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  1. C

    WAG Conditioning with injuries

    Hi everyone, my gymnast friend recently broke both her arms and was asking us all for ideas of what to do conditioning-wise while she recovers. She wants to mainly keep her core strong. Her coach has told her to do heel taps and leg lifts on the ground. If anyone has any other ideas that would...
  2. L

    Parents Shift due to injuries

    At this point we are not sure if dd will recover to even continue in gymmastics at all. She really wants to stay in JO. I think given her body’s inability to take the repetitive pounding that if she has any shot to continue, it would have to be in USAIGC. I’m wondering if those who have had the...
  3. L

    Parents So many injuries

    Is there a point at which you think your child’s body just was not made for this sport and you and your child need to acknowledge that? When is that point? And who decides?
  4. Jard.the.gymnast


    Seriously, how many people have dropped out because of that stupid vault? Or does it just seem a lot because all the "bigger" names were out?
  5. Splat

    WAG Gymnastics Injuries

    I'm currently working on a research paper about gymnastics injuries. The main injuries I plan on focusing on are, wrist sprains, Achilles tendon injuries, ACL injuries, and Spondylolysis. If you or your gymnast have experienced any of these please put your story below or if you know of any other...
  6. Texasmomof3

    Parents Recovering from injuries

    My dd has had stress fractures in both of her shins since December. (It started with shin splints last summer that she just ran through.). She actually competed level 7 this spring with the injuries, before it had been properly diagnosed. She has been on complete leg rest since mid-March...
  7. G

    Knee injuries??

    Does anybody know how long a hyperextended knee should take to heal? I hurt mine about a month ago and I haven't taken any time off because of State and Regionals, so it really hasn't gotten any better. Has anybody else had problems with knee injuries?
  8. Texasmomof3

    Parents Injuries

    We just got dd's MRI results back from the progressive knee pain she has been having all season. She was diagnosed with OSD when she was younger, so she just assumed that was the pain until it got so bad she could barely walk. It turns out she has stress fractures in both shins. She competed...
  9. L

    WAG There is success after big injuries!!

    Many of you may know that two years ago my DD broke her tibia and fibula in practice about a month before her first level 7 meet. I'll skip the details of that event, only to provide this: She had surgery for rod and pins. Got an infection from the surgery. We battled it for a year with...
  10. R

    Parents No Injuries?

    My DD is only young at the moment but as her hours at the gym increase we have extended family worried that she will put too much stress on her body and end up with major injuries. I'm wondering if it's pretty much a guarantee that gymnasts', particularly one's at upper levels/elite, will have...
  11. S

    Parents Optionals out with injuries

    I am wondering what a normal injury rate is for the optional levels. I am estimating that about 1/4 to 1/6 of our level 7-10 gymnasts have had to miss an event or meet this season because of an injury. What fraction of the optional gymnasts at your gym are injured?
  12. M

    Parents Questions: Growth plate injuries

    OK, I'll try to keep it short. This is a half vent, half question. In a nutshell, DD 9 y.o., lv 6 was at practice, waiting her turn to go. Her turn comes, she can't even take another step forward. They were doing stuff on tumble track right before but no apparent "ouch" moment. Xrays...
  13. G

    Poor Russia more injuries... anyone think Mustafina is completely overrated?

    Poor Russia coach Rodienienko said paeseka is injured & may be unable to complete they have no other vaulter to replace her.... Melnikova has a hamstring injury & is going to have to do watered down routines. Love Daria Spiridonova & can't wait to see her on bars think she is a real classic...
  14. Djin Anderson

    Parents Injuries

    My daughter is 7yo and trainning level 4 (to compete fall 2017). She has struggled doing ROBHS independently and required a spot every time she tumbled. In June her group went to the tumble track and she was confident enough to complete the skill independently 10+ times. On her last turn before...
  15. Sasha

    Parents The Gymnast Career Injuries Catalogue - Add Yours

    What injuries has your gymnast sustained as a direct result of gymnastics? (only from gym training - not from tripping on the curb, snowboarding, playground, etc..) What was the outcome of each? i.e., missed 2 months of gym and full recovery; PT for 8 weeks then re-injured and out for 6...
  16. V

    Parents Question on injuries and is this normal

    I know injuries are just part of the sport but should I be concerned when a little over 1/3 of the optional team is in some sort of ankle or wrist brace, knee pain, and a few with broken bones/recent surgery. We are a very competitive gym with some tough conditioning but didn't know how to...
  17. G

    Parents Excessive injuries in gym - comes with the territory or issues with training?

    Lately there seems to be a significant amount of injuries in our gym due to overuse/overtraining. This is mostly levels 8 and up. Do you think it is just par for the course or could there be some incorrect training in either/or technique and conditioning? We are a very large, competitive...
  18. F

    How to prevent a ankle injuries in the gym?

    Ankle injuries are very common in gymnastics ranging from sprains, ligament ruptures, fractures to dislocations but they should not be taken lightly as it can take an athlete out of training for a very long time. I learnt this the painful way, dislocating my ankle landing from a simple straddle...
  19. Gymnastics1234

    WAG Injuries :(

    Ok so I have an injury in my shin/calf area on my right leg and it hurts whenever I walk on it. It doesn't hurt too bad that it's unbearable, but it's been hurting for a week and a half now. It kind of feels like a bruise, except I know for sure its not a bruise. I haven't told my mom or coach...
  20. L

    Coaches More Injuries!

    I could use some advice on how much time you spend with your Optional or High school gymnastics team on Pre-hab, conditioning, etc. I have coached for some 15 years now in clubs (girls aged 6-16 JO levels 1-9) with only ankle sprain and 1 physical therapy referral. I recently was asked to...