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  1. K

    WAG How do I get over the fear of doing backwalkovers on high beam?

    Ok so I've been doing backwalkers on beam for about 2 weeks. I have it down on the low beam. But once I get to the high beam I completely freak out. My friends and I stack up 3 8 inchers on the lowest high beam. I can do it with all three of them on but once we start taking them off I get all...
  2. Ire

    Need help with my Aerials! Please Help!

    Ok, i used to be able to do an aerial a few months ago (in May-June) . But at the end of June when i tried an aerial at my friends house, my knee cramped for some reason, and it was really sore. The pain calmed down after 2 minutes or so, and me being silly, decided to try again. The same thing...