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  1. Mthegymqueen

    Gymnasts  How do i get over mental blocks easier and quicker?

    Hi, I am a xcel gold gymnast and I have been struggling on a few mental blocks (even on skills I’ve had for a while) My top struggle is beam, but recently I have been struggling on floor (I feel like I’ve had a good floor day sometimes I can ever throw a rbh Cartwheel on beam (I get scared...
  2. A

    Anon  Fear vs Mental Block (and coaching it)

    DD (training L5) has been working on her beam BWO, but is scared to move it to the high beam. When she goes for it, she does it very solidly on the low and medium beams. She says she’s not scared of it per se, but that her body just won’t go. Her beam coach has put a lot of direct pressure on...
  3. G

    Parents  mental block and moving up

    My daughter has learned all the skills required to move up to the next level (L7). She's been doing them all summer. Now that test day is upon us, she has become extremely stressed and developed a mental block on giants. Because she doesn't have it on test day, she will have to repeat L6. Is...
  4. bluegoldbeauty

    WAG  Mental Blocks

    My DD has a mental block at floor due to Twisties. Since the beginning of this week she also isn’t able to do any Akroelements on beam or flip on vault. Any Tips?
  5. everydaygymnastics

    WAG  Back Tuck Mental Block

    Hi I am working on my back tuck and I have a mental block. My coaches told me to do a standing tuck into the pit, and they spotted me, but I am scared to do it because I am scared I will hit my head, even though I have done a back tuck into the pit before. Any tips?
  6. HopefulTeamGymnast

    Parents  First mental block: back tuck off beam

    Hello everyone! Im 13 and I started gymnastics In September 2022. (Yes I know that’s pretty late ) This is my first sport. Im currently working on a back tuck off the high beam.. but I am absolutely terrified of hitting my head on the beam. I go to gymnastics once a week on Saturday’s. I started...
  7. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG  Mental Block

    Hi, I'm a gymnast and I have the biggest mental block when it comes to back handsprings. I'm terrified of jumping back onto my hands, and whenever I do it with a spot I just kind of 'flop' back. This is mainly because I'm not flexible at all (my back and shoulder flexibility is the worst). I...
  8. S

    Coaches  Gymnast’s Mental Block Cycle

    Hi friends, I’m in a bit of a pickle. It’s kind of a two parter. I have a lovely strong and flexible athlete who has some mental blocks. She knows how to do a roundoff back handspring and has been able to do it for a while. But, she’s always had fear. Every day we go through a ‘cycle’ of her...
  9. WV Gym Mom

    Parents  Mental Block - Conquered!

    My daughter, 9, Xcel Gold this season developed her first mental block... a backwards tumbling block last spring on any connections starting with a ROBHS, after being one of strongest tumblers on her team for years. This started last March, seemingly out of the blue, and had continued since...
  10. Aab.0928

    WAG  Mental Block

    I need help. I am a gold gymnast training platinum for this upcoming season and I have all the skills required for platinum but 1. That 1 is a B skill on beam. I HATE going backwards on beam and we have tried alternatives but none of worked out. I was wondering if I would be aloud to compete...
  11. lime-gymnast

    WAG  Layout flyaway mental block

    I’ve perfected my layout flyaway and have even started to do cast handstand layouts on the pit bar, but I started to flip before I let go of the bar and developed a mental block after bailing twice at a practice. My coach told me to work on something different for now but every time I think of...
  12. lime-gymnast

    WAG  Layout flyaway mental block

    I’m in a relaxed gymnastics competitive program. I’ve been competing for about a year and a half and have been in the sport for 3 years and a half. This program is laid back and our team is 10-15 (age) and very wide range of skill, but most of us are working on kips and cartwheels on beam, front...
  13. Daisy

    Parents  Mental blocks

    My daugter broke her arm on the trampoline recently, and she wants to go back to gymnastics, but she has a mental block. How would she get rid of it? She really wants to go back
  14. Anonymous Post

    Anon  Is this a normal way to deal with a mental block?

    Hello everyone. Looking for seasoned advice on how coaches should/can best support mental blocks? We are dealing with a talented young gymnast on our team (age 8) who was performing a solid ROBHBH, working on uptraining with backtucks and back fulls. A few months ago, she suddenly starting...
  15. S

    Coaches  Bars mental block

    Hi everyone! I have a level 7 gymnast who had a beautiful bar routine all year. She did the most basic routine, with a clearhip to giant to layout all year. She now is having a mental block and cannot connect any of the skills, only does them separately, and can’t flyaway unless it’s out of a...
  16. TheXcelMom

    Parents  Mental Block from changing gyms

    My 11yo daughter's gym stopped offering Xcel, as the only Xcel coach quit a week before regionals. They couldn't find a replacement and had to kill the program entirely--though they kept it on life support with the JO teams through Regionals. DD did really well, because the block only extended...
  17. G

    Parents  Mental block on bars - Level 6

    My daughter is level 6 and recently had some kind of incident on bars where she was practicing her giants to flyaways. Now she is scared to do her flyaway dismount in her routine. Last meet her coach had her scratch on bars. I'm trying to figure out the best course of action for the next meet...
  18. D

    Parents  Is it time to let her move on? Daughter , level 7 has a new mental block each week.

    My daughter is a level 7 gymnast, age 10. She was on track to be a level 8 last year but coaches decided to continue level 7 again to give her some added confidence. This season has been like watching someone else's child. Every week she has a new mental block. Two meets ago we were scoring 9.4...
  19. B

    Coaches  Mental blocks

    My 17 year old daughter is a L9 gymnast and she missed about a week of practice right before her first meet of the season because she had Covid. Since then she has not been able to do any of her big skills any more! She is devastated and comes home crying every night that she can't do her skills...
  20. D

    Parents  Mental blocks

    My level 7 competitive gymnast is having a lot of trouble right now with mental blocks. She is on her 2nd year of level 7 and most of the skills she can do in her sleep but all the sudden she is now afraid to do back handspring back layout on floor without a spot. She will have a wonderful beam...

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