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  1. L

    WAG Highschool and Injuries

    It’s only the third day of practice there is already an injury. An ankle roll from a round off was the culprit. I have heard nothing but terrible things about injuries with high school gymnastics and as a very prudent coach I never imagined there would be an injury on the team I coached so soon...
  2. M

    WAG Wrist exercises to prevent growth plate injuries?

    My dd is having some minor wrist pain and after watching others go through growth plate fractures and inflammation in their wrists I would like to prevent my dd's pain from getting worse. Are there any exercises that can strengthen the wrist to prevent this type of injury?
  3. headoverheels

    Parents Attitude Toward Injuries

    I posted in another thread about my daughter's continued pain in her foot, and she will have an MRI in the morning to try to get to the bottom of it once and for all. But I noticed yesterday that her coaches seem to be losing patience with her inability to do anything more than conditioning...
  4. l.c.o

    WAG Injuries and genes - interesting podcast?

    Heard this broadcasted on NPR yesterday afternoon. I thought it was interesting, and it discusses genetic links to likelihood of athletes being prone to certain types of injuries. It also discusses some pros/cons of genetic testing of elite athletes to set ideal workouts, etc (or even allow...
  5. K

    WAG Finger injuries from back handspring on beam

    My daughter has been working on bhs on the beam for a few months now and can usually do it quite nicely. She has unfortunately fractured fingers twice in the last 3 months doing this skill. (First time in early December was a fracture of her index finger and the second time happened a couple...
  6. D

    WAG What injuries have you or your dd suffered from because of gymnastics?

    Just wondering because of all the injuries I have suffered from! Feel free to comment below as well and elaborate if you feel needed. I have had.... 1 concussion from splitting the beam and falling onto my head hard :rolleyes: More sprained ankles then I can count... from vaulting to tumbling...
  7. S

    Coaches Elbow Injuries on Back Handsprings?

    I thought I remembered reading something about this a month or two ago, but a search found nothing, so I thought I would ask. I have a Level 3 athlete training for competition beginning at the end of this month. She took some time off this summer and so was the last one on her team to get her...
  8. G

    Parents Getting Confidence back after multiple injuries

    My 12 year old daughter is a Level 9 gymnast who has had back to back injuries (stress fracture in her foot and then fracture in her hand that she needed surgery for ) . She has been cleared to return to full gymnastics . She has done a great job keeping herself strong during this time . She has...
  9. L

    WAG Bog - can you help us start a social group for injuries

    Don't worry, it is not a place to seek medical advice!! We just need a place to vent and seek support, and hear those stories of "oh my DD was injured, but she came back strong." Is this something you can set up for us? Thanks!
  10. V

    WAG Hamstring Injuries

    Has anyone dealt with hamstring injuries before? I pulled my hamstring last week at practice :( , I'd been stretching my splits more and have been growing which is what caused it.
  11. E

    Parents Reporting injuries to parents..

    Does your gym report injuries received in training to parent? If so then do they report minor bumps and bruises or more "severe" injuries? My youngest had a freak "accident" in the gym last session, she was on the high bar over the pit doing swings, when she went to re grasp (or re grip) she...
  12. R

    Parents Growth plate injuries?

    What does it mean? It sounds scary, I overheard some parents talking about it at a comp earlier in the year and one was saying something along the lines of increased hours=increased risk of growth plate injuries? Is it because of the increased exposure or is it around repetition of moves? It...
  13. heartgym

    WAG Injuries

    My gym had had a lot of injuries lately, knock on wood, my DD hasn't had any thing serious. I am starting to wonder if I should be worried about safety or is it just part of the competitor sport?
  14. W

    WAG Judging a gym by number of injuries

    Should you judge a gym by the number of injured athletes it has? What is considered average? When should a red flag be raised?
  15. T

    WAG tell me about your injuries

    I would love to hear about your or your DDs injuries. I am "only" a Level 7, and luckily haven't got any bad injuries yet like fractures or joint issues. But something is always hurting. There are weeks when the muscles around my knee hurt a little, I have shin splints sometimes, at the moment...
  16. MissLisa

    WAG Chronic Wrist Injuries

    I have a question about chronic wrist injuries in former gymnasts/ social gymnasts (made that one up, I'm not competitive and just do self training along side my coaching!). So, I developed a wrist injury back when I was competing which eventually caused me to stop gymnastics (partially along...
  17. munchkin3

    WAG Any good reading on injuries and puberty???

    I am curious. Is there any good gymnastics related reading about the increase of injuries and the 12-14 year old??? It is no coincidence that injuries are more prominent with this bunch and it seems it doesn't matter what level. We have an 11 yo level 10 with no real 'problems' and we have 13 yo...
  18. Flips4life

    Coaches Ideas for preventing back injuries?

    Anyone have advice how to prevent my back from hurting? Any coaches classes or techniques to use when it comes to spotting heavy kids? Just looking for suggestions for strength exercises so I don't blow out my back :( Thanks in advance
  19. GymnasticsIsLife

    WAG Ankle injuries...

    Last summer I Broke my ankle and I was in a cast for three weeks with no crutches. It was actually just a fracture and a very bad sprain. There's a lot of info so I'm going to separate it so I don't confuse you! BEFORE CAST: My ankle hurt really bad one day while tumbling. I kept going because I...
  20. M

    WAG indentify wrist injuries in an early stage

    Hello! My DD has never had any wrist issues. Her besst friend had it, because she overworked them last summer training and it has not gotten better since. I really really don't want to deal with anything like that in future, so I will do everything that my child can be in gymnastics as long as...