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  1. O

    WAG How many hrs for different levels?

    Hi everyone I am new here :) I have been reading over all your awesome threads and have noticed a big difference in hours as to what some of your girls do vs what our gym seems to do. I am in Canada my daughter is 9years old in level 3 doing 16 hrs a week. She will be doing at least level 4 in...
  2. longlivedasset2

    For Parents Level 4 hours?

    My 7yo is about to start practicing for level 4. She likes gymnastics, but she doesn't 'live and breathe' gymnastics like some girls do. I think she's decent at it. They are about to start 12 hours/week training, but the scheduling isn't firm yet. I know this is the low-end of average practice...
  3. T

    For Parents Training hours

    Just out of curiosity, how many hours do your 5-6 year old competition gymnasts train for per week? Thanks
  4. G

    For Parents Level 4 practice hours?

    Hi, my daughter is movIng up to level 4 this year (she did 2 years as a level 3) and I’m wondering what the average amount of hours a 4 spends at the gym weekly? When we were on 3, she started out with 9 hours and then last season we bumped it up to 11. Her coach is pushing for all her 4’s to...
  5. G

    WAG Elite level hours of training

    So just curious as to how many hours elite level gymnasts (jr and senior elite, Developmental Team athletes, etc) are training per week
  6. F

    For Parents Optionals gym hours? How long are yours?

    Good Morning everyone! I am asking this question out of curiosity and just seeing how other gyms operate. How many hours and days of week do your children spend in the gym? I am most curious about optionals training. My daughters hours changed this summer to 20 hours a week/ 4days / 5hrs a...
  7. T

    For Parents How Many Hours?

    Hi! This is my first post and I'm sure it's a question that's been asked and answered many times but the search function doesn't seem to work very well. I'm trying to get a sense for what is a reasonable expectation of hours in the gym/week/level. My daughter is level 4 and trains 9.5 hours/week.
  8. L

    For Parents Monthly tuition cost?

    For those of you who don't mind sharing: I would love to hear what others pay in monthly gym tuition, what level you child is and how many hours a week they train. Thanks!!!
  9. B

    WAG How many hours training?

    Can anyone tell me roughly how many hours per week a gymnast should train? Levels 1 through to 6. My daughters gym doesn't seem to do many hours so was wondering what other gyms do. Thanks
  10. bogwoppit

    For Coaches coaches - training or overtaining - that is the question

    I am creating this thread as I do not want to hijack the nutrition thread, I also want coaches views on the subject. The subject is training long hours, which to me is over 20 hours a week as a pre-teen. We have instances on the board of pre-teens training as many as 38 hours a week on the Elite...
  11. D

    How many hours a week?

    I am a level 6 gymnast at a YMCA. I was wondering how long other level 6's practice. I practice 9.5 hours a week and I'm not sure if it's enough. I'm questioning this because I have heard of other level 6's practicing 15 hours a week. Also, I feel it's weird that level 4's only get 0.5 hours...
  12. skschlag

    MAG Hours per week

    I saw this on another thread, but it was mostly the women's side responding. I was wondering about the boys! I know that the boys' side is way different. So, about how many hours a week does your ds spend at gym? D is a level 5, and he is there about 10-13 hours a week. That will change with...
  13. B

    how quickly/slowly can/should younger girls increase training hours??

    I don't want to start any sort of debate on how many hrs is too many (or too few for that matter). I'd just like to understand whether/how increases in hours should be introduced in order to reduce the risk of injury? I'm most interested in what the coaches think, but obviously some of the...
  14. A

    Hours per week

    Hi everyone, just wondering how many hours you/your kids train each week, for what age and level? My DD is level 2 (comp season is over, so learning level 3 skills ATM) and trains around 12 hours each week. But here, level 2 kids are older than they seem to be in the US - she's 9 and the...