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  1. Toddstar

    For Parents Help understanding badges PLEASE!!!

    New to all gym world things so just looking for some help or advice, anything is appreciated. So my daughter started gymnastics properly since turning 5 in September (attended a toddlers class at the same place 3-4) anyways they’ve all got these cards that say skills on...
  2. DandiMae

    For Parents Another Brand New Girl and Mom!

    Hi all!! I think I'm looking for advice or maybe guidance...My 5 year old daughter (DD) started rec in September of this year for the first time ever. They told me at her first class that she was in the wrong class and at her next class they would do a little test and see if they could put her...
  3. F

    For Parents New parent - very nervous!

    I am the parent of a little aspiring gymnast. She is 4 years old and took her first rec class in June. In July we were being approached to consider what they call their pre-pre team class. (No competition stuff , just specific training for kids who show potential.) She LOVES going to gymnastics...