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  1. C

    Parents Are "optional" practices really optional?

    My DD is training level 4 (testing in a few weeks). Historically, the level 4s practice 13 hours a week, divided among 4 days. I have just heard from several parents, who are usually much more "in the know" than I am that the gym is considering adding an "optional" 5th practice day for the...
  2. R

    Optional and Compulsory Team Coaches Needed

    Mountain West Gymnastics is seeking highly trained and motivated team coaches. If you are visiting Boise for Level 9 Westerns please contact me to visit our gym. Great opportunity for the right individual. Contact is confidential. Call 208-995-6428 Rick Bonnell / Owner
  3. LindyHopper

    WAG Dreaming of optional beam routine

    Short Stack is dreaming of next year, which will hopefully be her first season as an optional gymnast (no clue if she'll compete 6 or go straight to 7). She is thinking a lot about her beam routine and wants to mount with a press handstand. From what I understand, this is a B skill. If she did...
  4. K

    Coach at the Beach! Looking for JO Optional Head Coach, Recreational Director, Preschool Coach

    Come to the Beach in Pensacola, Florida! Live in Paradise! We are looking for a Head Optional Coach to uphold our athletes to a high standard of quality that creates accomplished competitive gymnast. If you are coach with Optional experience, 1st place, all around athletes that are now college...
  5. flipsandgrips15

    Coaches Optional Choreographers

    Hi all...fairly new here! Does anyone know of any good optional choreographers in the state of Georgia? Thank you in advance!
  6. Flipz

    MAG Optional EG requirements

    So I have not had to deal with this in a while as I have been re-building a program from compulsory. If I remember correctly, didn't optional levels have a difficulty requirement for Element Groups ( Level 8-A Level 9-B Level 10-C)? All I can find in the JO program is dismount requirement...
  7. mOm2gymnast<3

    WAG Young optional left behind

    So... My daughter is level 6 this season. She just turned 9. She's the youngest in the group and is very short for her age, and almost all of the girls LV 6-9 are ranging from 11-16yr old. My dd is feeling left behind. She doesn't get invited to parties, they have groups (like, sleep over...
  8. T

    Optional Beam and Floor Coach

    We are searching for a confident and experienced optional beam and floor coach for our USAG Level 7-10 teams. Candidates should have the ability to successfully coach girls as individuals as well as create highly competitive united teams. Salaried full time position available. Company/Club...
  9. sce

    MAG more optional confusion

    My ds is attending a local college camp this week. I chatted with parents from a few different places, multiple states. All of them have been told by their coaches that older kids can still do say level 8 or level 9 and just not go to regionals. ie a 15 yo level 8 or 17 yo level 9. Are...
  10. jenjean70

    MAG New here with a new optional

    My son will be competing level 8 next year but he has struggled with fear issues learning various skills ever since he trained level 6. How have your sons coped with fears and have they been able to overcome them and be successful?
  11. B.Gold

    WAG Working through optional skills

    In upper-level optionals, how much time should a coach give the acquisition of a new to "newish' skill before giving up on the skill altogether and moving on towards another "option" to fulfill a requirement? In this case, specifically, a pak vs a bail or a "C" bar dismount that leads nowhere...
  12. L

    WAG Optional bars coach (male)- how essential?

    Interested to know from anyone, how important is a male optionals coach? Particularly on bars (or perhaps floor and vault). All else being equal when evaluating a gym, how important is this for progressing through the levels? Seems most people are concerned most about spotting but can good...
  13. D

    Optional Level Team Coach needed

    The Licking County Family YMCA is seeking an Optional Level Team Coach for our JO Program. The qualified candidate should have experience in USAG Levels 4 and up (especially optional levels) and have a positive approach to coaching, enjoy working in a family atmosphere and be a team player...
  14. profmom

    MAG optional rings question

    So, let's just suppose hypothetically there's a first year L8 guy who has a rings routine that goes like this: inlocate - not terrible yamawaki - L seat - press to HS - bail to dislocate - DB off. The routine's somewhat clean and scoring pretty well, usually in the mid 11s. Is it remotely...
  15. M

    Coaches I want to learn more about optional gymnastics but do not know where to start.

    I have been coaching preteam and compulsory gymnastics for 5 years now. I want to know more about level 7 and up. I am just not sure where to start on learning all of this information.
  16. K

    WAG Compulsory scores vs Optional

    Hi parents and coaches, Just wondering if it's possible that some gymnasts do not flourish in the compulsory levels but do well later on in the optional levels? Thanks! Kate
  17. S

    Parents Equipment for optional levels

    How much of a disadvantage for an optional gymnast is being at a gym where they aren't able to put in a channel bar, nor a tramp bar. I notice our gym's weakest event is bars in the optional level. They are in the earlier stages of developing their optional program with only 1 gymnast reaching...
  18. Smartiegirl

    Parents Moving from USAG optional levels to USAIGC

    Has anyone ever had experience moving from USAG Lev 7+ to USAIGC? My daughter has had a back injury in the past and I'm considering the option to move her to USAIGC (gold?) so she trains less hours a week. Training Lev 8 Yurchenchos BHS BHS etc 20 hours a week in the summer just seems to be too...
  19. SweetSecrets15

    WAG New Optional & Xcel Conditioning

    So today we did a new conditioning circuit with levels 6-10 & Xcel Platinum. (I'm xcel if anyone is wondering) It was very tiring, but a very creative idea that anyone can take and put their own spin on. You will need a deck of cards. So each suit represents a move. Hearts: Burpees w/...
  20. D

    WAG A? for optional and xcel parents...

    ...how much is the choreographing for your daughter's floor routine?