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  1. Along4theRide

    WAG small hands

    My DD is one of those small, sturdy gymnasts...you know, the ones that are stout and feel like they are made of lead. But her hands are very small compared to the rest of her body....noticably smaller. As a level 6 she is up training some bigger bar skills. This week she had her first major peel...
  2. M

    MAG small hands

    DS is 8 and competed level 5 last year. He was in the top third pretty consistently, often won floor and did well on Pommel. He is good to go on those events for level 6 and has a decent vault too. Today, coach said to me "he is going to have to do another year at level 5, his hands are just...
  3. SurpriseGymMom

    WAG Toughen up hands?

    is there a way to toughen up hands to not get rips? DD is just starting to do giants and is not one of those super light, super strong gymmies. Her hands are getting ripped left and right. I totally understand that it happens and its part of being a gymnast, she's not complaining and neither am...
  4. C

    WAG If she puts her hands down in side aerial, does it count as a fall?

    Side aerial is a .2 bonus on floor, and I have a kid who can do it during her floor routine about 70% of the time. However, sometimes she puts her hands down, or hits the side of her hand on the floor right at the end. Would this count as a fall? Or just no bonus?
  5. P

    Deduction for walking on hands - Range - Regionals

    Hi There, Our Regional Grades range & conditioning set involves a standing straddle press to handstand. Does anyone know what the deductions are for walking on your hands in the handstand to avoid a fall? Thanks :)
  6. K

    Coaches lazy coaching? hands off normal for comp?

    As an NCCP level 2 coaching rec, I'm constantly moving. Adjusting, spotting, correcting, demonstrating, encouraging, consoling. I wear a watch for timings and leave tablets and phones in the coaching room where (personally) I feel they belong. Coaching is an active and attentive position and...
  7. All Chalked Up

    WAG Golden Hands sizing

    Size small wrist circumference is 5.75-6.25", and medium 6.25-6.75". My wrists measure 6.25. My wrists certainly will not get any bigger, and I feel safer with a tight, non bulky fit- particularly for beam. What size do you suggest I buy?
  8. B

    WAG Hands turned in on back handspring

    A gymnast who has trouble turning out in everything she does. She is skinny and weak in some areas that don't make much sense to me. She can make 10 presses in a row and 15 straight leg lifts but has trouble with a 30 second hollow and can only make it halfway up the rope. Anyway, she has a...
  9. putri

    WAG Best dowel grips for under 5" hands

    Hi! I have a 5yrs old who just started in Oct. It's probably equal to pre team in the US. Initially coach and I decided that dd can do without grips (they wanted the dowel grips, not the beginner ones) since her hands are tiny and she hasn't really done gym. First day she could do three chin...
  10. G

    WAG Peeling skin on hands

    Tonight when I went to pick up my dd from practice, she had some pretty ugly hands. Rips on both hands, but what was even stranger was that at least half of each palm was very red and painful. Before practice she had mentioned how her hands were peeling and it appears that the top layer of...
  11. auswi

    Parents Red rub marks on hands

    DD is an enthusiastic IDP 5 training 24 hours a week. She's developed red raw rub marks on her hands from bar work. She doesn't seem to have any obvious calluses which could be contributing. One other girl in her group also has very painful hands and she is a very hard worker like dd. Any...
  12. G

    Parents Tying hands together on beam?

    Ok so I don't know much about coaching but I've recently come across another parent who informed their daughters hands were tied together while on beam(i don't know what skill she was being taught or anything) but I was wondering how common this is, if at all? Personally it seems so dangerous...
  13. K

    OT Sweaty hands and feet

    I have a few gymnasts that have the worst sweaty hands and feet. Does anyone have any ideas how to help with it. We tried using chalk for beam and it just doesn't work. Help please :)
  14. S

    WAG grips and small hands

    DD has been trying to get used to grips for a few months. Can anyone explain the pros and cons of using dowel grips when you have very, very small hands? She can kip in them (not as well as without grips) but not much else (not a decent clear hip, very low tap swings, etc in them). She didn't...
  15. L

    WAG How much "hands on" coaching and spotting needed?

    I was wondering, after talking to HC and reading a comment from Dunno about how spotting takes its toll on coaches, just how much hands on coaching and spotting is needed. How does it vary level to level and where can describing body position and providing drills take the place of spotting?
  16. M

    Parents Hands on stretching

    My 5 yr old boy goes to gym once a week. He is naturally very stong and coaches are now hands on with strecthing him. He has little to no flexibility but lots of strength and skills. My 5yr old is really focussing on the strecthing and starting to not want to go. He cried last week when he was...
  17. putri

    WAG BWO on beam hands

    Hi! Need some suggestions on this... As long as dd is going forward, her hands placement on beam is fine. So she can tic-toc for example with no problem. But going backwards, her hands would go over each other or one is in front of the other. So then she'll struggle to go over and even when she...
  18. S

    Injuries to the hands or wrist

    In the last 2 years I have broke my right hand and sprained my left. I have also had problems with my wrist giving out. I was wondering if there is any stretch or exercise I would be able to do in order to avoid further injury or to strengthen my hands and wrist.
  19. J

    Parents Tiger paws vs. Golden hands for tiny hands?

    Does anyone have a preference? I'm worried about them feeling too bulky on her. I can get golden hands for a lot less because they offer seconds but I don't want to do that if I'm just going to have to go back and buy tiger paws anyway. She won't be wearing these all the time just when they are...
  20. momofthreegirls

    WAG Tiny hands - grips or no grips?

    At our gym's parent meeting last week, it was announced that having two pairs of dowel grips is required for all L4s and up. I have 2 DDs in L4. I have no problem buying them for my 9 year old, who measures at a size zero grip. I'm not sure about buying them yet for my younger DD (6.5 years...