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  1. C

    WAG Which vault is easier to flip?

    Question first, before the long tale of why I am asking! In your experience as a gymnast, coach, judge, parent, etc, is a Yurchenko or a Tsuk easier to flip? Background is that my DD broke her shoulder at the main growth plate last year, seemed to recover fine. Then this year started having...
  2. B

    MAG Kaz vs Tsuk Full?

    What are the differences and reasons for doing each? Is one better than the other in the long run? Right now I'm training a full twisting tsuk but I'm not entirely sure if its a kaz or not. I round off left and twist left which makes me think it's a kaz, but Im not twisting off the table, I'm...
  3. JBS

    [Vault] Kasamatsu

    --------------------------------------------- This is a resource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is posted...it will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- The Kasamatsu vault is a 1/4 on...