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  1. G

    WAG Washing leos

    I read some of the other threads on this, and most said they either hand wash or wash in the laundry, separately from other clothes. I can't do the laundry option cuz there are too few leos for that so.. What do you use for hand washing? Any specific soaps/detergents/washing liquids?
  2. W

    For Parents How often do you get new leos?

    My DD is going into her 5th year on team with her gym. We are only supposed to get new leos every two years, but since covid we have gotten new leos every year. Is this typical with your gyms? Or is this something that stemmed from covid? Just curious if this is common.
  3. Pigeon

    WAG Sylvia P leos

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sylvia P competition leos with the built in shelf bra? Thoughts?
  4. G

    For Parents Salute Leos Processing Time

    Hi! So I placed an order with Salute Leos last month. It’s been 6 weeks with no sign of the order shipping. I emailed the company 3 weeks ago to check in and got a vague response about the leos being custom made and taking some time but no indication of when they would be shipped. And there is...
  5. ldw4mlo

    WAG I don’t like any of the leos

    Watching NBC. The peekaboo Leo’s..... umm no no no
  6. bethers

    For Parents Best leos for girls on the slender size.

    Some of my daughter’s Child medium GK leos are are getting too short on her even though they’re still a bit loose width-wise. She’s on the slender side though not super skinny. She has one Plum leo and that fits better. Are there other leo brands that fit slender girls well?
  7. L

    For Parents Long sleeve leos

    what brand long sleeve leos don’t cost a fortune? Thanks!
  8. L

    For Parents Which leos are cut the lowest on the leg?

    so there’s less chance of panty peeking out?
  9. G

    WAG Ozone leos

    Has anyone here tried Ozone leotards? My daughter found a pretty one on their website. While looking at their measurements, it looks like her measurments are all over the place. My question is, how do their “practice fit” sizes compare to gk and plum? My daughter is an adult small in those...
  10. J

    For Parents Quilt with leos?

    I have always liked the idea of having a quilt made for each of my kids, that includes their special baby clothes, t-shirts, leos (for the gymnast), etc. I was looking at etsy and some sites of people who make these and one of the sites specifically said they won't work with leos. Have any of...
  11. F

    WAG Are Warm-Up Leos a Thing?

    I have a funny question. My DD just got invited to level 3 (which is excellent) and we got all the info about what we'll need to buy/pay for for the coming season (slightly less excellent, but expected.) There were all the usual things with meet fees, sweats, a comp leo, etc. but I noticed it...
  12. M

    WAG Talk to me about mesh in competition leos....

    Hi, I am going to be taking over the leo business at our gym where I will be doing the ordering/helping design our competition leos. Most of the girls/parents love the look of mesh, as do I, but I want to know the whole truth about it. Does it snag? Is it easy to wash? Is it comfortable for...
  13. tdoesgymnastics

    OT Rebecca's Mom Leos

    Have any of you guys dealt with this company before?I've heard really nice things about this particular company and would like to buy some new leos. I went to their website and saw that they're slightly pricier than Plum. Have you guys had good experiences with this brand and what are your...
  14. G

    For Parents Team Leos

    This is my daughter's first year of competing. We are leaving tomorrow for our first competition and she still does not have her competition leo or warm ups. None of her coaches know anything about the leos, when I ask they say they don't handle that. Is this normal? I have no clue what my...
  15. D

    WAG Foxy leos sizing?

    ...just curious if they tend to run small or large....my kids measurements never work for sizing, so am on the fence to go bigger or not.
  16. M

    For Parents Comp Leos

    Competition season starts in January and our leos aren’t in yet. Anyone else in this boat?
  17. CoachMeg

    WAG How often do you update your Competition Leos/Warmups?

    We've had our competition leos for 3 years and our warmups for 4. We just had about 20 new kids order everything for this upcoming season....however, we just got several complaints from long-time gym parents saying that they want new stuff next season, specifically warm-ups, because they think...
  18. G

    Favorite leos from Worlds?

    I love the one Melanie de Jesus dos Santos wore today for the AA final.
  19. l_gymnast

    OT Gym Digs custom leos?

    Does anyone here have any experience with the custom competition leotards from Gym Digs? You can enter your measurements and colors and even fabric but the trick is you cant see the leotard until you get it on tour door step. I thought this would be cool for my high school team since we have...
  20. Seeker

    WAG Eastern/Westerns & L10 Nationals Leos

    Does anyone know what the leos look like for nationals this year? I believe Region colors changed as well.