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  1. X

    back hip circle help

    i can’t get myself to throw my head back i got it at gym but when i try at home i just can’t help pls!!
  2. S

    Front hip circle help

    Hey everyone new to the site. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for front hip circles. I am a self taught gymnast, and have a homemade pull up bar at home. I am trying to learn a front hip circle and I feel like I’m close, but I can’t keep my hips on the bar. I think it could be that I’m...
  3. hsgymnast333

    WAG Back Hip Circle and Sole-Circle Dismount Help

    Hi, I’m new to gymnastics (a few months in). I’m supposed to be competing bars tomorrow, and I’m really nervous. Today, I was trying to do back hip circle and I just kept stopping. I would just cast and not do it. I only did a few and I was on bars for two hours. Also, I can’t do a sole-circle...
  4. charlottescofield

    For Coaches Back hip circle undershoots

    Does anyone have any drills for beginning back hip circle undershoots
  5. L

    Back Hip Circle Help!!

    I have been coaching my two level 2 classes for the entire year. For them to move up they must have a back hip circle by themselves. I currently have 3 girls out of 16 that can't do it without spot and I would really like to move them up. They would need to have their back hip circle by the end...
  6. Nin-Jia

    Front hip circle tips?

    ive been working on my front hip circle for over a year now and I still don't have it! Any tips? Sometimes I can do it (I have to muscle them up) but other times I just can't make it!
  7. GymRays

    For Coaches Uprise to back hip circle help

    I tried this in the WAG forum but got no response so maybe I will here. I have a gymnast who is training Xcel platinum. She has been working on an uprise back hip circle on strap bar and she has it really good and consistent. The problem is when we put it on regular bars she doesn't have the...
  8. GymRays

    WAG Uprise to back hip circle help

    I have a gymnast who is training Xcel platinum. She has been working on an uprise back hip circle on strap bar and she has it really good and consistent. The problem is when we put it on regular bars she doesn't have the same power and mentioned it feels like, on the counter swing, she going to...
  9. G

    WAG Level 3 Front Hip Circle Deductions...

    Hi there, I'm wondering if it's "better" to compete a front hip circle with bent arms or use the spot in an attempted (but probably failed) front hip circle with straight arms. My daughter can reliably complete a front hip circle with bent arms and equally reliably fail to complete a front hip...
  10. L

    For Parents free hip circle

    Is the free hip circle a skill on it's own (like a kip) or is it a progression to another skill? Just curious.
  11. Avasmom

    For Parents Level for Front Hip circle

    DD's friend competes in L3 and has her front hip circle. DD and her friend have been practicing together for the last few days since we have been iced in on DD's bars. My DD is not at the same gym and is doing the bronze bar routine. She ends up doing a chin up at the end. What level is this...
  12. G

    Front hip circle help!!

    Ok...so I'm really close to my fhc but I'm not quite there yet.I push up, arch, lean forward, shift my hands, pike and push up on the bar, but I can't get all the way up. And I need this skill to move on to the next level. Any tips?:):confused:
  13. G

    For Parents Help with front hip circle

    can someone tell me how to help her with her front hip circle? She is upset because most of the other girls on the team just got theirs. Just can do it with just a slight spot from the coach. The coach told her not to worry, that it would come but when she comes off the floor in tears it's...
  14. ivyagogo

    WAG back hip circle - tie onto the bar

    I have a girl who simply can't do a back hip circle. We've been trying since July! She just throws her had back and never gets back to the bar after her cast. I read some old threads on here about actually tying the girl to the bar so she can practice herself over and over again. How do you do...
  15. S

    WAG Mill circle and front hip circle troubles

    Dd (6) is competing level 2 and training level 3. She is overall doing well but she is having a hard time with bars, especially with the mill circle, front hip circle, and shoot through. I know these skills are difficult for many girls, but I can't help but think that part of why she is...
  16. Sari

    For Coaches Back hip circle frustrations

    Hello! I've been reading posts in this community for a while now and oftentimes find helpful coaching tips for my classes. Now I have my own question, and I really hope someone can help me, because it's one of those things that keep me up late at night (for instance right now, haha). I'm...
  17. Seagull00

    For Parents Back hip circle and gym report card :)

    Little gymmie got her back hip circle tonight! She also got her gym report card and is moving to rec level 3, skipping 2. Her coach said she needs a few other basic skills but in another session or two she thinks she'll be ready for pre team or team. She said dd has excellent form and keeps...
  18. kaloss

    For Parents Front hip circle help...again

    My daughter is really struggling with her front hip circle. I know it's all about timing. She has done bar clinics, private lessons, and regular practice working on them. She seems so close, but ,keeps dropping her hips away from the bar. We tied her to the bar today (like a strap bar, right...
  19. Ariekannairb

    For Parents Front Hip Circle Conquered!

    Well, it can definitely be prettied up, but she consistently completes the skill now! #proudgymmom
  20. D

    Front Hip Circle, Bent Legs

    So I recently got my front hip circle, but my legs and arms are bent. I try to tell myself to keep my legs straight throughout the skill but for some reason they always bend or I just flop off the bar and don't make it all the way around. Does anyone have any tips or drills?? Thanks!