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  1. Alibri

    WAG Falling forward on mill circle

    It took my 6-year-old L2 daughter quite a while to get around the bar on the mill circle, instead of falling back. Finally, about 6 weeks ago, she was finally getting around fairly consistently with no spot. Now, a week before her very first competition, she is going too far and falling forward...
  2. A

    For Parents Mill circle question

    Hi. My daughter just started team in October. She spent 2 months doing level 2 and then they moved her up to Level 3 when a group of girls made the transition. I'm not 100% sure she was completely ready but I think the fact that she was older (10) contributed to the move up . I'm a little...
  3. Orangesoda

    WAG Mill circle

    I sent another thread off on a tangent so I thought I'd continue my questions here. Why don't coaches like the mill circle? (Is it also called a stride circle or is that something different?) I know why I don't like it. I've been watching my kid try to wrap her chin around the top of the bar...
  4. Amusibus

    For Parents Finally starting to see a spark- and finally got mill circle!

    It was a great day for my 8 year old level 2 daughter. On the way into gym she said she couldn't wait to "climb the rope ten times in straddle". When I picked her up, she told me she finally got that darned mill circle, tonight, for the first time ever. We were talking on the way home, and I...
  5. S

    WAG Mill circle and front hip circle troubles

    Dd (6) is competing level 2 and training level 3. She is overall doing well but she is having a hard time with bars, especially with the mill circle, front hip circle, and shoot through. I know these skills are difficult for many girls, but I can't help but think that part of why she is...
  6. Ginger

    WAG Squat on versus mill circle?

    My daughter is trying to get her L4 skills for the upcoming season. She is very close to her kip, however her main challenge on bars is squat on. Probably fear issues, I am not sure. She seemed to be on her own on the 'station' bar today, trying her squats on and failing, then during her turns...
  7. D

    WAG Wrist shift in mill circle

    Does anyone have tips for the wrist shift when coming back up from the mill circle? No matter what I tell's like my hand won't move!!
  8. gymnasticswim4

    Tips on mill circle?

    When I'm doing my mill circle, I'll do the rotation, and get to the top, but then I swing back down. Tips on fixing this?
  9. M

    WAG Mill Circle

    Is this new for the L3 routine? Because I just went back and watched my niece's L3 bar routine at a meet, and there was no mill circle. It was a pullover, BHC, leg cut, then a toe on dismount. But my little one's L3 routine has the mill circle in it, after the leg cut. TIA!
  10. T

    Leg cut back after mill circle..

    My daughter is a 5 yr.old level 3. She does a beautiful bar routine, but she slips off the bar (most of the time) doing her leg cut back after her mill circle. Any suggestions?
  11. K

    Another mill circle question....

    My dd tends to widen her grip at the end of her mill circle. I was wondering if there was a deduction for this?Thanks!
  12. KaylaTheGymnast

    How was your first try on a mill circle?

    Ok so I haven't ever done a mill circle..Just wondering if yours was difficult the first time or if you think mine will be? I'm 14, about 5'1 and average weight and I'm very strong and flexible. I have seen some of the other girls at my gym struggle and have a really hard time with it, and some...
  13. Deanna

    Kadee was tickled pink..she got her mill circle

    When I picked her up from gym last night..she comes running over. "Momma, Momma...I got my mill circle." She started training L3 in June and she has had trouble with it since. She has always gotten so close, but she just couldnt get it to the top of the bar. She said last night that she did it 4...
  14. M

    mill circle bad habit

    I just need to vent about my dd's mill circle. She taught herself the bad habit of switching her hand grip to get to the top of the bar back in February when she was trying to get the skill before her first L3 meet. She's still doing it now and it's become a bad habit. She knows she needs to...
  15. IrenicMom

    For Parents Big brag - SHE DID IT!! (mill circle)

    State meet is Sunday - and she's been working SO darn hard on this stupid mill circle. Told me she didn't care about medalling, as long as she got her mill circle. Well tonight? She came running in from practice screaming "I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!". Huge smile across her face, beaming...
  16. IrenicMom

    Oy. This mill circle is going to be the death of her/me/her coach

    Quick synopsis - she's a 5 yo L3. She used to love bars, now, she can't seem to keep the mill circle with any consistency. She'll get it once, and be unable to recapture it. Her coaches are perplexed. She's beyond frustrated. I just keep thinking - everyone says you don't need it after...
  17. nicci1999

    wrist pain, mill circle

    Ok so I just started working on mill circles yesterday. And I found my right wrist hurt quite a bit with the undergrip portion of it. Went home, took some NSAIDS, figured it would be better, still hurts quite a bit today. Just wondering if anyone or their DD has experienced pain when first...
  18. N

    Mill Circle

    I am curious about the seemingly widespread opinion that a mill circle is either very difficult, or a waste of time. In my experience I cannot think of a single girl who was strong enough to do a straight arm front hip circle or Kip who could not do a mill circle with ease. Maybe one. Not...
  19. S

    Stride Mill circle drills

    I need more ideas for stride/mill circle training. We work on stride hold on top of bar, big step forward to a panel mat, chest up, arms straight. Also work on stride walks under bar in stride hold. Some of my kids are getting it, but many are not. Need ideas to work on hand shift, and any...
  20. B

    For Parents Mill Circle "landed"

    I know that to many of you parents of L5 and above this isn't a big deal but for us, right now it is so bear with me.... Bella landed her first mill circle last night at gym after several months of practice. I was in class so I didn't get to see it but I was talking to my dad at the time and...