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  1. D

    OT Height observations: Gym vs. "outside world"

    My 7th grader told me that she was one of the shortest girls in her homeroom last year (6th grade), but I know for a fact that she is the same height as her adult female head coach at gym. She's the 2nd tallest on her team and is the same height (or close to it) as many of the older upper level...
  2. F

    For Coaches Ceiling height

    What's the minimum ceiling height for a recreational program? I've been told 12 ft for tumbl trak and 15 ft for uneven bars but that seems pretty high for rec kids.
  3. P

    WAG Vault table Level 5 2022 height

    I saw a lot of old posts about minimum vault table height for Level 5 but nothing updated. My daughter is 9, short, super petite. She is now vaulting with a practice squad of girls who are 11+ and is having trouble getting over the table. She says the table is too high and her coach won’t lower...
  4. C

    WAG Talk to me about Vault Table height

    I'm just curious and trying to learn the mechanics of this. My YDD is a newly minted 9 year old who is definitely on the small side. Her gym tests out of level 4, competes Gold, tests out of 5, and competes 6. Her new vault coach just had her move her front handspring vault from a 105 setting...
  5. A

    WAG Question about vault table height for Xcel Platinum

    We are debating a whether or not to have my daughter compete Xcel Platinum vs. a second season of JO Level 6 (or maybe 7, but unlikely at this point). Does anyone know if there is a minimum height requirement for the vault table for Xcel Platinum? She likes to vault on a low setting. I don't...
  6. A

    WAG Deduction for vault table height?

    Just curious what the deduction would be for having the vault table at 110 instead of 115 for Level 5? At this point my daughter's vault is significantly better at 110. She still has time to improve. And I know it is totally up to the coach. Mostly just curious if she might end up with a...
  7. C

    WAG SV Level 6/7 for vault table height < 115cm?

    Anyone know what the SV would be if a kiddo vaulted on a table lower than the required minimum? At our last meet I heard many parents commenting that their gyms may try to do this for states for the Yurchenko vaults for some of the teeny Level 6s to at least get them into the mid-8's if...
  8. Jeb Jones

    For Parents Random question about Svetlana Boginskaya's height :-)

    While her wiki page and most references I can find online list Svetlana Boginskaya's height as 5' 2", I definitely remember her towering over the other gymnasts at the time (though I don't remember what year that may have been) and commentators talking about how tall she was for a gymnast at 5'...
  9. M

    WAG Last minute change to vault height

    Hello all, I got some fantastic advice here a while ago, so I'm hoping to be able to ask your thoughts on something new, if that's okay. My daughter has a competition coming up in a week or so. We are in the UK and her birthday is 28th Dec. 2009. This means that although she has just turned 9...
  10. J

    For Parents Vault height

    Hi, how often do the coaches change the height of a vault?
  11. Peachy88

    WAG Level 3 bar height

    My daughter can barely stop herself with the tips of her toes after her glide swing and then has to do a dead hang pullover. At meets will they adjust the height of the bar?
  12. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Tumbling, emphasizing distance vs height on saltos

    Over the last couple seasons, I've found myself putting more and more emphasis on distance and less on height, particularly for front tumbling. For their front saltos, whether from a punch or from FHS, I train them to go long, and only shoot for about shoulder height. The result is that...
  13. gymnastmom05

    WAG Question about low bar height

    First, this is my first time posting. My daughter is a 10 yr old, level 5 gymnast. Everything I have learned has been through my daughters experience with gymnastics (this will be her 4th year competing) and reading things on here. Due to a very minor injury earlier in the week, my daughter...
  14. Gymmom826

    For Parents Question about height

    My dd's pediatrician wants to recheck her height in six months. She's concerned because she's in the 12th percentile and when she was three she was in the 50th percentile. Do you think it's anything to be concerned about? Has anyone experienced this with their gymnast?
  15. twocurlygirlz

    For Parents 8 Year Olds- Height/Weight/Level

    Was wondering if there is a correlation between height/weight/level- specifically for 8 year olds- was hoping everyone would participate-here's mine: 8- just turned 8 53 lbs 45inches Level- xp/6 wonder if height at this age might correlate to level proficiency/ability
  16. C

    For Coaches Vault height

    I have a small kid that does yurchenko vaults ... I lowered the vault from 120 to 110 ... it works great. Do judges take off for lowering the vault table? I know it sounds like a dumb question I never thought they did but my boss wants her to vault on 120 even though she cant get on the table.
  17. B

    For Coaches Clearhips stuck at the same height

    First meet in two weeks for level 5s. Routines are coming interns of endurance and connections. Flyaways and baby giants are getting better. Clearhips seem to about the same as they were months ago, with the exception of a couple kids. Most of them are hitting horizontal but I'm not seeing much...
  18. G

    For Parents How to increase height in cast?

    My daughter is in level 5. She is on the taller side and lean. She has built up her core and overall strength. The height of her cast is very low...barely higher than the bar. She says she is squeezing to stay tight. She looks hollow. Her coach is telling her to go forward and kick her...
  19. JBS

    For Coaches Determining Yurchenko table height

    How do you determine Yurchenko table height for your athletes?
  20. munchkin3

    WAG Beam Split Leap, Height or Distance??

    I don't know what is ideal and expected for the little athletes. I have seen girls in L3-L4 who are working on the split leap do all different kinds. What is the best way? Distance? I have seen girls go low and far.....does it matter how far you go? Height? I have seen girls jumping over a...