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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Experiences with Bridgeway Academy or similar? (homeschool)

    I'm interested in hearing about anyone's experiences with any of their programs, how common this is in the gym homeschool community, advice you have, or alternatives to consider! Any info at all :) We are trying to figure out a plan for alternative high school learning for our gymnast (we...
  2. JBS

    For Parents Featured Homeschool

    Thanks to @Gymmomsarethebest for posting this thread. Looks like some great conversation here... keep it up!
  3. A

    MAG Homeschool question

    For those who homeschool...we are considering homeschooling our oldest for non-gymnastics reasons. While it is unlikely that he is going to do college level gymnastics I don't want to close any doors and have regrets later and from what I have read on here and other places there are specific...
  4. R

    For Coaches Homeschool

    Gyms on east coast that still have homeschool programs ....... list And if your gym has one what are your thoughts on it buisness wise?
  5. Nikki4

    Homeschool social group

    can someone please add me :) This will be our first year and I could really use the help!!
  6. F

    WAG Homeschool gym schedule

    Curious how it works. Do u drop ur kid at 9 and picke her up at 5
  7. F

    Homeschool gym

    Hi. I have a 10 year old level 7. She did joga up till last summer. She wanted to move to usga She is adjusting. She has competed level 8 as well for a meet as she has her skills. She is very driven and focused. She is learning how to compete w the pressure and learning how to deal w not being...
  8. l.c.o

    For Parents Homeschool question

    Hello! Proud mama here if a current sixth-grader. She's new to middle school this year, and she has been struggling a bit with the adjustment. While of course we're allowing for an adjustment period thus year, she's been becoming more and more vocal about wanting to either pursue online school...
  9. Along4theRide

    For Parents new "Homeschool Group"

    Hi. COz and I have started a new social group called "Homeschooling Group" for folks that are currently or are interested in homeschooling their gymnast for any reason. Let us know if you would like to join!
  10. onelittledream

    OT Homeschool?

    Today my husband, my daughter, and I have been talking about homeschooling starting next year. DD will be on competitive team and will be moving into fourth grade. I work full time and am mostly set up by my company to work at home but sometimes have to go into the office (about once a month...
  11. O

    For Parents Homeschool Programs

    My questions are to those who currently have college-bound gymnasts in homeschool programs or who have recent graduates of these programs. With so many options and requirements, searching for the right homeschool program is giving me a headache :) My daughter will start homeschool in the fall...
  12. munchkin3

    MAG How many future stars boys homeschool?

    The post on how many hours got me thinking. I wonder how many of the top finishers in the future stars 10/11/12/13 actually home school and focus solely on gymnastics? I know the a few kids who do homeschool and train 30 or more hours a week....8 years and up. Just wondering if it is the norm.
  13. 3LittleGymmies

    For Parents Gymnasts Who Homeschool

    I know that this can be a bit controversial.. but I wanted to ask for some advice. My daughter was a Level 4 last year and she is doing the "new" Level 4 this year (what was Level 5). She is an advanced practice group that does an extra day in addition to the regular Level 4 schedule, so she is...
  14. A

    For Parents Homeschool

    My daughter is in a public school now but there is a homeschool program at the gym she takes gymnastics at. She wants to do gymnastics all the time. At what age or level would be best to put her in this homeschool program?
  15. M

    For Parents Homeschool choices for NCAA eligibility?

    I am new to your board and mom of a 10yr old L7 gymnast. I also homeschool my kids for a myriad of reasons. My daughter currently has aspirations of competing at a college level. Obviously, a lot can happen between now and then but that is her current goal. As I set out planning her middle/high...
  16. GymBeeMom

    For Parents Homeschool parents: off to a good start?

    I hope all our traditional schooled gymmies are doing fabulous but also wondering how our homeschoolers are faring? I know there are a few of us on here. I have never loved teaching more ( I was a teacher before I homeschooled my dd) than I do teaching my own child. We changed our curriculum...
  17. GymBeeMom

    For Parents Homeschool gyms, back to school

    My daughter is part of our homeschool day training. Her brother goes to regular school, so we get him back to school supplies and clothes. For our DD, we get new leos, yoga pants, and sweatshirts. She still gets the joy of "back to school" and gets her pumped for the new season. She also...
  18. lovemylifex4

    OT Anyone else homeschool? How are things going?

    I know there are some others here that homeschool... I'm just wondering how everyone is doing? Will you be taking a summer break? My kids have finished up this years work (and have done SO great... YAY) and we have started on the next 'year' {Alexis is doing 3rd/4th grade work; Austin is...
  19. S

    OT Homeschool or public school? hmmm

    SO right now i am being home schooled. I have been home schooled since we moved from Idaho and I was in 2nd grade. I like being home schooled its been good... but... I am thinking about trying something new and going to public school. If you are in public school will you give me some ideas of...
  20. A

    To homeschool or not to homeschool

    My daughter started gymnastics at the age of 2 (energy outlet and safe environment for all the jumping she seems to love). She is now 6 and finishing up her first season competiting level 4. She is a powerful and poised little girl and we are extremely proud of her. For several months, her...