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  1. F

    For Parents Judging harder in some states or regions?

    I continue to read and hear parents say oh well they judge harder here or if their daughter competed in a different state than where they are from? I'm just trying to figure out if #1 is that true? #2 do they say that to make their DD lower scores more justified #3 if it is true why? I thought...
  2. F

    For Parents Level 6 and 7 question

    ok so I'm just wanting to educate myself here and knew for sure this is the place to ask! So, in level 6 you can basically do all level 7 skills in.. my question is.. Is level 6 judged the same as level 7? So if you went to a level 6 meet and got a 9.5 on floor and then went to a level 7 meet...
  3. curlygirls

    WAG Walking in front of the judges

    I had a friend tell me this weekend that a gymnast received a deduction for exiting an event the wrong way and walking in front of the judges' table. Is this actually a deduction? If so, how much?