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  1. C

    For Parents Big Optional Meet Question

    So, despite having done this for a few years with my older kid, the last two seasons she competed were so impacted by COVID that there was very limited travel involved. That said, can you all remind me of approximately how far in advance the bigger meets (WOGA, Hill's, etc) publish the schedule...
  2. T

    For Parents Advice for Pre-Team and Compulsory Parents from Optional Parents

    My gymnast is now training for level 8. The past few months, I’ve had a few parents of compulsory and preteam gymnasts asking for advice. I thought this would be a great place for parents of optional level gymnasts to share some valuable wisdom that we have learned over the years. So optional...
  3. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG New optional changes?

    So I saw the new Optional code of points is out - are there any major or significant changes?
  4. G

    For Parents When do you pick music and get optional routines choreographed?

    Hi, my daughter will be a first year optional in Jan '22, won't know for sure what level until October, but we are assuming 7. Curious when do your girls usually choose music and get routines choreographed for the season? I had asked our coach about choosing music a couple weeks ago and was told...
  5. M

    For Parents optional skills list

    Does anyone have a link for a list of skills by value (A, B, C, etc.) for USAG women's developmental program optional levels? I have searched and searched and can't find one. Or is there at least a list of skills commonly seen on each event at each level?
  6. tooL62as

    WAG First practice training optional

    I know someone who is really nervous about training optional, competed 5 last season, any tips? If anyone knows any confidence boosting books or anything like that I would love that.
  7. PeanutsMom

    For Parents Optional State Championships

    Does anyone know how Optional State Championships will work? I know some states still have many restrictions, while others are opened up and running seasons. Does that mean only some states will have championships? Also, does anyone know if qualifications to state have changed? I think my kiddo...
  8. twocurlygirlz

    Optional Coaches Wanted- South Florida

    American Twisters is in the unique position of actually looking to hire coaches during this crazy time! Please click the link for more info and to apply. We are located in Coconut Creek, Florida. We have a huge up to date facility and have one of the nation's largest groups of level 10...
  9. J

    WAG Changing JO Optional season to the fall

    I know there are various reasons in general to move JO optionals to the fall, but I’m thinking now might be just the time to do it. Regardless of how this thing plays out, it will likely take the athletes some time to get their skills back, and maybe it would be safer to have the next season...
  10. G

    WAG JO Optional Flip Book Question

    Hopefully a coach who has seen this book can help me..... My daughter wants to know what are ABCD etc. skills. There are a couple of websites that she has found, but we don't really know if those sites are accurate. The USAG Code of Points is rather expensive and way more information than she...
  11. Erik Nieves

    For Coaches New to men’s optional level coaching

    For the past few years I have only coached the compulsory levels. There was no coach mentoring me through anything so I’ve pretty much learned everything by myself. The compulsory is easy because it directly tells you what to do. For optionals, I have no problem teaching the skills but when it...
  12. bklyngymom

    For Parents Optional Competition Schedule

    We recently received our meet schedule for this season and many were surprised to see only 5 competitions of them 2 are travel meets for level 6-8 (Level 8 is the highest at our gym). We previously would have 8-9. Is this common? Interested in knowing how many competitions on your schedule.
  13. 7

    MAG Ball sport optional boys

    My optional Gymnast is finally old enough to play modified sports. He wants to do a fall sport and a spring sport. Any advice on how to handle both? It would be so much easier if they could somehow incorporate a ball into gymnastics!
  14. munchkin3

    WAG New optional season changes

    im reposting this from the COP thread- So now that the new code is out, and a few congresses have taken place, what’s the general feel for the changes? Are they more geared to artistry and acro dance, or big skills? There is a debate around here that the new code will reward better executed acro...
  15. T

    WAG Optional Bars Question

    Hi Everyone - level 5 ended earlier in March for my DD and she and her team have been uptraining pretty significantly ever since. From what I can understand, DD is training for level 6 or possibly level 7 next year - depending on how the summer goes. The main decider (I think) is going to be...
  16. M

    WAG optional bars skills

    In L6, L7, and L8, what are the skills typically competed on bars? What are the most difficult skills regularly competed at each level? I know that giants are standard in L7 but that's about it.
  17. jenjean70

    MAG Mock Meet as a new optional in the books!

    DS had his mock meet for level 8 today and I think it went well. His warm up tumbling on floor looked really good but when he did the routine he got winded and lost his concentration on the whip half barani ( a pass he's been struggling with) and fell and then fell on the double full right after...
  18. O

    WAG High school competitors with optional practices???

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with a compulsory and optional program that generally filter right into a high school program? This is a new world for me, prior to being a competitive director for this gym, high school and JO did not ever meet ends. Prior to now, this club's program stopped at...
  19. e'smum

    For Parents can someone add me to the optional lv6 and 7 group?

    i looked for a place to request membership but i didn't see any. thanks!
  20. T

    WAG How many coaches coach your optional teams?

    Just looking to compare. We have 3 coaches who coach our optional teams -- but one of them coaches the boys optional teams as well - and the other two also help coach the compulsory levels and excel from time to time.....Our optional girls aren't that many -- an estimate would be 14 girls from...