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  1. JBS

    For Parents Featured Lower Level Compulsory Judging

    @Gym_mom 22 Thanks for starting this thread... great conversation going on here. Awesome that we have judges chiming in!
  2. F

    WAG Inconsistent judging scores

    Good day everyone! So, most recently I have noticed a big difference in scores for level 10 meets. We will see a girl get say an 8.8 on vault at one meet and at another meet doing the exact same vault get a 9.4? Sorry, I have been in the gym scene since my daughter was a level 2 and that is just...
  3. N

    For Parents Question about judging favoritism?

    We were at a meet this weekend. During our daughter's floor event the music failed about 8 seconds before the end of her routine. It also did this to her teammate's music and then again to another athlete's music from an opposing team. We were originally of the impression that the athletes...
  4. G

    Judging - D score

    Hi Just been looking at the Voluntary results and was looking at the D scores, so went and searched for some info on how the judges calculate the scores. From my limited understanding on judging, the E Panel judge the Execution score. All Gymnast start with an E score of 10, so a perfect...
  5. T

    WAG AI Judging in Tokyo 2020

    Interesting concept. https://www.techradar.com/news/fujitsu-wants-to-bring-ai-judging-to-tokyo-2020
  6. gymgal

    WAG front toss pike on beam value? and question about judging it

    Is the value different than a regular front toss and how exactly do the judges tell the difference between the two - as in what are they looking for to distinguish the pike/tuck? We have watched some videos and the tucks and pikes all look the same.
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    WAG Abuse/dress code tangent: does judging artistry inherently sexualize athletes?

    Can artistry be judged without being inherently sexual? Across almost all cultures, dance generally has a sexual element. Sometimes it's overt, with booty-shaking and shimmying; other times its subtle with displays of flexibility that just happen to put the crotch on display. Now I want to say...
  8. S

    WAG tough judging at in-house meet

    I thought the scores were harsh at DD's in-house meet and am hoping for better at the real meets. Curious if others have found judging to be harsher at in-house than at regular meets.
  9. Jard.the.gymnast

    For Coaches Judging

    How much would a judging course improve your coaching? Any of you who have done this?
  10. T

    WAG XCEL Silver Vault judging question (WAG)

    I was at a competition last weekend, the team that was on vault had 2 coaches present. The first coach was at the vault table, however sneakily had her hand holding the front corner of the top mat. The second coach was leaning on the mat at the back. This was all to keep the mat from moving...
  11. F

    For Parents Judging harder in some states or regions?

    I continue to read and hear parents say oh well they judge harder here or if their daughter competed in a different state than where they are from? I'm just trying to figure out if #1 is that true? #2 do they say that to make their DD lower scores more justified #3 if it is true why? I thought...
  12. A

    For Parents Consistency of Judging and Scores

    We are new to competitive gymnastics. My 8 year old DD started competing Xcel Silver this January after several years in pre-team. Now that we have 3 meets under our belt, I'm wondering if and how much you can compare the scores from one meet to another. From what I've read, the advice is to...
  13. F

    WAG Judging

    I am planning to attend National Congress this year to learn everything I can about judging. Hopefully I will be ready to judge USAG sanctioned compulsory meets by next year! Does anyone have any advice? I am nervous and excited at the same time! I have been coaching on and off for the last...
  14. Y

    For Parents Judging choreography

    Considering all other things being equal, how much better can a floor/beam routine if the judge likes one routine more than another? ie. if the choreography or music fits a gymnast really well, or if a routine just has a little more pizazz?
  15. ErinEclectic

    WAG Compulsory Judging materials

    I've heard that they are desperately in need of judges in my state so I have been looking into testing for that. I'd like to get the compulsory materials and study them but I'm not sure what to get. The binder is $60 and the app is $30. But does the app have everything the binder does? I'd...
  16. LucyTRA

    Freaking out about judging

    I recently qualified as a judge, and my course was paid for by the organisers of a particular competition, tying me to judge at said competition. I SCRAPED passing the practical exam, (60% was the pass mark, I got 62...) but the theory I was fine with (98% and the mark I dropped was a...
  17. G

    WAG Testing for Compulsory Judging

    I'm planning on testing to become a judge either in late fall or early spring....possibly. I'm just wondering any advice on studying for the test? Several people mentioned they made flash cards, what specifically did you make the flash cards for? How did you go about studying? You need to know...
  18. SXS524


    Any judges out there? I'm interested in doing a Women's Artistic Club Judging course- I thought it may be really useful for preparing for club grades next year? Anyone been on the club judging course? If so how hard is it? Do you need much judging experience to have a chance of passing?
  19. W

    WAG Judging a gym by number of injuries

    Should you judge a gym by the number of injured athletes it has? What is considered average? When should a red flag be raised?
  20. M

    WAG Switching fm Xcel to JO. How does the judging/scoring differ?

    Dd was in Xcel as of last season and will now be on the JO side of the house. I really didn't know what Xcel was and kinda had to learn along the way (we came from R5 and dd's old gym doesn't do Xcel). She competed Silver this season. And I found out Wednesday that she'll be scoring out of 4...