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  1. AYEMama

    WAG Help with Stalder Press Handstands

    My gymnast is having a very difficult time getting her press handstand. She is Level 7 and has won Regionals, always places 1st or 2nd, etc., so we don't think it's a matter of lack of training. She used to be able to do it when she was level 4, but has since lost it. She is the only one on her...
  2. M

    WAG how to get free hip to handstands - drills/tips

    I have my free hips I just want to make them a little better and to handstand
  3. M

    WAG Handstands against the wall: Scoot hands away safely

    I am doing handstands against a wall. I heard that with head facing away from wall, I can scoot my hands away from the wall to get a good stretch and build strength. Question is how far can I scoot the hands away from the wall, while it being a safe exercise? 1 feet , 2 feet, or even more? Is...
  4. S

    WAG im trying to find the video of a girl doing handstands

    i saw the video of a girl doing handstands and she rolled around her shoulders, like she did rotations while doing handstands but i cant find the video does somebody has a video like that???? im trying to find it
  5. G

    WAG Press Handstands

    I have heard many people on here and elsewhere say that press handstands must be learned before puberty or they're harder for girls post puberty. Why is this? I disagree. I'm 17, I started gymnastics under two years ago and I can do 5 straddle press handstands (from sitting) in a row without...
  6. M

    WAG press handstands

    My kiddo is now the only one in her L5 training group who cannot do a press handstand and is pretty frustrated about it. She has long legs and is not the most flexible. I am ordinarily 100% against gymnastics outside the gym, but this is more of a conditioning issue that is safe to work on at...
  7. M

    For Parents Rec girls class and handstands

    So my daughter (5 almost 6) recently made the switch from the "littles" classes to the regular rec gym. She is loving it. But I am noticing something and I am wondering if it is odd. It seems as if they barely work hand stands on the floor. The do work hand stands on beam some, as part of the...
  8. J

    For Parents Too many handstands?

    Like many others here, my DD does gymnastics at home non stop. I literally can't get her to stop, she's constantly doing handstands, cartwheels, whatever she can. At dinner, for example, she will take a bite, get up and do a handstand, sit back down, repeat. She's been like this since she...
  9. N

    WAG coaches telling me different things about handstands...

    When I am holding my handstand, I have one coach coach telling me to look at my hands while balancing. Another coach is telling me not to look at my hands at all, and I need to look out with my arms stretched out behind my ears. This way seems difficult and I can't last long like this.... You?
  10. A

    Press Handstands and wrist pains

    So I could probably make my first thread in the introductions but i've been waiting to ask this for months. So I've been struggling to get a straddle press ( stadler press whatever you call it) on and off since I was 8 years old...10 years later, I finally made one. I had been practicing out of...
  11. Texasmomof3

    WAG Bars question -- handstands

    My dd cannot do a cast to handstand on bars. But she can do a clear hip to handstand to multiple giants. According to her gym, you must have the cast to handstand to move to level 7. (She just finished level 6 this weekend.) She has been working to get the cast handstand for months now --...
  12. P

    WAG press handstands in a floor routine allowed?

    Are press handstands allowed in a floor routine? Well, I guess they are allowed, but do judges like to see them? Combo I am thinking about: Back Extension Roll to Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Tuck Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Straddle Press Handstand - Handstand Forward Roll Pike...
  13. EMDG

    Carthweels & Handstands!

    Hi! So I had my first gymnastics class yesterday and I very obviously struggled with carthweels, so I spent the entire class on that skill, succeeding to at least land on my feet even though it wasn't really pretty. I'm planning on going to open gym next Monday so I can learn to do a carthweel...
  14. PalmTree

    For Coaches Poor Form on Cast Handstands

    Is it acceptable to allow gymnasts to do less than perfect form when learning their cast handstands? Backstory: I have a couple of girls going to 6 in the Spring and they "kind of" have cast handstands (both do straight body and both are very strong). I feel like lately all I do is spot them on...
  15. K

    WAG how many press handstands can you/your DD do?

    How many press handstands from sitting can you (your DD) do, what level are you in and how old are you? I know many L9 gymnasts, a few can do 5 or more, a few can barely do one and most of them can do about 3 although they all work them daily. I can't really understand why they can't do more...
  16. K

    WAG Are press handstands just allowed on beam as mounts?

    I have been thinking a lot if I should do a V-Sit or a press handstand mount on beam, because I like them both but am too weak to combine the two (like V-Sit to Press Handstand - can't get my feet through!). Now that I heard about the "Korbut flip" I was thinking if it was possible to do a...
  17. T

    WAG muscles for cast handstands

    Which muscles are needed for a decent cast handstand? Is it more strength or technique? Of course, the whole body is involved....but I guess it's mostly shoulders? How strong should I be for doing one? Can you tell me specifically? Because you have to lean forward while casting, I guess that a...
  18. C

    WAG forearm pain when doing handstands

    About two weeks ago I noticed a pain in the middle of my forearm when I did handstands and L-Sits on p-bars. It was a painful point just beneath my ulna bone everytime I supported my weight on this arm. I didn't pay much attention to it, because I thought it might be some tight arm flexor...
  19. P

    WAG Cartwheels and Handstands

    I'm in level 3, and I'm trying to learn how to do cartwheels and handstands on beam. In cartwheels I can only land one foot on the beam. My handstands don't go high enough, probably because I'm scared of falling. Does anyone know how to make these skills better?
  20. gymnast-mac

    WAG Cast handstands

    I'm working on cast handstands at practice, and I was wondering if there were any excersizes/conditioning that I could do at home to help me improve cast handstands? Thanks :)