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  1. G

    For Parents Featured Too many hours (gymnastics) / switch sports

    My 11 year dd complaints about the too many hours gym practice, and even she consider switch sports with less hours. Right now 25 hours / week level 6. Is it too much? And Her school has lots of homework.
  2. G

    For Coaches training hours for TOPS and elite pathway gymnasts?

    For any coaches/clubs who have elite pathway programs, training TOPS gymnasts or are training young gymnasts with a lot of potential, how many hours do your girls train a week? I have 5 girls on my team (ages 6-8) who seem to have a lot of potential and i’m trying to get a sense of what it takes...
  3. W

    For Parents Low practice hours/wanting more time in the gym

    Ok so, my DD is an XG, and she has just about all her XP skills, but is opting to compete gold for at least the first part of the season. She only practices 6 hours a week, (3h/2d) which from my understanding is quite low. We were supposed to get an extra day for XG in the summer, but that idea...
  4. P

    For Parents Training hours and cost

    I am curious, how many hours a week does your upper level optional gymnast train and what is the monthly cost (excluding meet fees, leotards, travel, etc.)?
  5. gymgal

    WAG When does your gym go to 20 hours/week for training?

    Trying to get updated information. If you are in a gym that does not go to 20 hours, indicate never. If your gym offers variable hours, pick the lowest level that 20 hrs is offered. This does not include parent initiated privates. I suppose it should include gym required privates though...
  6. O

    For Parents Training hours during school time.

    How do you feel about elementary aged kids missing school for practice? My daughter will be training level 4 next year and one of her scheduled gym practices is a school day 12-4. I hate this. I expressed concern to competitive manger and they are not willing to change time, not willing to let...
  7. R

    For Parents Cutting down hours

    We’re winding down the season here and discussing renewing our commitment to gymnastics for another year. We have just regionals to go (and possibly nationals). DD13 has a big dilemma - she wants to do everything! She has been doing 2 hours a week of rec. climbing this year and loving it! She...
  8. Mom2Angie

    For Parents Questions about Training Schedule/Hours for Optionals

    Hi parents! My daughter is currently wrapping up her level 7 season and will be training level 8 this summer. She trains 16 hours now; 3 weekdays 4-8pm and Saturdays from 9-1 and will be adding another day next year. We've contemplated switching gyms but the 2 other options in our area have...
  9. longlivedasset2

    For Parents Level 4 hours?

    My 7yo is about to start practicing for level 4. She likes gymnastics, but she doesn't 'live and breathe' gymnastics like some girls do. I think she's decent at it. They are about to start 12 hours/week training, but the scheduling isn't firm yet. I know this is the low-end of average practice...
  10. T

    For Parents Training hours

    Just out of curiosity, how many hours do your 5-6 year old competition gymnasts train for per week? Thanks
  11. G

    For Coaches Pre team training hours

    Hi all, im a young coach and ex-competitive gymnast with three years experience coaching competitive gymnastics. This is my first time developing a pre team from the beginning all on my own. They are 5-7 years old and they’ve been training 4hrs a week (2hrs 2 days a week) since august and from...
  12. R

    MAG Number of hours for boys per age

    Hi All - Wanted some input on how many hours the boys are doing and how long the sessions are. My 10 year old was level 5 last year and did 3 hours 4x per week = 12 hours which worked out pretty well. He also did 2 hours 2x per week of TnT. We moved and looking at the new Gyms, the options...
  13. T

    For Parents High hours

    I was told dd’s hours would stay close to 16 (4 days) this year for L5/6. We just got the schedule and it’s 5 days/20 hours. I’m bummed. She’s bummed even though she absolutely loves gym. She always wants to go but liked her days off! I could pull her a day each week but she’d hate that too...
  14. L

    For Parents Going from 8 hours to 3 hours of practice

    My DD is level 2 and will compete in level 2 meets this fall. DD is 5 but her team is made up of mostly 7-9 year olds and with very few 5-6 yr olds. They train 8 hours a week. We are moving in in January. There’s a few gyms but one that is known for being really good. They do not compete level...
  15. D

    For Parents Training hours for a 7-8 year old

    I’m curious as to how many training hours would you consider to be appropriate for a 7-8 year old competitive gymnast, training xcel gold. Xcel is used in place of the lower level JO levels in her gym. How many hours do you think would be too many for this age? I have my own opinion on this but...
  16. B

    For Parents hours for optionals

    How many hours does your level 8, 9 and 10 train a week now verses before covid? What do you feel is the ideal amount of training hours?
  17. Kyra

    advice for gymnast on training hours and possible gym swap?

    Hi, I recently turned 17 and started gymnastics when I was 14. Before that, I taught myself to master most of the basics (cartwheel, forward and back walkover, handspring, 1 min handstand hold) and was always flipping around at home. When I started gym I quickly got moved into a squad which...
  18. A

    WAG Training hours

    Sorry, I know variations of this have been posted a lot, but I haven't exactly seen the answer to this: What are the minimum hours of training you have seen/know about for someone to qualify as elite? And at what age do you need to start doing those hours? How many hours are necessary at...
  19. A

    For Parents Upper Xcel practice hours?

    Can anyone give me an idea of what type of hours a girl might practice in Xcel gold, platinum, or diamond? I know there is likely a big range. Just want to get a ballpark. Just thinking about future options. . . Thanks!
  20. T

    For Parents Full time working parents who use full time daycamp in summer - how do you accommodate summer hours?

    Just learned that my daughter will likely have practice 2-5pm next summer. if you Work full time and typically use daycamp in summer for full day coverae 8:30-5:30pm how do you accomodate daytime practice hours? Up until this point all practices have been in the evenings (5-8pm) for my 9yo on...