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  1. J

    For Coaches Handstand on rings

    Hello, adult gymnast here. Most of my gymnastics skill are at a very basic level, but since I practice handbalancing on its own my handstands are relatively advanced (can hold for 60s on floor or parallettes, can straddle press and inconsistently pike press). I would like to approach handstand...
  2. M

    WAG Round Off: Handstand?

    One of my friends helping me with round off says, its like 3 steps, 1) first going into a cartwheel phase 2) in the middle, you go into the "Handstand" 3) finally, snap your feet down into a hollow Is the middle step correct? Do you enter a true handstand in the round off?
  3. E

    For Coaches Back Extension Roll to Handstand Troubleshooting

    Fair warning, I am old(!)- and when I was a gymnast we couldn't shift our hands in the HS. I started coaching about 2 years ago, and I have heard and seen different things. Can the gymnast shift their hands from turned in once in handstand? What are good ways to troubleshoot arch-y backs...
  4. G

    WAG Handstand Question for the Judges

    For the judges out there, my friend and I are coming up with unique mounts for next season and I came up with a pretty cool mount. I'll spare you all the details but basically, I stand up on one leg and go through an arabesque into a handstand. If I do a handstand out of that (not out of a...
  5. annakat

    WAG Handstand shape

    My handstands are pretty archy, anyone have tips on how to tighten them?
  6. G

    For Coaches How to fix this handstand shape

    I have a young compulsory gymnast, who has a "weird" handstand shape. I only really paid attention to it recently. Her shoulder blades are touching each other in the handstand. I'll add a picture here: https://ibb.co/sPy9pfx Do you know why she is doing it this way? She can't correct it in...
  7. M

    WAG Handstand 'hidden' secret muscles

    When I do a handstand, I should as gymnast coach taught 1) Squeeze contract the abs 2) Squeeze the glutes 3) actively pushing shoulder &straight forearms into ground Are there any other hidden/secret muscle movements I am missing?
  8. M

    WAG Handstand Pushup Progression

    I am doing handstand pushups. What is a good way to increase progression of handstand pushups without using a weight vest? I am open to suggestions using a wall, or not against a wall. Thanks,
  9. M

    For Parents Kip cast t o handstand

    Hello, my dd ( L7) casts with her leg together, and all of her teamates with their legs apart. What’s the difference? It seems to me that her back may be more arched. she tells me she ins able with her legs apart. So I was wondering… what. exactly is the difference?
  10. 1

    WAG Handstand backhandspring on beam

    How can I improve my handstand backhandspring for beam? I have a pretty solid backhandspring on beam. In my handstand backhandspring on floor I go back instead of up and I come down kinda hard on my hands. Usually, my hands don't make it on the line.
  11. F

    WAG L9 overshoot vs. overshoot to handstand (potential deductions?)

    My daughter is getting frustrated and needs a high to low bar release. She is working on the overshoot to handstand. I want to suggest to her that she try a B skill overshoot until she can safely catch her handstand. I just want to give her advise to help relieve the pressure... She has strong...
  12. M

    WAG Handstand: Shrug Pop Shoulders Up?

    When I do a gymnastics handstand, should I shrug/pop my shoulders up when holding the position with arms up?
  13. F

    Any tips on getting your handstand bridge kickover?

    I have a trampoline, I find it easy but when it comes to mat I can't do it the way I do it on my trampoline, any tips are appreciated, thanks.
  14. JBS

    WAG Kip Cast Handstand Tower (gymnastics drill for uneven bars)

    I figured I would start posting some of drills and systems that we use in the gym as that is what ChalkBucket is all about. ChalkBucket was created in 2005 to help everyone learn more about gymnastics. The cast handstand tower is a great way to practice cast handstands on uneven bars without...
  15. K

    Straight Line Handstand

    Hi! could anyone help me figure out what is causing my handstand not to be straight? everyone talks about the banana handstand, but my handstand is almost straight. In the image below you can see my issue thanks
  16. G

    For Parents Cast handstand help

    Hi! My daughter is a 14yo level 8 gymnast. She is pretty tall and not particularly strong or flexible so naturally cast to handstands don’t come easy. She was able to get by last year without one, however she got major deductions on it. What are some drills/ conditioning that she can safely do...
  17. JBS

    Press Handstand

  18. euphoria.acro

    press handstand for acro? any tips?

    I'm working press handstands on blocks, and I'm really trying to get it. Since I've been out of the gym it's gotten harder to master. I have a panel mat and small blocks, as well as large ones. Any tips or drills? Thank you!
  19. G

    Aerial and back handspring problems and press handstand

    I have tried very hard for the past few months to get my my aerial and back handspring and press handstand. I used to be able to do a back handspring and aerial but now I can't. I've watched a lot of tutorials. any tips? im 8 years old
  20. Sari

    For Coaches Handstand flatback is giving me migraines

    I've been coaching vault this year and drilling running, handstands, body tightness and arm circles and hurdles into the board. However, when we try to put everything together, it seems like my gymnasts just forget what they're supposed to be doing (none of them keep their legs straight after...