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  1. JBS

    [Mental Toughness] Fear

    --------------------------------------------- This is a resource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- Fear is an emotion induced by a...
  2. D

    For Parents Balking on skills

    Last season, my son lost his back handsprings. He'd had BHSBHS for a year, when all of the sudden just before comp season, he just couldn't do them anymore. By Regionals, he had them back after a slow process throughout the season. It was painful for me, as a parent, to feel helpless as he...
  3. V

    WAG Speakers on Mental Toughness

    Does anyone have a recommendation of a speaker who will come to a gym and talk about mental toughness and overcoming blocks? Our coach already contacted Doc Ali's group, but we're wondering if there are some east coast options as well. Please send any thoughts via PM or hear. Thanks as always!
  4. L

    How an Olympic Gymnast Stays Mentally Tough

    thought i would share this article since it can help everyone ... How an Olympic champion stays mentally tough : page 1 -
  5. B

    Mental Toughness Training

    I have only just heard of this. Can anyone explain to me exactly what this involves? What sort of discussions/ exercises do the coaches do with the girls? How does it work?