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  1. CreateMagic

    For Coaches Mushroom

    So, it looks like I'll be coaching a young group of level 3 boys next year! I'm excited about this new journey, but could also use any drills you might have for mushroom.... because well..Mushroom. iykyk. My son started competing this year and I've begun to realize that men's and women's...
  2. S

    For Parents Mushroom For Home

    Hi! First post so please be gentle :) My nephew is turning 5 and is super into gymnastics. I don't know too much about it, but it seems like he's pretty good already. I guess that doesn't matter, what DOES matter is that he loves it and all he wants to do is practice... Well, with the...
  3. A

    MAG Mushroom Circles...Again

    Does anyone have creative ideas for helping a little guy (6 years old) understand what his body is supposed to do for a circle on the mushroom? I know it takes a ton of patience and practice (I've been through it with my other three). He wants to practice on our home mushroom but practice is...
  4. A

    MAG Mushroom Moves

    Since everyone was so helpful on the giants thread, can someone help me with mushroom moves? I have watched slow-mo videos of spindles, Moore’s and stocklis and I just don’t understand how they differ. Can someone explain it in words? Thank goodness flairs and Russians are so obviously different!
  5. rosiekat

    MAG I feel like a dolt RE: mushroom/pommel

    OK, so DS has been training new skills on mushroom (L6). He showed me his routine the other day, with all the new skills in it. I can't tell the difference. I mean, I get sometimes his leg is up, sometimes they're together; sometimes he's belly down and others more belly up...but I really can't...
  6. Sourkey

    MAG DS and his enemy, the mushroom

    Newbie here. I've read all the posts about challenges with mushrooms and how one day it just "clicks" but I'm wondering if it just doesn't click for some? DS is now crying every night (started last week) because he can't reliably do 5 circles. He says his coach is being extra hard on him and...
  7. rosiekat

    MAG Home mushroom question

    We've been searching sporadically for a used mushroom for about a year now, and haven't had any luck. We've tried the gym, tried Craigslist, etc. Hubby wants to bite the bullet and get one or make one. Here are the options I see, and I'm interested in your thoughts. 1 -We saw a relatively easy...
  8. rosiekat

    MAG I shall conquer you, mushroom!

    Thought you all might appreciate the doctoring I did on this photo from my son's meet yesterday. :p
  9. l.c.o

    MAG Home mushroom (and flexibility update)

    DS is in his first level 4 season. He can currently do one circle on mushroom, and is asking for a mushroom for home. Is it worth purchasing for him? Or, like girls equipment, is it best to stay away? Thanks for any help! Also quick update on the stretching - there's been no more pushing by...
  10. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Mushroom at Home?

    I've been keeping an eye out for used mushrooms and now that I see one, I'm wondering whether it's worth it or not. It seems that mushroom circles are one of the hardest skills to pick up and that it's practice that's going to get him there. They spend a lot of time at practice working on...
  11. SSGZ

    For Coaches Pommel/Mushroom drills

    The mushroom/pommel seems to be the least favorite event for our level 5 and 6 boys to practice- no matter how much we try to motivate they like to sit more than circle. I would love it anyone has any fun drills to encourage the boys to try harder during practice. We have done circle...
  12. CoachS

    For Coaches Rec. Class Pommel/Mushroom Circuit

    Hey all! I've been looking for more ways to make pommel/mushroom more fun for beginners in a recreational environment. These kids range from 5-7 years old and have been getting frustrated with the event (Just like any other boy ever). The most these kids can do at the moment is swing around a...
  13. C

    MAG Mushroom circles, yay!

    I just want to brag on my kid and how much he has progressed. Last year, that mushroom was the source of much frustration. I just did not see how it was going to be physically possible to learn how to circle on it. At one comp early in the year, I clearly remember him hopping around that...
  14. magmom

    Simone Biles on mushroom

    Funny. Awesome. (Hopefully the embedding works.)
  15. S

    MAG Mushroom and higher levels

    DS will compete level 6 this year. He's 9. He has a homemade mushroom that he has used a ton in the past. He seems to have outgrown it :) as it tips now and/or he scrapes his legs with the level 6 routine. He really wants a real mushroom; one of his teammates has the one where you can put the...
  16. profmom

    MAG question about mushroom versus horse

    Of late, my little guy has finally gotten the hang of doing loops on the horse without the pommels. He is beside himself with excitement and wants to spend all his time doing stuff that looks more like all that cool stuff the big guys are doing. I know all of this is going to benefit him in the...
  17. A

    MAG Ultra Dome mushroom

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone else has the same issues with the ultra dome? I find that when the boys train on it it slips across the floor rather easily making it hard to do circles on it. We tend to put it on top of a softer mat to try stop it at times. Also when training some of the higher...
  18. R

    MAG Looking for boys mushroom.

    Trying to find a mushroom for my level 4 son. He has been saving and is ready to buy one. Please let me know if anyone is interested in selling. We live in Costa Mesa, CA but would pay for shipping. Thanks! Jen
  19. R

    For Parents Looking for a boy's mushroom pommel horse trainer.

    My 8 year old son has been saving and saving to buy a mushroom. He now has $125, which is what someone had offered him, but sold it before he saved up enough. Anyone have one for sale or know of how we can get one? We live in Costa Mesa, CA, but can pay for shipping.
  20. E

    MAG finally got a mushroom

    DS has wanted a home shroom for a couple of months and he still can't do his 3.5 at meets. Finally found one used at a price I can resell it for, yeah! Let's see if he uses it :)