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  1. W

    For Parents Best grips for small hands level 9

    Hi! I need some help. My daughter has been using the 00 usglove doible buckle grips since level 4/5. Her coach mentioned today there are better grips for higher levels and she shouldn’t use those above level 6. Anyone have suggestions?? Thanks so much in advance!!
  2. CreateMagic

    MAG Grips for sweaty hands?

    Tl;dr: For my own curiosity, has anyone else had a kid need to use grips for sweaty hands? Pros/cons? I posted this on FB in a men's gymnastics group, but all the answers focused on the sweating or whether they thought it was too early for grips... which isn't my question. So, I'm trying...
  3. M

    WAG Back handspring: Hands Starting position

    What is the proper back handspring starting position? I see two schools of thought, one with hands vertical straight up into a swing, the other is hands starting horizontal . See pictures below. In Women's Gymnastics: (a) Which way do judges look for and award more points? (b) Which way do...
  4. M

    WAG Handstands against the wall: Scoot hands away safely

    I am doing handstands against a wall. I heard that with head facing away from wall, I can scoot my hands away from the wall to get a good stretch and build strength. Question is how far can I scoot the hands away from the wall, while it being a safe exercise? 1 feet , 2 feet, or even more? Is...
  5. PaulyCraze

    Hi! I’m new here and I have a real big issue on my hands...

    I used to be able to do a roundoff backhandspring, even with two back handsprings! I competeted and was very proud of myself.. As I continued gymnastics I noticed I became weak in my roundoff backhandsprings, slowly then I lost the skill. I had to regain back my strong roundoffs and the fear of...
  6. G

    WAG Vault: Round Off (Half On) Hands

    Hey! We are starting to work round off (half on) drill with a few of our girls. What are the best/preferred hands? Placement ("T" shape, straight) and rotation (1/4, 1/2). Any advise would be helpful!!
  7. A

    WAG Hands slipping on BHS on beam

    This is my first post- my daughter is a level 6 and her hands are slipping frequently when she does her bhs on beam. She has the correct hand position and fear is not much of a factor but her hands keep slipping which is keeping her from doing the skill. Any suggestions on how to fix this...
  8. K

    Pommel Circles and cartwheel leading hands

    Hi, Does anyone know why my son’s coach would tell him to lead pommel circles and cartwheels with the same side? Currently he leads cartwheels with his left leg but circles with his right hand. Apparently it has something to do with teaching round back handspring later? Any thoughts please...
  9. flipping_girls

    For Parents Sore hands? Suggestions needed

    Looking for suggestions for treating sore hands. One of my daughters (9years old level 8) has stepped up the training hours on bars lately. She is complaining about her hands being SUPER sore. Not rips, just over all soreness she defines as "burning". The discomfort isn't just when she is on...
  10. M

    WAG hands too small for grips?

    My kid has finally gotten her teeny tiny dowel grips (pixie grips, size 00). She is thrilled to have them and seems to be adjusting well, but mentioned that in front support her hands are spread pretty much flat across the top of the bar and she can't wrap her fingers around the bar. Is this...
  11. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Tips for getting both hands on the beam for a back handspring?

    So my back handspring on beam, as you can tell by the title, has a problem. My legs are straight, I have good height, I go straight - everything is good except for one thing. I can only get one hand on the beam. Because of this, I've been working on the low beam for a while, but while I've...
  12. gymgal

    WAG are hands on the beam considered a fall? JO / elite

    I was watching a recording of the world cup in London and Amy Tinkler put her hands down on the beam to save herself from a fall on her series. The commentator mentioned she would get .5 deduction for it. I thought putting hands on their beam to prevent a fall is still considered a fall, that's...
  13. Kcanflip

    For Parents Burning feeling/hands on bars even with grips?

    Anyone have any suggestions to relieve the burning hands feeling caused by extended time on bars? my DD does wear grips. She is also older and taller... 5'3 at 13 so heavier than the average little gymmies. It sounds friction related. No rips... Just intense burning feeling. Can she use...
  14. 2G1B

    For Parents Do my girls just have HUGE hands??

    measuring for grips... My 10 year old IS tall for her age. My 12 yo is average to short for her age. They are 4'10.5" and 4'11". So not short at all for gymnasts; but not the tallest girls in the gym either. So the coach measured them for grips (my 10 yo is getting her first pair, my 12 yo...
  15. SMC

    MAG HB Grips for Tiny hands

    I feel like this has been asked but when I searched it seemed most of the athletes were girls. I have an 8 year old level 6 that needs new grips. His coach made his first pair last year but is no longer making them. His hands are measuring 5 1/8 inches, which appears to be quite small for even...
  16. B

    For Parents Torn Hands

    Any tips on helping the hands heal quickly. At our private last night my daughter didn't want to quick and torn a bit of skin from her hand. It isn't bad like bleeding type but a blister type layer came off. Tuesdays are our normal bars and floor days sooo not much down time for her. Thanks!
  17. L

    For Parents Quick fixes for calloused and painful hands??

    DD L8 has been training hard for regionals and her hands are a mess. They are really hurting, and limited her practice on bars this morning. She has practice again tonight and has to train until Saturday's competition. She has tried tea bags, used Bag Balm (which is usually great btw,) and...
  18. M

    For Parents sweaty hands and feet

    Happy New Year!!! my dd just had her first meet a few weeks ago and she told me her hands were so sweaty she felt like she could slip off the vault. she scored well but was upset by the wet hands. her feet were also sweaty and she felt like she could have fallen off the beam. her coaches told...
  19. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Along the thread of "lines" and wonky hands

    I know there are deductions for feet not pointed during skills, but what about hands during skills? I ask because my dd does this wonky "gun pointing" thing with her hands in the middle of all her beam flight elements. The only reason we know is that in the photos from the meet you see it on her...
  20. Ali'sMom

    WAG Pain in hands

    My daughter has been mentioning pain in the palms of her hands. The fleshy part that is between her pinky and her wrist. We are about to start strengthening her wrists (we were told to get a stick and tie a weight to it, and have her roll it up and back down to strengthen the wrists), and my...