls respond getting stressed

    so, I broke my forearm twice in a row in less than 3 months. The second time due to being released to early. I haven't been in the gym for about 7 months due to the injury and probably won't be back for another 3-4 and I am really worrying about being able to return to how I was before. I do not...
  17. C

    Is it worth it to quit gymnastics?

    I am a senior in high school and I have been doing gymnastics since i was 3. As a little girl I absolutely loved it, but now I don t feel that same passion. I am tired, my body hurts, and i am beyond stressed. Gymnastics has gotten scary for me. Gone are the days when i could do skills without...
  18. A

    Aerial Problems

    Hey guys! Side aerials have always been my dream skill. I can do a solid cartwheel and have been working on perfecting it with straight legs, pointed toes, straight arms, and a big straddle for a while now. My next step has been wanting to do a side aerial. However, when attempting a dive...
  19. Delia4

    Front Handsprings

    I am not the best at front tumbling. I have a particularly hard time landing front handsprings with straight legs and not in a squat. I have tried to work them on tumble trak, and they were good. I did them out of one step and a very large hurdle, so that is a little different from on floor...
  20. Delia4

    Back Tucks out of Tumbling

    I am having trouble doing back tucks out of tumbling(on tumble trak). I am mainly doing them out of round offs and I tend to kind of whip. I can do a standing back tuck off of the end of the tumble trak onto a mat of the same hight(no drop) with near perfect form, but a little more hight would...