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  1. T

    WAG New National Team Coordinator

    I was surprised to discover that the Russians and Americans had the same total team start value, 68.8. Of course that's counting the 1.5 Yurchenko for Simone. So we totally lost this on execution. I think the Americans have been increasingly getting lax in terms of execution. I was never a fan...
  2. txgymfan

    MAG Allen Bowers - the only male alternate not named to national team

    This is so sad. Somehow it posted twice. Sorry.
  3. J

    WAG Junior Elite National Team

    Was just watching the U.S. Championships and it got me wondering what competitions come next after making the junior elite National Team? The Seniors have the Worlds coming up in October but what do the juniors have to look forward to? Where exactly, what major competition, will they be...
  4. Nikki4

    WAG New national team warm up

    Anybody have a video of the new warm up?? Daughter has to learn the new one :) we’ve trie everything, the only place we found it was on flo gymnastics but you have to have the pro account
  5. F

    WAG An interesting article on what it takes to make the national team

    I found this article really interesting. It shows a breakdown of just how many girls attempt to qualify elite and how many actually end up being named to the national team.
  6. O

    WAG How many qualify for USAG National Team?

    I'm having a hard time figuring out how girls qualify for the National Team as Senior or Junior Elites. I had assumed it was the top 10 or something like that (with ties included). My skills with search engines are failing me though, because I haven't been able to find an answer and simply...
  7. amiandjim

    WAG Tom Forster new NTC (National Team Coordinator)
  8. DefiniteMaybe

    WAG National Team Camp

    Can someone kind of explain how the selection camp works. I read somewhere at the beginning of camp that this camp would be the last for Gabby and Maggie before American Cup. So I think that was decided before camp even started? But they were selecting other girls for World Cup and Gymnix? How...
  9. flippingtogether

    WAG US National Team assigned for Italy......

    So the US women's team for Jelolo, Italy sure is strong - with three '12 Olympians! (Aly, Gabby, Kyla) Plus the seemingly unstopable Simone, plus one of my personal favorites, Nora plus PLUS! Many, many other super talents are on this list. Seniors and juniors alike are all...
  10. T

    National Team Camps

    Does anyone (Dunno???) know why they have not posted any videos from the last few national team training camps?
  11. AV24

    WAG JO National Team Question

    I've done a search and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Some of the girls from our gym are competing at the JO LV 10 nationals this weekend, and I noticed that the top scoring girls will be named to the national team. How is that team different from the USAG elite national team? Do they...
  12. Quadqueen

    WAG Elizabeth Price Retires from National Team to Attend Stanford What do you think? This is surprising to me, considering she seems to be on the top of her game.
  13. F

    WAG National team coaches

    Does anyone know who all the U.S. National team coaches currently are?
  14. kitkat

    Does your national team train different then the provincial team?

    Just wondering what other clubs do out there for their national girls. Do they train longer hours? Do they train together or are they intermingled with the provincial girls. Do they work on different skills together? Release moves, tumbling, etc.? Do they condition any different? Any...
  15. aerialriver

    USTA folks what level are the National team members?

    I was curious what level you have to be to qualify to be a National team member. Is it elite? Do you have any video examples of routines of folks that are on the National team? Also is there a Jr. and Sr. team or just one, and what are the ages or age limits? Thanks!
  16. JBS

    2011 US Women's National Team

    After the competition they announced the national team. Here they are...what does everyone think? U.S. Senior National Team Rebecca Bross Bridgette Caquatto Mackenzie Caquatto Gabrielle Douglas Shawn Johnson McKayla Maroney Chellsie Memmel Alexandra Raisman Alicia Sacramone Sabrina Vega...
  17. M

    physical abilities testing at the ranch for national team members

    What is the physical abilities testing done at the ranch for the national team members? I remember reading before last world championships that an individual placed first:(I can't remember who) so it must be something that is important. Could anyone with insight shed some light on how and why...
  18. G

    Shawn Johnson on the National Team

    Since Chalk Bucket didnt work i will repost it since it is some HUGE news!!!!!!!!!!! Shawn Johnson is on the national team!!! :) :) :) It is on her website There is a link on the page at the bottom in yellow that leads to the article and then there is another link to the...
  19. G

    USA Gymnastics National Team

    is there an archived list of female team members from the 80's and 90's??
  20. Kay_Hll

    2009 TOP National Team pictures are up.

    Just thought to mention it here that the 2009 USA TOP National Team pictures of their Training Camp (Dec2-6, 2009) is up. You can view them at :: USA Gymnastics :: Clicking on the first top left (as of this posting) team pictures will open up the album. Please enjoy....