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  1. P

    For Parents Back pain

    Looking for some advice. 3rd year level 10, previously training elite but transitioned to focus solely on level 10 in the fall. She had some acute onset of left mid to lower back pain in July that kept her from competing championships. This seemed to come on after doing multiple rounds of front...
  2. Anonymous Post

    Anon Untreated back pain

    My daughter has a teammate who has been complaining about back pain for at least a year. Sometimes it's bad enough that she misses practice, and she's said it sometimes hurts so much that it hurts her to breathe. She's also started complaining of hip pain. Her parents will not take her to the...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon The Dreaded Back Pain

    So daughter started having back pain...lower back with pain in her hip as well.... which from everything I have read is always the big red flag. This is the road I always prayed we wouldn't go down. She seems ok good spirits etc but I am so nervous. We went to the DR and Xrays looked ok...there...
  4. S

    For Parents How to get 8yr old to realize the importance of telling us of any pain?

    My 8yr old (training level 5) came out of practice last night limping. When we asked about it she said she was just being silly in her slides. Later at home we noticed the limp again and asked about it, again she denied it and even walked across the room without limping to prove she was fine...
  5. C

    For Parents Back Pain

    So my DD has had very bad lower back pain the last few months. We aren't really sure how she hurt it but it is not going away and its been months. Yesterday she was asked to do a back walkover and she couldn't even do that. Sometimes she says its fine and she will just push through, but other...
  6. T

    MAG Inner Hand Pain

    Hey All, Trying to see if anyone else has/is having this issue and trying to find possible solutions. Back Story - 3 years ago, my son developed hand pain right in the middle of the inner hand. It hurt him to do parallel bar work (specifically underbar work). We went to all these doctors and...
  7. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Lower back pain

    About a week ago, my DD did many (12? 16? She did them in sets of 4) back walkovers on beam, which she never does because she has a block on that skill and her coach told her it’s fine, she won’t be competing it at any point anyway. She was trying to conquer this fear, our coach spotted her on...
  8. G

    For Parents Ankle pain from flat feet! How help?

    Hi! I’m new to posting here. Looking for any help anywhere I may find some! My 13-y/o daughter (4th year on team, USAIGC) has developed persistent ankle pain which has worsened so they’re very sore for a day or even more after every practice. Ortho says her flat, pronating feet may likely...
  9. F

    For Parents Tiger Paws causing pain??

    Has anyone experienced this? My gymnast is a L8 and was off of her wrists for awhile due to tendonitis and bone bruising. She's been making her way back and has been 99% pain free! About 2 weeks ago, she started using her tiger paws again after being cleared for vault and is now complaining of...
  10. kimute

    WAG Scoliosis and back pain

    My DD, 14 year old L 9 has been having some mid/low back pain on one side. I took her to get X-rays todays to rule out fracture. Turns out she has scoliosis. The Physician Assistant we saw said that this asymmetry is causing her back pain. Not even sure what my question is. I guess, does...
  11. G

    WAG Back pain

    I am currently experiencing lower back pain and don't know how to resolve it. I have tried resting but it gets super tight which makes it more sore as i have quite a flexible back, but when i use it my back hurts afterward quite badly. Has anyone got any tips on how to make it better?
  12. gymbeam

    WAG Popping/Clicking Rib - no pain

    For a couple months my daughter has been mentioning that her rib “pops”. No pain. Any idea what this would be?
  13. gymmomtotwo

    WAG Pain after injury healed

    Has anyone's gymnast had lingering significant pain after a fracture or other injury has healed. We've had 2 experts confirm that she is healthy and cleared for gymnastics yet she is still in pain, and can do very little. Any experience with this. She is beyond discouraged, and way too young to...
  14. M

    For Parents Back pain... How long to wait?

    My DD is a 10 year old level 5 and started having back pain in her lower back on 8/24. It hurts only on the right side. She thinks she hurt it initially on an awkward warm up vault. She competed the meet. She rested her back for several days and acted like it felt better. Practiced as usual...
  15. Jessleemom

    WAG Wrist pain?

    My 9 year old level 3 came home from practice tonight complaining of wrist pain. She said she was unable to tumble in class. That when her hands hit the floor her left wrist hurt and a tingling went up her arm. This started at last practice apparently but was worse today. Would you rush to the...
  16. MuggleMom

    For Parents Pain vs Injury

    I want to start by saying I am not seeking medical advice :) more looking for general discussion...After reading this site for some time now I am acutely aware of the potential for injury both just freak accident and over use kinds. When do you "know" when to see a Dr? DD complained that her...
  17. G

    WAG back pain

    I've been having lower back pain for 2-3 weeks. It started as on and off but now its constant. It does go away completely with ice, stretching, or rolling but it always comes back within an hour. X-rays were clear and have and MRI next week. I decided to take the week off of gymnastics because...
  18. L

    For Parents Returning after a year and half and back pain

    We're back! My daughter had decided she was done with gymnastics almost a year and half ago and had been doing dance. Well, 2 weeks ago she suddenly started bringing up how she wants to go back. yay...I wasn't loving dance and I really miss seeing my munchkin light up from the sport, not to...
  19. E

    WAG Pain Management?/Everything hurts

    I'm a 17 year old level 10. I've dealt with many major injuries, but I currently feel like something new is hurting every week or even more often. Obviously being injured goes with this sport but I was wondering if anyone has any tips or ideas to reduce pain. I'm open to any ideas because at...
  20. M

    WAG Wrist pain after injury

    Hi, does anyone have experience with prolong wrist pain after a stress reaction in the wrist. My daughter hurt her wrist 8 weeks ago and it was confirmed a stress reaction via MRI. She still is not back in Gym because she is still having wrist pain while tumbling and doing anything that...