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  1. M

    For Parents knee injury?

    Hi everyone. I'm not asking for medical advice here, just wanted to see if anyone has first hand experience to share. My daughter hyperextended her knee about a week and half ago. She didn't hear a pop or feel anything that dramatic. But she was doing a FLO FLO on the floor and I guess just...
  2. Anonymous Post

    Anon Documentation to Return After Injury/Surgery

    Does your gym require documentation to come back after an injury - personal and or gymnastics related? Sprains and being sore are common. But what about injuries requiring surgery and/or needing bracing/boots/crutches? Is there a uniform standard for returning after an injury/ surgery or is...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon Reasonable time to notify parents of injury?

    Hello! Our gym program has had a lot of staffing rotation which has led to a lot of communication problems as the previous head coach's responsibilities have fallen to multiple people. Recently, our optionals gymnast was injured at the beginning of an all-day workout. This occurred early in...
  4. M

    For Parents Injury Comeback

    Hi my DD will be out a few weeks after 3 rd injury since summer. What have gyms, coaches done to help gymnasts regain strength, skills ( such as privates, change in training structure) especially in the middle of the season?. Has any gymnasts sat out the season and worked on regaining skills.
  5. T

    For Parents Featured One injury after the next

    Is it normal for girls to have back to back injuries? My daughter is training level 9 (almost 13 years old) and over the past 6-7 months she has had 3 foot injuries, 1 hip injury, 1 back injury and 1 finger injury. None of the injuries are major. Three were overuse and three were from falls...
  6. G

    MAG kip cast for MAG gymnasts without injury

    Hi there, I'm new to coaching MAG gymnast kip, casts and didn't anticipate the problems with anatomical differences, and the pain that can cause during kip, casts. What do male gymnasts do to prevent injuring themselves? Thanks for your time,
  7. Em09

    WAG Injury and competition!?!

    So my close friend from gymnastics fractured her ankle, and will be out for 8 weeks. I was wondering if she'll be fit to compete with a shot in a September competition, and if there's anything she should do to maintain her strength. When she gets back, she'll only have around a month and a half...
  8. M

    For Parents Injury

    If a gymnast needs to miss STATES due to injury can she still compete in regionals and worlds? she already has qualifying scores at othe IGC meets.
  9. R

    For Parents Ankle injury recovery time

    Some background info: DD landed a pass awkwardly in our first meet and turned out she had fractured her ankle. Was in a boot for 3 weeks and got it off on Monday. Had doctor's warnings to go easy on that foot at least for the next two weeks - no hard landings etc. She has been in the gym as...
  10. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Back injury seeking advice (not medical)

    My daughter (level 9) just got an MRI that shows "swelling in the pars interarticularis and extending into the transverse process at L4". The Dr. said this is not yet a stress fracture but the start of one. She was told 8-12 weeks off. Absolutely no extension. She wants to go to the gym...
  11. T

    For Parents Trouble with basic bar skills after major injury

    Advice please?! My 13 yr old dd was training level 9 one and a half years ago right when coming back from Covid shutdowns, but then had a pretty serious injury(huge tear in OCD cartilage in the knee). Had surgery and got screws. After over a year she’s finally cleared for all events again and...
  12. JBS

    WAG Skye Blakely Injury Update

    Does anyone have any updates on Skye Blakely. I was hoping to hear that she was not hurt too bad.
  13. Daphne Banks

    For Parents long thoracic nerve injury anyone?

    Does anyone know anything about long thoracic nerve injury or winged scapula? My DD was just diagnosed with this.
  14. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Injured again already....

    So as some you maybe remember, Puma Jr broke her ankle and sustained some ligament damage when her foot slid off the spring board going into a vault on January 28. She conditioned and did a little bars from then until the gym shut down March 15, then obviously was out like everyone else after...
  15. L

    Ok.... I’m injured, but should I quit?

    So I have done gymnastics for 4 years now. 2 rec and 2 competitively.this year a was a Xcel silver that had all platinum skills(they wanted me to compete silver before I did platinum). Anywho, I ended up with tendinitis in both knees before the end of the competition season. The last meet I...
  16. Mrs. Puma

    For Parents Puma Jr FINALLY cleared!! (100 days after injury...)

    So, though it’s a bit of a moot point in the coronapocalypse (Lol), Puma Jr is FINALLY fully cleared for full activity! She injured her ankle literally 100 days ago (yes I counted lol) on vault. Her ankle rolled off the springboard and she jumped with her full weight on it and crashed into the...
  17. T

    For Parents First injury

    My 6 yr old fell off the beam last night and got a supracondylar fracture. She's having surgery today to place pins and she will be out for 2 months...if she ever goes back. I know everything is still fresh in her mind and she's in pain, but she has stated multiple times she will not be going...
  18. G

    For Parents Coming back from injury

    My 9 year old daughter had a shoulder injury(growth plate fracture) just before Christmas, she was out of gym for 6 weeks (came in to condition only, but took 2 full weeks off) and has been back in the gym now for ~2 weeks. She is SUPER discouraged because she has lost a ton of strength. She can...
  19. M

    MAG Injured shoulder

    So, 3 weeks ago, my son injured his right shoulder while warming up pbars at his first meet. Best guess is it momentarily partially dislocated. This week we saw the orthopedist who recommended surgery to repair torn labrum. Surgery is in 3 weeks. Dr. estimated 6 months after surgery before full...
  20. M

    For Parents Question about recovering from injury?

    Hi everyone! I have a question about recovering from an injury. Not asking for medical advice, just wondering if anyone has experience with the timeline involved in healing.. So, my daughter was all set to compete level 8 this season. She had a successful level 7 season, had been training for...