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  1. T

    WAG Backbend kickover how to?

    Hello, while I don't do gymnastics but I do acro, I still after a year in a half still can't do a backbend kickover. Any tips appreciated!!! Thank you- Taytum
  2. J

    For Parents Backbend Kickover Consistency

    I recently got my backhand kickover, but it’s not very consistent. Out of five times i could probably do it around 3, should i use ankle weights or are there any other tips to help? Thanks in advance!
  3. F

    Any tips on getting your handstand bridge kickover?

    I have a trampoline, I find it easy but when it comes to mat I can't do it the way I do it on my trampoline, any tips are appreciated, thanks.
  4. W

    Bridge Kickover Help

    I am in recreational gymnastics and I started in the level 2 program. We had to have our bridge kickover to move. I had mine, but it wasn't consistent. I moved up to level three and I was able to fake it whenever I couldn't do my kickover. Now I'm moving up to level 4 and I can't do that anymore...
  5. G

    I can't kickover!!!

    Hi all, I've been trying to get a back kickover for ages and I can't seem to kickover from the backbend. If anyone has any suggestions please post!!!:)
  6. D

    WAG Bridge kickover on beam a skill in JO?

    Is bridge kickover on beam an A in JO 6?
  7. S

    Is this normal? (Kickover)

    I’ve been doing cheer tumble classes for about 3.5 months every Saturday for an hour, recently with an additional private lesson for 30 minutes on Sundays. I’m working on kickovers, and I still need a spot before I do one, and I can’t do it on command. Is this normal? By the way, it’s a bridge...
  8. CCGymbug

    For Parents Bridge kickover to bhs

    So, Beans coach came back from congress with new drills for bwo but has decided to let her compete bridge kickover to bhs. I am assuming the hope is to get her over whatever issue she is having. Thoughts? In my mind, I see the deductions adding up but most likely less than a fall [emoji1] anyone...
  9. F

    For Parents Bridge Kickover

    My DD is new to gymnastics (started last June at age 4 and was put on the team development program.) She did great and is skipping the next group to begin working with the level 3 girls. I have read on CB that back bends/bridges are a no no for young gymnasts (under 5) and I banned all bridges...
  10. gymnastelly10

    backbend kickover help!

    I kick up like 3 inches and fall again. :( I am also scared that my arms will give out and i'll fall on my head. i try going on a hill and doing it but i get too scared. help!
  11. F

    Backbend kickover Help

    So I have my backbend but I just can't seem to get my leg over or even off the ground. Any tips?
  12. amblan01

    Backbend kickover to a backwalkover

    How do I transition from a backbend kickover to a backwalkover when I get the kickover? Is it hard to change into a walkover?
  13. amblan01

    Backbend kickover

    I need a backbend kickover ASAP. I was supposed to have it before we started competing a year ago. But I had every other skill so I put it off. My back isn't very flexible but I can do a backbend now. My shoulders aren't flexible and that's the problem. I can do a kickover off of the lowest...
  14. B

    WAG Backbend kickover troubles!

    Hello. I am a beginning gymnast, having just started December of last year. All of the other skills/preparations for skills are going great. I have just one problem- I can't kick over from a backbend! I've tried a lot of things to help me- at the gym and at home. I tried it on an incline mat-...
  15. K

    WAG Help with backbend kickover?

    I started gymnastics 2 months ago and I've been struggling to get my backbend kickover. I can do a backbend just fine. I can do a kickover with mats stacked 6 inches high, but no less than that. Any tips, conditioning, or stretching advice? Also, is it easier to do with your head neutral or...
  16. B

    For Coaches Front Kickover/beam or Front Toss

    Okay guys posted this before but not many replies ... I still need more help with the front toss or as some of you call it Front kickover on beam. She works all the drills for aerials and I have her working front tucks. I feel like her center of gravity drops immediately to the mat when she...
  17. W

    WAG Kickover help?

    I can get my kickover on a wedge mat and a 6 inch step up block. When I move to the floor, I can only kick up to like 70 degrees. My shoulders are past my hands. I can't really find anything less than my 6 inch block that would work for me to work down to the floor. Any suggestions of what I'm...
  18. gymnasticswim4

    Bridge kickover

    hi everyone, i'm having trouble with my bride kickover. even with a cheese! I always do it perfectly when my coach spot me, but when i do it alone i manage to kick over a bit, but then i just flop down. Any tips? If this makes any difference, i can to a backbend. Thank you!
  19. billise

    For Parents Double Leg Kickover???

    While working on floor tonght, DD's (age 6, pre-team) coach had the girls do a backbend, then, instead of kicking over one leg at a time they used their core to pull both legs up and over at the same time (looks like it should be physically impossible to me :)). I was pretty impressed when DD...
  20. T

    is 4 almost 5 yrs old too young for bridges/kickover?

    My twin 4 year olds have recently started gymnastics...they seem to do bridges with ease and have started trying to do kickovers or back walk overs (not really sure what they are called, again I am NEW =) In a bridge and kick back over o do a handstand and fall forward into a bridge and kick...