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  1. C

    For Parents Leotard recs

    My youngest DD struggles with eczema. We are having a hard time keeping it under control and there is a direct correlation with her increasing her gym hours and having her eczema get worse. Our doctor seems to think that it is related to her being in leotards more frequently and the spandex...
  2. T

    For Parents Lengthening a leotard's torso

    My daughter is super thin and small but has a long torso. She measures between a child 8 and child 10 in everything but the torso (C12). Since we will be using this leotard for one more year, I'm wondering if anyone has had success in stretching the torso of a very expensive leo… Getting it wet...
  3. J

    WAG Leotard brand

    My daughter has a leotard that we got second hand. She loves it so much that she would like another one, but one size up. One problem, the tags have been cut out and I have no idea where the leotard is from or who made it and I cannot find anything online. Just wondering if anyone here...
  4. J

    For Parents Region 5 leotard 2022

    Trying to find any information on a region 5 championships leotard for 2022. There is nothing on the region 5 USAG webpage- yet other regions have info about their leos and t-shirts. Anyone with any info? Did info go out to the clubs- ours claims no emails on this. I can not get an answer from...
  5. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Keeping leotard from riding up?

    Can anyone recommend a good product to keep a leotard from riding up. Keeping it down over the butt :) Thank you!
  6. G

    For Parents Help I shrunk my gymnasts competition leotard!!!

    My daughter is a high school gymnast. Her school just got brand new leos. I accidentally stuck her leo in the dryer and now it is way too tight. What do I do??!! (They have to give the leotards back at the end of the season)
  7. luciaaa

    For Parents GK Leotard

    Hi, I had been doing gymnastics since i was like 3 but i took a break and now i'm 12 and starting again I recently ordered 2 gk leos, and for some reason 1 was super tight, and the other one somewhat tight. Planning on returning the smaller one, but should I size up the "somewhat tight one"...
  8. JBS

    Support ChalkBucket by Purchasing a Leotard!

    Jamwear Leotards has offered us 30% of leotard purchases through October 31st to help support the site. ChalkBucket lost most of our income over COVID... so anything that you can do to help support the site is awesome! All you have to do is purchase a leotard by clicking through the banner...
  9. O

    For Parents Leotard Companies

    Started this thread to discuss the good and bad regarding leo companies. What are your favorite brands and why? Complaints and why? New companies? Trusted companies? Best quality? Share your thoughts for new parents and help them decide what to buy.
  10. Q

    For Parents help - how to fix a leotard inner

    Hi, I'm new to the whole leotard thing and have found a ladder and a hole on the inside layer of this one. Any tips on fixing it? Do I just sew up the hole at the end or should I try to put something over it and/or the ladder rip? See pictures for details. Thanks in advance!!
  11. amiandjim

    WAG USAG enforcing leotard policy

    Apparently USAG will begin enforcing the no open back policy starting Aug 1
  12. T

    For Parents Plum leotard

    Do plum leotards run about the same size as gk leotards? Trying to order a last minute Christmas gift!!
  13. A

    WAG What to wear under leotard?

    My daughter has a leotard that is somewhat backless. A regular sports bra would look weird under it. She hates going without a bra though. Any suggestions?
  14. A

    For Parents Leotard Sizing Help

    Hi, I decided to post this in the parent forum because parents usually have the most knowledge with leotard sizing. My 13 year old daughter has grown quite a lot these past two years and I don't know if I should start getting her a bigger size (in GK). Here are her measurments: Chest- 31 in...
  15. LizAceto

    OT Custom Leotard site recommendations

    Can anyone recommend any affordable sites to design team tanks? Around the $30-$40 range preferably.
  16. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Old competition leotard

    What do you do with old competition leotards/uniforms? Do you sell them? If they can't be sold (if your design is discontinued for example), do you use it for practice? It is just hanging in the closet?
  17. Mommyo2az

    For Parents ideas on how to fix a leotard?

    I just bought my DD a leotard from GK and it arrived with a small hole in the fabric (looks like it might have been snagged with a box cutter). GK has already refunded me, but since they don't have any more of the leo in DDs size - they said I could just keep it. So, the hole is small, and in...
  18. F

    Size for competition leotard

    Hey! I wear GK CL Leo's mostly to practice, and it's a little loose on the back and the straps move a bit during floor. I've got some competitions coming up and I want to pick a good size. What size should I request for competitions and how should the leo fit?
  19. L

    WAG Plum "Slim Fit" Leotard

    I was thinking of purchasing a leotard from Plum. However, the leotard that I want to buy says that it is "slim fit". Does anyone have any experiences with the "slim fit" leotards and with how different they are from the regular fit ones?
  20. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Leotard Search

    I'm hoping someone has this exact leotard for sale in a size adult M/L/ or XL. If you do please message me. I need to find one by next weekend. Thanks!