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    For Parents Age brackets

    My daughter is a first year optional level 7. She just turned 9. Her first two meets there has been no age brackets and the youngest competing by two years age 11 was the next youngest girls.. Is this something that is common? Should I get used to it! lol it just seems odd for a 9 year old to be...
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    For Parents What should I know about Optionals? first year level 7

    So, as we are nearing competition season as first time optionals, what do i need to know? My daughter finished competing Level 5 this pas spring and is now a level 7 "optional"... Is it more competitive? Judging different? I have heard that starting in optionals is when it "weeds" out a lot of...
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    For Parents Optionals gym hours? How long are yours?

    Good Morning everyone! I am asking this question out of curiosity and just seeing how other gyms operate. How many hours and days of week do your children spend in the gym? I am most curious about optionals training. My daughters hours changed this summer to 20 hours a week/ 4days / 5hrs a...