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  1. N

    For Coaches Jaegers

    I have been working on jaegers for quite some time. When I first began working on them, I was easily able to catch a few, but then I just stopped catching. It's been about 1/2 a year now, and I still haven't caught another one. I was just wondering what I might be doing wrong so that I am not...
  2. J

    For Coaches paks, jaegers, tkachevs, gingers

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give me some drills and ideas on any progressions for the pak salto, jaeger, tkachev, ginger. Have trouble finding much info abouot these moves. We have one girl currently working the pak, we started out on to fat mats bit higher than the low bar, and have...
  3. J


    i really wanna catch/learn a jaeger. i have started working on them but i am so far away and i dont know how to get closer without hitting my feet on the bar! any tips?? thankss
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Proper way to bail/crash from a geinger or jaeger

    Some of my kids are getting ready to start working on Jaegers on bar (front tuck/straddle/pike and recatch the bar). If they miss over something besides the pit, of course, they will go down face-first. What's the best way to land such a crash? I can't allow any of my kids to try the skill...