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  1. D

    For Parents Level 7 or diamonds?

    Do you think moving to diamond and then level 8 vs level 7 to level 8 would impact a gymnast's chance for college Gymnastics? If your DD had a choice between 7 & Diamond what would she choose? Pros for diamond: compete as many level 8 skills as possible (assuming not having all required...
  2. E

    Help With Cast to Handstand

    Hi, I am hoping to compete level 7 next season, but I have some problems with my cast to handstand. I have made it to handstand about 3 times before, each a few months apart. Each time I make one, I can't do another one for a long time. Another thing I have trouble with is coming back to the...
  3. F

    For Parents Level 6 and 7 question

    ok so I'm just wanting to educate myself here and knew for sure this is the place to ask! So, in level 6 you can basically do all level 7 skills in.. my question is.. Is level 6 judged the same as level 7? So if you went to a level 6 meet and got a 9.5 on floor and then went to a level 7 meet...
  4. F

    For Parents What should I know about Optionals? first year level 7

    So, as we are nearing competition season as first time optionals, what do i need to know? My daughter finished competing Level 5 this pas spring and is now a level 7 "optional"... Is it more competitive? Judging different? I have heard that starting in optionals is when it "weeds" out a lot of...
  5. L

    For Parents L7 falls and deductions

    My dd was L6 last year but three major injuries. I had hoped she would repeat but the gym moved her to L7. She pretty much has her skills but base line no upgrades. Her first meet was today and it wasn't great. Wanted to ask about deductions. Bars: she did the basic routine. Kip cast HS...
  6. F

    For Parents Optionals gym hours? How long are yours?

    Good Morning everyone! I am asking this question out of curiosity and just seeing how other gyms operate. How many hours and days of week do your children spend in the gym? I am most curious about optionals training. My daughters hours changed this summer to 20 hours a week/ 4days / 5hrs a...
  7. xcelmomsilver

    For Parents Xcel Diamond petition?

    Hi My DD is 12 and xcel silver and she dreams of doing NCAA. She has this map, she wants to compete gold then platinum then in high school petition unto level 7 in 10th grade. Will this work? Can can be a collge gymnast accpeted at level 9. And before she turns 14 (that summer between gold and...
  8. C

    For Coaches Level 7 Bar

    I have a quick question regarding Level 7 Bars. It's my first year coaching optional levels and putting together routines so I want to verify that I have all the required skills in there. I have two level 7s and one of them is afraid of giants (Although she does them very well when I talk her...