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  1. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Tips to not throw back head in back tuck

    At practice I keep throwing my head back in my back tuck. I want to stop throwing my head back so I can start working on my back handspring back tuck. If anyone has some tips for throwing your head back I would love to see them in the replies.
  2. pagymmom

    For Parents Competitive Gymnastics Near Hilton Head?

    Hello, We might have the opportunity with fully remote work changes to move to Hilton Head permanently. One of our biggest concerns is finding a good competitive gym for our daughter. She is a 11 year old level 8 with goals of a D1 scholarship. Our gym now is large (180 plus girls)...would be...
  3. JBS

    NCAA Janelle McDonald Head Coach UCLA!

    Huge news… awesome coach!
  4. gymjunkie

    For Coaches How to correct head on bars double lay DM landing?

    Has anyone ever had a kid whip their head on a double lay dismount landing, so that it looks like whiplash as they hit the ground? Gymnast says it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't look healthy to me. She does the "tight arch" style of flipping.
  5. P

    WAG Handspring Vault head alignment

    I am having trouble keeping my head in between my arms on my front handspring vault. My head always sticks out when I hit the table and then I have to try to pull my head in real fast. My coach says I should look at my hands but that just makes my head go out more. Any tips on where I should...
  6. Ella.Runyan

    Throwing my head back in a standing tuck

    I need help not throwing my head back. I used to be a gymnast and now I dance. My coach wants me to do a standing tuck in a dance and I told her I would get it to show her that I can work hard and learn things quickly. I have been doing it off a mat in my basement but I keep throwing my head...
  7. shurley

    Head Coach for Cheer and Dance opening at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas

    We are starting a competitive, college cheer and dance program for the fall of 2020 to compete within the NAIA. OLLU is extremely excited about the opportunity to have a scholarship cheer and dance program, and we are actively searching for candidates to apply. Candidates must have an...
  8. kimute

    For Parents Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    MRI results just back. My 13 yo has a fracture in the growth plate of her shoulder. Does anyone have recovery experience with this? Competition season is late January and wondering if any stories can inform her possibilities. Thank you!
  9. JBS

    MAG Boys Head Coach Position ($45,000+)

    Normally job posts are not allowed in the regular forums... but in the interest of keeping a great boys program alive (this went out 47 minutes ago via email)...
  10. L

    Program Manager / Director / Head Coach needed for new gym

    Northern Hills Gymnastics in Sturgis, SD will be a brand new 12,000 sq. ft. air conditioned gym and business scheduled to open in early 2019! We are looking for a head coach and program manager who wants to take charge and build their own recreational (boys and girls) and competitive women’s...
  11. Nin-Jia

    Big Girl vs Ankle Injury vs Head Coach

    There’s this one older girl on my team who has had a reoccurring ankle injury ever since she pulled 3 tendons in her ankle a couple months ago. She’s 16 and a sophomore in high school. She typically does fine at practices with minimal pain. She wears an ankle brace at each practice and makes it...
  12. C

    MAG First time Head Coach looking for pointers...

    just took over as head coach in July and I need a few tips on the following: dealing with parents sensitive/emotional gymnasts behavior problems lethargic/apathetic performance thanks in advance for your help!;)
  13. F

    For Parents Got to meet the OU head coach today!

    DD was so excited, the head coach of Oklahoma University came to our gym to watch the girls practice today. Got to have her picture taken with her after practice. DD is wearing her new Oklahoma University leo too!
  14. E

    Head Coach & Rec Coach Needed for expanding gym

    FLIPS Gymnastics in Athabasca, AB is seeking a head coach to oversee day-to-day operations as well as coach MAG and WAG competitive team. Facility is in the works for an expansion/upgrade. Also in search of a Rec Program Coordinator who will magage the recreational programs and community...
  15. C

    For Coaches Taking over as head coach

    If you were taking over for someone as head coach. With about 7 or 8 months warning. What would u want them to leave behind/ teach you. Lesson plans. Year plans. Comp forms. Routines. Strength sheets. Im looking at leaving my position and want to .ake life as easy as possible for the coach who...
  16. amiandjim

    WAG Courtney Kupets new UGA head coach!

    Very interesting choice!
  17. K


    HEAD COACH/COMPETITIVE COACH OPPORTUNITY Calico Gymnastics Club in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada has an exciting opportunity for a Head Coach to join and lead our club in our BRAND NEW facility. Our focus is to develop the foundation of physical literacy in our youth. We provide a safe...
  18. C

    Girls' Head Coach for Northfield Gymnastics Club in Minnesota

    Northfield Gymnastics Club (NGC) in Northfield, MN has a 14,000 square foot facility. It has 4 girls teams that compete in Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA) and is the feeder program for the local high school gymnastics team. They also have two boys' teams, one that competes in MAGA...
  19. K

    Coach at the Beach! Looking for JO Optional Head Coach, Recreational Director, Preschool Coach

    Come to the Beach in Pensacola, Florida! Live in Paradise! We are looking for a Head Optional Coach to uphold our athletes to a high standard of quality that creates accomplished competitive gymnast. If you are coach with Optional experience, 1st place, all around athletes that are now college...
  20. N

    Girls Comp Team Head Coach

    Girls’ Competitive Head Coach Coaching General Represent NGC at all MAGA meetings and communicate MAGA policies/information with the NGA board and competitive team families as appropriate. Establish summer camps for competitive and instructional levels, Work with Boys Head Coach and...