level 3

  1. Manauia

    For Parents Level 3 broke her radius and ulna doing double bhs in practice, need advice.

    my 8 year old is a level 3 gymnast and tops. She did her first 3 competitions and did great medaled a ton and was really loving being on team...until the dreaded practice where she broke her forearm doing a double backhand spring. She is will be in cast for 6-8 weeks. She was training 12 hours a...
  2. N

    For Parents Deduction for a coach assist?

    Hi all. I have a question I hope some of you could help me out with. Dd has her first level 3 meet coming up. I was wondering about the deduction for a coach assist. Is it the value of the element PLUS 0.50? Is this standard for all assists whether it be for the back handspring or mill...
  3. BadgerGirl

    For Parents Roster cuts?

    I'm hopeful for some advice from you helpful seasoned team Moms! We moved across the country and my 8 year old did evaluation at gym here in Virginia. They asked her to be on the level 3 team. So she started in September. The first few weeks were hard for her body to adjust from 4 hours at her...