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  1. E

    Parents My daughter’s blog post about quitting level 10 gymnastics

  2. G

    WAG Level 10 vault values JO

    Was is start value of these vaults as a level 10 / JO: Yurchenko Layout Yurchenko Layout 1/2 Yurchenko Layout full
  3. C

    Parents Bar routine question level 10 or elite

    Hello! Can someone tell me what bar skills are required for an optional routine at an elite qualifier meet? If you could also include the letter/score with the actual skill name that would be so helpful. Right now she has a stalder, toe on, Maloney, pirouette & is working on a pac ( sorry hope I...
  4. P

    WAG is my routine too easy??/how many passes for level 10?

    *Sorry about my previous blank thread, btw how do you delete those or edit them??* Hi, i'm about to be a first year level 10 since my level 9 season is over at the moment and recently I decided with my coach that I wanted to only compete two tumbling passes instead of the usual three next...
  5. P

    Is my routine too easy??/Number of tumbling passes for level 10

    Hi, i'm about to be a first year level 10 since my level 9 season is over at the moment and recently I decided with my coach that I wanted to only compete two tumbling passes instead of the usual three next season. My tumbling is fairly weak and all I am able to manage is barely a double tuck...
  6. G

    WAG Level 10 Beam Dismounts

    Current skill value of beam dismounts: (think they have been changed in last few years). All off from end of beam: Gainer tuck Gainer pike Gainer layout Gainer full
  7. JBS

    WAG Level 10 Numbers By Year

    Here are the numbers of Level 10's in the US for years I could find... please post if you have any others... 2008: 1,684 2009: 2010: 2011: 2012: 2,258 2013: 2,337 2014: 2,492 2015: 2,690 2016: 2,865 2017: 2018: All information was found in the following threads...
  8. S

    WAG Level 10 Bars

    Can someone tell me - for a level 10 bar routine - what exactly is required? My daughter said two directional changes are required but the coach says she doesn't think so..... How can I find out for sure? Thank you in advance.
  9. M

    WAG Level 10 floor question

    So my ODD just did level 9 and she competed a double tuck, a double full, and FHS FLO front pike. Whats required for level 10 tumbling and is this a good foundation. She is working double pikes and double lays on a soft landing and 2.5 twists. Any replies are appreciated...thanks.
  10. DefiniteMaybe

    WAG Level 10 Floor

    I’m so confused about the new level 10 floor requirements and was wondering if anybody here could explain. My understanding was that there must be 3 D passes OR 2 D passes and a third pass with at least a B plus a C. I saw a lot of 10.0 start values at States, but I couldn’t make much sense of...
  11. T

    WAG Regional/National level 10 age groups

    Looks like 2018 Age groups were just released: http://www.jonationals.com/wp-content/uploads/18joagegroup.pdf DD jumped from Jr. A last year to Jr. C this year.
  12. F

    Parents Chows Winter Classic Level 10 Videos

    Hope it's okay if I share the videos from my daughter's 2nd level 10 meet. She competed at the Chows Winter Classic meet last weekend, she was the youngest level 10 and placed 1st on bars and beam, 3rd on vault and 1st all around. Her first elite qualifier is in 3 weeks. Excited but so, so...
  13. T

    WAG Is a single bar release required for level 10?

    I know some things recently changed (well in September) with the requirements and I was just wondering. DD has a Tkatchev in her routine - and a shootover to HS. But other girls don't have a single bar release... Just wondering.
  14. T

    WAG What are the requirements for a level 10 bar routine?

    I don't understand all the symbols and codes...but this is what DD has and I am not sure if it is enough: spring board to high board kip to handstand hopefully a tkatchev (inconsistent with it) Pirouette to shootover to handstand Chinese situp to kip/handstand double giant double layout dismount...
  15. T

    WAG There is a level 10 group on here? How do I joing?

    I am so new to this website..... Sorry but thank you!
  16. amiandjim

    WAG Level 10 nationals in Cincinnati 2018!

    So excited!! Level 10 nationals is in our tri-state area in 2018!
  17. phenom_dad

    WAG Level 10 social group

    Is the Level 10 social group adding new members? I would like to join......
  18. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Level 10 vault question

    So at nationals there was a girl who scored a 10.0 on vault: https://www.instagram.com/p/BT0APmQgPBv/ Now, i read the level 10 vault chart When DO vault actually get that 10.1? The girl above didn't fall or recieve a spot. So was there still a 0.1 deduction in there or did the judges simply...
  19. Sasha

    WAG Targeting elite only "After level 10" - thoughts?

    First, this is not about my DD - not looking for an elite career (though there was a glimmer of that path at one time, but have moved on...) Anyway... A gym dad I met recently was talking about his daughter. She is on track to be a 11 year old L7 next spring. She is a pretty high scorer at...
  20. S

    WAG Level 10 Regional and National Championships Age Groups

    Can someone please explain to me how the Level 10 age groups for Regional and Nationals are determined? I thought it was so that the number of gymnasts were fairly evenly distributed throughout all age groups, but looking at the schedule there is a large variance in how many kids are in each...