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  1. G

    WAG NCAA chances

    Hi! I'm a 15-year-old girl, in the 9th grade. I really want to get into the NCAA as a gymnast. Preferably D1 but I'm open to any division really. The best skills I have currently are, bars- toe hecht, and free-hip hand, with a mental block on giants. beam- back walkover- back handspring, switch...
  2. chardoesgymnastics

    NCAA Can i make it the NCAA? (be honest)

    Hi! I’m a 13 yr old female who has been doing gymnastics for just over a year. The truth: i suck at it but i love it. My dream is to compete as a D1 Gymnast but i don’t think that’s at all realistic. at 12 yrs When i started gym i was doing one a week rec classes and i couldn’t do anything...
  3. G

    NCAA post graduation high school year and NCAA requirements

    I am wondering if your child do one more PG year , will this give you one more year , so your child get more prepared to apply for college gymnastics team?
  4. J

    WAG Anyone know the value of these skills (for L10 and/or NCAA)?

    Just for fun, wondering what these are worth. (I think maybe some of them have changed in their value recently?) I may be using the wrong terms, but hopefully this makes sense. BARS DISMOUNT: - toe circle to front tuck - toe circle to front tuck half - toe circle to front tuck full - any...
  5. J

    WAG Any changes to L10 scoring/skill value? What about NCAA?

    Now that Chalkbucket is getting fun again ;) I thought I'd pose this question.. I saw the thread about L9 getting a difficulty bonus, and am inferring (though perhaps incorrectly) that there are more changes to the code that will be in place next year. Somebody mentioned that a front tuck on...
  6. skschlag

    MAG MAG NCAA Championships!

    Men's NCAA Championship starts TODAY!!! You can watch live. There are individual streams for each apparatus. or I think this is a stream of the meet.
  7. Carly

    WAG AP Article - EXPLAINER: The differences between Olympic & NCAA gymnastics

    Just saw this story and wanted to share. Thoughts? Is it accurate or missing pertinent info?
  8. skschlag

    NCAA Official Men's NCAA Championship thread

    Let's talk about the men!! who do you have (other than Stanford of course)? which 6 teams will make finals?
  9. JBS

    NCAA Featured Official 2022 NCAA Championships Thread

    Talk about the Championships here! The bracket is attached.
  10. gym_dad32608

    NCAA NCAA Regionals/Post-season, who ya got?

    The regional sites have been announced now. Ultimately, the title is going to either UF, Oklahoma or Michigan feel pretty confident in saying that. Any of those teams going 24/24 is superior to everyone else in the field. Anyone else in the field would need all 3 to go 22/24 in order to have...
  11. skschlag

    MAG NCAA Week 3 meets

    Meets this weekend! Navy Open: Most teams are streaming on either FB live (PSU, William & Mary, maybe Navy) or YouTube Live (Temple) OSU/NYA is on Big10+ AF/OU is on Bally Sports SW.
  12. gym_dad32608

    NCAA First-ever National TV NCAA Meet This Sunday Florida vs Alabama (2PM CST On ABC)

    3pm EST ABC. NCAA gymnastics is getting much more coverage this year. Should be a good meet. I expect Bama to be much more composed than they showed last week at Oklahoma.
  13. skschlag

    MAG NCAA Week 2

    Here is the week 2 schedule!! Lots of exciting meets this weekend!!
  14. bookworm

    WAG NCAA Finals tickets

    Does anyone know if you can get tickets to just the finals session for NCAAs or do you have to get the 3 session ticket?
  15. A


    Just thought I would start a discussion post. I'm so excited for this NCAA season; with so many new elite freshmen its sure to be interesting. Who are you most excited to see? Any predictions for specific teams this year? My thoughts: so excited to see Riley hopefully healthy and enjoying...
  16. skschlag


    WOW! This has not happened for 60 years!!! Grow NCAA grow!
  17. gym_dad32608

    WAG Who makes it to NCAA?

    I'm curious if anyone has any opinions. Seeing it's an Olympic year, who on the team or alternates or others will actually make it on campus and compete in NCAA. We know Mykala is not coming back, which I think was kinda expected. I think Suni and Grace will make it on campus, I am not sure...
  18. JBS

    OT NCAA Athletes Can Make Money From Endorsements!

    Right on... this change has been needed for a long time! Check out this ESPN video explaining what this means...
  19. G

    For Parents NCAA eligibility rule changes and how it effects endorsements, commerical work ect. So it looks like NCAA is moving toward allowing student athletes to seek out endorsement compensation and make money from their brand and social...
  20. L

    MAG Bad News for NCAA non-revenue sports

    With no 2020 NCAA basketball tournament revenues and the reality that there may be no College football season for the Power-5 schools that still have NCAA Men's Gymnastics (Oklahoma still has a chance in the BIG12), heartbreaking to know what is about to happen to all the men's non-revenue...