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  1. L

    WAG Northern Lights 2015 Level 10 9.85 on Beam

    Last meet before states. Sophia continues to improve but hasn't yet put it all together! Bars is a challenge but her BEAM was beautiful and she qualified to and won event finals. States this weekend. Fingers crossed! Proud MOM
  2. L

    WAG Second Level 10 Meet 9.85 on Floor

    So this level 10 thing is a learning experience. Second meet, big invitational...bars caught both releases but some litte errors and dismount was touchy, beam...mounted reverse her normal, realized it....and had to freestyle the rest of the routine to make the acro fit and dismount on the right...
  3. L

    WAG First Level 10 Meet Update

    Long time coming....injuries, a move across the country, broken foot but she did pretty good for her first time out! I was very proud of her courage and bars is my favorite...takes guts to do the release move again after a fall!
  4. M

    WAG What to expect at Level 10

    This coming season my daughter is highly likely going to move up to L10. I am excited to see her compete at the highest JO competitive level but I am also a little apprehensive. My daughter had her first overuse injury last year. So injuries MAY be more of an issue. I also noticed scores are...
  5. J

    WAG Level 10 Regionals and NIT spots

    How are spots for NIT allocated? I know that the top 7 in each age group go to JO Nationals...then sometimes there are girls that go to compete for different regions based on need and how their age group placed last year at Nationals. I noticed that the number of NIT spots varied last year...
  6. K

    WAG Level 10 strength?

    Title says pretty much everything. How many leg lifts pull ups push ups chin up pullovers can the average female level 10 gymnast do? other levels would be interesting as well! thanks!
  7. B

    WAG New Level 10 Bar Release Requirements?

    I heard that they changed the release move requirements to be 1 high bar and 1 transitional bar release. So the standard bail/Chinese sit up doesn't cut it. Has anyone heard about this?
  8. gymgal

    WAG Grouping by experience vs age at level 10... Just pondering

    I pulled this from the "should she repeat 9 or go to 10" thread. I didn't want to pull that thread off topic but it got me thinking.... Why do the L10 groups go by age and not by the number of years competing L10. Currently, you can have a gymnast with 5 yrs of experience in L10 going against...
  9. B

    MAG Level 10 floor requirements and standards?

    I'm making a video soon to send to colleges, but it's hard since I don't compete. I'd like to put together a floor routine to show them though. What are the requirements (holds, passes, etc) for a level 10 routine? And what's a 'standard' level 10 floor routine? Thanks! If you have any info...
  10. Granny Smith

    Parents Level 10 parents (or parents of those training L10)

    If you are interested in joining a closed group here on CB that is only for parents of level 10s or those who are training level 10, please post to this thread. You will then receive a request to join the group. Looking forward to meeting new parents! Thanks!
  11. 3rd_time_around

    WAG Level 10 State meet report 

    So as you all know I've been very discouraged with my dd's gymnastics of late because of injuries, recruiting frustrations, and meets scores. But Saturday night everything we've been through, everything she's fought for and worked for, all came to a wonderful and glorious head. She had a solid...
  12. J

    WAG Camp/Clinic suggestions for Level 10 gymnast

    Hi! I would love to hear everyone's suggestions for the best camps for L10 gymnasts. I know of Flipfest and the Woodwards and IGC. I have also heard about Karolyi's and different college programs that offer sessions. Also, I know that different regions offer clinics, as do many private gyms...
  13. cbone

    WAG What percentage of gymnasts that go JO eventually make Level 10

    My daughter told me that her long-term goal was to get to Level 10. I hope that that means college, too, but she sets her own goals and she is only seven years old. Her coaches indicated pretty enthusiastically that they think she can get there. Then I thought of ChalkBucket and all of the...
  14. 2

    WAG Elite or Long term Level 10

    How do you know that your kid should take a shot at elite? At what age/level do you need to make the decision? What size training group is best for elite training? What does elite do for your chances of a college scholarship vs spending several years at Level 10? What hours are elites...
  15. Flipomaniak

    What are the requirements for level 10?

    How many of each letter skill, examples, anything really helps!! :) Oh and what bonus can you get to have a SV of 10?
  16. S

    Parents What's the difference between an Elite and a level 10?

    I don't really know much about gymnastics, and I feel clueless all of the time. My kid really likes it though. They coaches tell me she's good. My kid also tells me she wants to be the best gymnast one day. She says that a lot, and has been saying it for a couple of years. She's also 7 and...
  17. J&A's mom

    MAG Level 10 JO Nats.....Junior National Championships....

    Same guys, pretty much right? What is the difference between these two....other than Nationals could land you on the Junior National Team?
  18. mpkbt

    Level 10 bar question

    I need a little help with a scoring deduction for level 10 Bars. My dd had a good bar routine this weekend and got a 9.150. Her coach thought it was a little low and asked the judge. She said she took .3 off for a rhythm deduction because she swings too slow. My dd has been an optional for 8...
  19. mpkbt

    Level 10 Bar scoring

    I have been looking at results that have started coming in and the bars scores seem really low....Is there some changes in scoring that are having this effect? My dd first meet is next weekend and I would love a heads up!
  20. aerialriver

    What cool things might you get to do as a USAG level 10 trampoline athlete?

    Unless some unexpected thing happens it looks like I will be competing level 10 on trampoline this year. I am very stoked! Our gym hasn't had anyone at this level in years. I would like to know what kind of neat things you get to do once you reach this level. I know a couple are competing in...