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  1. JBS

    Elite Gymnastics vs. Level 10 Gymnastics (Video Examples)

    We have had some threads in the forum discussing the differences in USAG J.O. Level 10 gymnastics and Elite Gymnastics. I thought it would be good to start a thread where we can compare the two with video examples. If there is a story behind your videos...please share. I'll start with a...
  2. M

    Transition from Level 10 to Elite

    If a gymnast is at a gym that caps at Level 10 and/or does not do elite, and this gymnast decides she wants to go elite (and of course this decision is supported by her ability and desire), would she be at a disadvantage compared to those coming from elite facilities? Is there a big difference...
  3. E

    Parents Level 10 Nationals anyone?

    Is anyone going to be attending Level 10 Nationals in Long Beach in a few weeks?
  4. mpkbt

    Level 10 Start Values

    There is a rumor going around our gym that they plan to reduce start value of the level 10 routines to a 9.3. Has anyone read anything about this? I am sure it would be easy enough to get on beam and floor but bars already seems tough to get. How would that work with Vault....whoa maybe I am...
  5. champion

    what is the difference between level 10 and elite?

    if your in level 10 and want to go elite what are the differences
  6. L

    Level 10/Elite Compulsories.

    Does anyone remember if the Level 10 and Elite compulsories were the same in or around the cycle that ended in 1996? I was a Level 9 at that time and was just curious. If they were different what skills were in the Level 10 Bars routine and what was the compulsory vault for Level 10? Thanks...
  7. Optionals United

    10 year old level 10!

    i found this video on youtube of Kaitlin Green when she is 10:eek:. she is now 12 in 2010,but it is 2008 when they shot this video.this is just sooo amazing:D!!!!!!!!!if i am correct she competed level 9 in 2008 levl 10 in 2009 and is now training juinor elite??:rolleyes: i am pretty sure!hope...
  8. Drowning123gone

    2009 Level 10 Nationals

    I was wondering if anyone happened to any videos of this years level 10 champion (Kayla Williams). She goes to a gym near me and I can't seem to find hardly any video from nationals. Any links would be appreciated.
  9. Energym Music

    Jackie Bruce - Level 10 Champ!

    We're really proud that one of our gymnasts we've known for a long time won the Region 5, Level 10 All-Around Champion title this afternoon. Jackie Bruce scored 1st in vault (she has an unbelievable vault), and 1st in floor (using our music, of course - Tribal Dreams). Jackie has...
  10. S

    New 'gym mom' to a wonderful level 10 on this site

    Hi, my name is Kristen. My 17 year old daughter is a level 10 gymnast and on this site (bribri514) and she convinced me to join. I started shuttling her to gymnastics when she was 3 and she fell in love with it. By the time her little sister joined, she was on pre-team and started level 4 when...
  11. G

    new level 10 gymnast

    Hi. I'm a level 10 gymnast. I am new to this site and I am 13 years old. I live in Dix Hills, New York. I'm just trying to get use to this.:)
  12. M

    Level 10 bar dismount?

    hi, my name is Mara and I am level 10. i was wondering what you suggest for level 10 bar dismount? ANother question: right now i have english bulldog grips, but im gonna get another pair of grips to break in before the season, whats your favorite grips?
  13. K

    Coaches Level 10 bars dismount

    Is there a difference in bonus for a doubleback with a full twist and a doubleback with a half? Thanks! Tuck position!
  14. K

    Parents Level 10 bars dismount

    Hi, does anyone know if the bonus value is different for a double back full twist and a double back half twist. Thanks!:lookaround:
  15. A

    Parents Level 10 States

    Thank goodness this is over. DD quaified to Regionals but had a pretty mediocre meet and she knew it. She got an 8.65 on bars (can score a 9.2)...Her baille was on the end of her fingers and she drug her fee. Beam was an 8.575 (actually a high score for her...but she missed her leap/jump...
  16. A

    2nd Level 10 Meet Sand Dollar 2008

    dd had her 2nd level 10 meet. Overall pretty good. Bars is her best event and she really bombed it today! I was most proud of the fact that she pulled it together and stuck beam and floor. Thought beam score was a little low but it placed. Ended up 5th AA...not too bad. She knows she can...
  17. A

    Parents Level 10 Meet

    dd had her first Level 10 meet. A very solid performance. A fall on beam but overall she was pleased for first meet. Qualified to State 1st meet of season so that is out of the way. This was a small meet..next weekend she will compete with the big dogs. You can watch her on YouTube at the...
  18. A

    1st level 10 meet

    dd has her first level 10 meet tomorrow....it is very small, in house meet. Hopefully we will get the state qualifiyingscore out of the way. Sadly her best friend (also level 10) broke her ankle at practice 2 nights ago doing her dismount off beam.
  19. C

    hi all! 1st year level 10

    I'm mom to a 13yo first year level 10. Oh my! All I can say is, "Gee, I miss level 8! Life was so easy then! Level 10 is brutal. Dd is doing well. Had first comp. last weekend. Unfortunately, she was in the session with all of the elites. Comp. was tough. It'll come. Nice to meet everyone.
  20. A

    Level 10 Mom

    Hello, I am new to this site. My daughter is training to compete Level 10 this season...very exciting. We are from FL and are preparing for season. We will be attending a meet in Couer D'Alene ID and wonder if anyone has been.