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  1. MarquetteGymnastics

    HELP trying to start a gymnastics club
  2. Q

    Side aerial help

    So, the problem is not that i keep on putting my hands down, it is I keep on landing on the side of my leg, i can't seem to land on my feet. If i try to rotate faster, i will always accidentally toss myself into the air even faster and land on the side of my leg even harder and more painful Any...
  3. Toddstar

    For Parents Help understanding badges PLEASE!!!

    New to all gym world things so just looking for some help or advice, anything is appreciated. So my daughter started gymnastics properly since turning 5 in September (attended a toddlers class at the same place 3-4) anyways they’ve all got these cards that say skills on...
  4. T

    For Coaches Tiger Mom

    I’ve been coaching for 13 years. I have recently inherited a team from a previous coach who sort of “gave up” on her team prior to being let go. The kids I have are level 3 and 4. They have had no true conditioning and sloppy basics. I have been trying to work with them to get them ready for...
  5. H

    Comp Nerves

    Whenever I am at a competition, I get extremely nervous, to the point that I actually shake. It affects me most on beam, where I tend to wobble on every skill and dance, just because I am so nervous. At training I stick around 5 routines in a row, minimal wobbles, but it all falls apart at comp...
  6. G

    For Parents Team Tryouts

    Hi, I’m new to Chalkbucket! So my daughter (12) has been doing recreational gymnastics for quite a while, and now she has made the decision to tryout for team. The team she is trying out for is JOGA level 6. It’s an optional New Jersey program and is equivalent to usag 4/5. Her friends who did...
  7. K

    I'm new here

    I'm 15 and have been teaching myself gymnastics. And also my siblings when they want to. I just found this. Anyway. I am self taught can do splits, front handspring, front walk over, and handstand for like 30 seconds. Oh, and a front flip on the grass. So is it dangerous to learn like back...
  8. I

    Am I too old to start gymnastics?

    I am 12 and have just recently started gymnastics. I like it a lot and would love to compete (not in the olympics) but am wondering if I’m too old. Help!!
  9. E

    Handspring Help!

    I have been attempting to learn a front handspring. Whenever I do it I have to put a pile of cushions or mats under me because of I don’t my back flips and doesn’t arch and then I fall to the ground. Any tips on how to prevent this? Or why it happens.
  10. Brittney

    How do I get back into gym??

    I have done gymnatsics from when i was really little until 11 years old then did cheerleading from ages 11-13 and got injured by hyperextending my left knee really badly which still lessens my performance in any sport even though its been almost 2 years since then, I did half a year of...
  11. G

    Hair help for summer practice!!

    Hey guys so as I guys know summer practice is coming up which means lots of conditioning and hot weather! I am looking for a hairstyle that will work for me I have hair about 3-5 inches below my shoulder and fairly thick hair I want a hairstyle that will stay in fairly well instead of me...
  12. F

    For Parents What questions would you ask?

    So hypothetically if you were looking to change your DD gym, what questions would you ask? What are the most important things to get answers about? And if you were to be leaving a gym that you DD has been going to for the past 3 1/2 years what is the best way to go about doing so? I feel like I...
  13. F

    For Parents How would you handle it?....

    Okay so I seem to have lots of questions and well, I am sure to have more! So, my DD is a 9 year old Level 7 and has been scoring on all events 9.5-9.7's, so to me it seems like she has a grasp for Level 7 and is ready to move on to Level 8 for next spring. She does need to get a few more...
  14. C

    For Coaches Solutions for grips that are too big?

    Hello everyone :) One of my gymnasts is very stubborn and independent and has recently bought grips without consulting me or the other coaches first. We are a very small club and out of everyone there, I am the only one who uses grips. She came to me today to ask for help on breaking them in but...
  15. A

    For Parents Question from a new L2 parent

    I have been lurking for a while, but I just can't stop thinking about what is expected from Level 2. DD is 6 yrs old and competing L2 we started in recreational at 3, moved to the advanced pre-team, now L2. She has been having tons of fun, and still hasn't quite grasped the concept of the...