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  1. G

    For Parents Dropping out of Pre-Team?

    Hello gym parents! I’m very much a newbie in this world and I would really love some words of wisdom and/or encouragement, especially from those who may have had kids take multiple paths. My six year old made Pre-Team back in spring (at age 5), which at our gym, is basically a small group of 4-6...
  2. T

    For Parents Advice for Pre-Team and Compulsory Parents from Optional Parents

    My gymnast is now training for level 8. The past few months, I’ve had a few parents of compulsory and preteam gymnasts asking for advice. I thought this would be a great place for parents of optional level gymnasts to share some valuable wisdom that we have learned over the years. So optional...
  3. J

    For Parents Pre-Team

    Hi everyone! So I just wanted thoughts/opinions on this. Okay so my daughter was just moved to preteam. She is 5 and honestly should of been moved up in December. When talking to the coaches I asked if she has the skills would she move to L2 before competition season. She said no, that all the...
  4. L

    For Parents Pre-Team Question

    My 6 year old daughter recently started pre-team. She had gymnastics class 70 minutes twice a week and one of them increased to 85 minutes when she started pre-team. She wanted to go to gymnastics more so we added an additional 2 hour class. She has soccer once a week so Monday- Thursday she...
  5. L

    For Parents Opaque pre-team selection but bad rec program

    This is a variation on a million other questions about pre-team selection and questions about gym changes, so forgive me. My daughter is not yet in kindergarten and is in advanced rec classes and at the point where she is frustrated and wants more. I wasn’t a gymnast, but grew up in the Midwest...
  6. S

    For Parents Success without pre-team?

    My daughter is 6 years olds. At the beginning of the summer she got moved to level 2 and at the same time the coach recommended her for pre-team and said she had great potential. At the time, the days and times for pre-team didn’t work with our schedule so I asked if we could continue with Rec...
  7. Aero

    WAG Pre-Team and TOPs variance across gyms.

    Hello everybody! I wanted to post this in the WAG forum because I wanted the widest range of responses; coach, parent, and gymnast perspectives are all welcome, as well as judges and gym owners. So I am constantly working to refine the team program at my gym, which is a large part of why I was...
  8. momstrong

    For Parents Finally invited to pre-team - now frustrated it is too easy

    My 9 year old dd finally is on the path she's hoped for - transitioning from rec level 4 to accelerated pre-team and will hopefully make level 3 JO team this spring/summer. This was kind of a special group our gym created for these girls since we asked to be evaluated. My dd and her bestie are...
  9. G

    WAG Pre-Team Flexibility Ideas

    I've a new group of 5 and 6 years in almost a pre-pre team type group! I'm looking for ideas as to what to spend the last 15 mins doing during flex. I'm finding with splits there too young to do it properly? Any idea appreciated
  10. T

    For Parents Newbie Parent To Pre-Team with some q's

    Hello all! We are new to gymnastics, my daughter is 6(7 Friday) and we have some questions regarding coaching styles. Quick background... She started at 6 in just rec gymnastics with the thought of eventually doing some sort of team. After her first 8 week session, one of the coaches pulled...
  11. dani4

    For Parents a quick celebratory post: promoted to pre-team!

    I just found out that my 7 year old daughter has been promoted a class level! It's now "real" pre-team, and looking at the new gym schedule it seems that it's now the last level before team. She is over the moon! I'm excited for her too. She really deserves this. She has worked very hard for...
  12. A

    For Parents Ages, hours, Pre-team and TOPS

    Wow just typing out the title seemed like a mouth full but I definitely could use some advice. My DD is 5 years old, and is in an accelerated rec class. Not exactly a pre-team but on track for that hopefully later this year. About 3 weeks ago she was asked to start tops training part time (2...
  13. notthatmom

    For Parents She's been invited to join what??

    so now that my daughter has a new coach, it didn't take long for her (the coach) to notice DD's potential. Today coach recommended DD start pre-team in November. I'm ecstatic!!! I really wasn't expecting this to happen until about a year from now, so I was nowhere near prepared to adjust to...
  14. coachmolly

    For Coaches Turnover at Pre-team Levels

    Our gym started a pre-team program about a year ago, the girls come in 2x/week for 1.5hrs each. It's not a very intense program, though it is geared towards preparing them for Xcel competition. Over the last year we have had quite a bit of turnover (some due to injuries/finances, others due to...
  15. coachmolly

    For Coaches 5-7 Pre-Team

    I have a group of 5-7 year old pre-teamers that I am struggling with. They are a great group of girls, typical of their age, they love gymnastics, are generally strong, and have lots of energy. I have tried to work a lot on shapes and basics, but something just doesn't seem to be "clicking." I...
  16. CoachMeg

    WAG COACHES: Pre-team Requirements

    Just out of curiosity & to compare to our own program...what kind of requirements do you have for a child to be on pre-team? Are there any skills that they HAVE to have to be in the group? We have a Jr. pre-team (ages 5-6) and then a regular pre-team (ages 7-10). Right now we have 7 Jr's and 16...
  17. capritchard1989

    For Parents 5years old and pre-team

    Hi my daughter is 5years old and on pre-team. She does 4 hrs and then 30mins private weekly. How long does it usually take for her to move up to team? She also is starting ballet bc she wants too do you think its too much?
  18. coachmolly

    For Coaches Vault for Young Pre-Team

    I have a brand new group of sort of "pre" pre-team kids. They are in the 6-7 age range and have been doing rec classes for at least a few months. They only meet 1 hour/week, so hardly any time at all, but I am hoping to at least touch on the most basic things to get them ready for our pre-team...
  19. Z

    WAG Explain Pre-team to me please

    I knew I would have more questions. I was reading lots about pre-team in peoples' posts, but it seems to be used in a different way than is used in our gym. To explain our gym - pre-team is a non-placing competitive team with 2 levels (stars 1 and stars 2). They compete L2 and L3 routines...
  20. Scott W.

    For Coaches Starting boys pre-team! Tips?

    Hey everybody! First a little background. I was a competitive gymnast as a youth (age 5-15, I'm 29 now), and have been teaching recreational gymnastics/tumbling for the past 4 years or so. Our gym is small and only recently started an artistic girls team. I've been confronted with (and have...