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  1. adult_gymnast_20

    WAG USAG Xcel leaps vs. jumps

    What is the difference between leaps and jumps in Excel? specifically bronze, but how do you know which is which in general?
  2. B

    For Parents Only flexible when doing leaps

    Hi. My daughter is 12 and Competes in trampolining but also still does gymnastics for fun. when she 5-8 she trained around 9 hours a week and was fairly flexible ( hyper splits both legs, east straddle press). Currently She’s not naturally flexible and can struggle to Touch her toes sometimes...
  3. J

    WAG Level 7&8 Beam Jump/Leaps

    How does the scoring work for level 7&8 for jumps and leaps on beam. I think (?) there is a requirement for a 180 jump or leap. What if it is close to 180, but not quite? Say 160-170. Do you not get credit for the requirement and lose a lot of points? Or just get deducted a little for not...
  4. Learning Parent GB

    WAG Leaps and jumps turning direction

    I've been trying to picture various leaps and jumps with turns and read an old thread on here and got myself thoroughly confused. I'm imagining a gymnast with a best left leg split, just because that is what my DD has, but this isn't about her gymnastics but me getting my head around it without...
  5. cadybearsmommy

    WAG Leaps, leaps, leaps!

    It seems that gymmies either love them or hate them! My dd falls into the latter lol. She is very flexible, has all of her splits all of the way down, etc, but those leaps just won't come up. I'm fairly certain that she is getting decent sized deductions on her leaps at meets, her leaps...
  6. O

    Leaps On Beam

    A few weeks ago During practice we were doing regular leaps on the high beams, I went for one and my foot slipped and I somehow slid down the beam and I had a beam burn (is a beam burn a thing?) down the outside part of my leg. Now when I do leaps on beam they are so small and I want to fix it I...
  7. Cartwheelmom

    WAG Switch Leaps

    What level is a switch leap required?
  8. J

    WAG Leaps and jumps

    Where should my arms be in a sissone? Can they be by my ears? And do i have to step out and finish after a leap or jump
  9. gymmomtotwo

    For Parents Leaps

    I have a question about gymnasts and leaps. DD is 8. 9 this summer and just finished her level 4 season. She is crazy good on vault(undefeated all season and state champ) and decent and improving on the other events. Apparently she can successfully vault over the table on the highest setting...
  10. FlipsandGrips

    Leaps on the Beam

    I used to be able to do really good leaps on the beam. While I was doing one, I straddled the beam and now I have a fear of them. How can I get over this mental block?
  11. ivyagogo

    WAG HELP! Split Leaps

    Most of the girls on my new Xcel team have no dance experience and their split leaps leave much to be desired. They are pushing off their back leg and hopping forward and look like teeter totters. As bad as they are on floor, they are REALLY bad and scary on beam. I can use some help.
  12. Ariekannairb

    For Parents Leaps?

    I have asked about leaps before but last night I was talking to DD's coach and she said she believed the issue was just that DD had not connected how to make her legs do what they need to do. She believes she CAN do it, she just hasn't figured out how to do it. It is frustrating DD to no end...
  13. 2gymnastand1soccerplayer

    WAG Shin pain while doing leaps

    when I went to pick Odd up from gym today, she was in tears and said that her shin hurt, she told me it started hurting after she was doing leaps on floor( which we're switch slip, cat leap full) she thought it would go away so she started doing her in by's on vault and it hurt a lot more. I'm...
  14. Jasmynn

    For Coaches back leg in leaps and hip flexibility

    I have a few gymnasts that have trouble bending backwards in back walkovers because of hip flexibility and same thing with the back leg in leaps. What muscle needs stretching? I've looked up hip flexor stretches and its not the correct muscle. Thanks
  15. R

    WAG Ballet vs.Gymnastics Leaps/Split Jumps

    I know that in both gymnastics and ballet, the hips needs to be squared forward during split jumps, but what about the rotation of the thighs? For example, should the top of the front foot be facing up or to the side? I know that in ballet, the thigh/feet should definitely be facing to the...
  16. L

    Split leaps!

    When I do a split leap my back knee seems to bend slightly. My split leap has full splits in the air, but it is just my back knee that will bend slightly. Also my back leg sometimes twists out to the side. How can I fix this?
  17. amblan01

    Dance leaps/split jumps

    How do they get so flexible in the air. I have my splits all the way down. But I can't do a scorpion or big split jumps or leaps or hold my leg up.
  18. staceyf07

    WAG need MAJOR help with split jump/split leap/switch leaps

    Okay, I know this might sound a little confusing. Regardless of who I ask at my gym, no one really understands what my issue is. I have both my left and right splits, my right is definitely stronger though. I can do a RIGHT split jump to probably 160 My left split jump is a mess...like it...
  19. Nico

    For Coaches Beam basics (leaps & jumps)

    Dear coaches, as a MAG gymnast and MAG coach, I am currently coaching WAG. I could use some help for beam though, as boy's don't have a similar event (obviously). So my question: are there some tips and tricks you can give me for basic jumps, leaps and turns. Where do their feet have to be...
  20. B

    WAG Beam leaps

    How can I make them bigger? Drills? Overcoming fears? They all leap fairly well on floor.